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Families covered: Young of Hanley, Yonge of Kenton (Keynton or Caynton), Yorke of Moore

Galfrid (Jeffery) Yonge
In a later note, Jeffrey's wife is identified as Editha, dau of Urian St. Pere, but Visitation (Shropshire) appears to identify her as ...
m. Margaret St. Piere (dau of John St. Piers by Katherine or Isabel Trussell)
1. Thomas Yonge
m. Beatrix (dau of either Richard Kenton of Kenton or William de Caynton)
  A. Richard Yonge of Kenton, Salop
  m. Agnes Rossall
  i. Sir Philip Yonge of Kenton (Kaynton) the first mentioned by Visitation (Worcestershire)
m. Agnes (sister/heir of William Bonarton of Kenton)
  a. Sir William Yonge of Kenton, Sheriff (a 1492)
  m. Margaret Eyton (dau of Sir Nicholas Eyton of Eyton)
  (1) Philip Yonge of Keynton
  (A) Jane Yonge
Visitation (Shropshire) identifies Jane's husband just as Laurence. Thanks to a contributor (MF, 27.11.10) for identifying him as ...
  m. Laurence Wood
  (2) Francis Yonge of Kenton
  m. Anna Charlton (dau of Richard Charlton of Apley)
  (A) John Yonge of Kenton & Tyberton (6th son) this generation omitted by Visitation (Worcestershire)
  m. Matilda Bull of Staffordshire
  (i) William Yonge of Keynton or Caynton, Sheriff (a 1584)
  m1. Anna Snead (dau of Sir William Snead of Bradwell)
  (a) William Yonge of Keynton (a 1592)
  m. Susan Corbett (dau of Robert Corbett of Stanwarden)
  ((1)) William Yonge of Keynton (a 1623)
  m. Elizabeth Gough (dau of Roger Gough of Worcestershire)
  ((A))+ issue - Philip, William, Maria
((2)) Maria Yonge
  m. John Price of Salop
  ((3)) Dorothy Yonge
  m. Thomas Smith of Handley
  (b) Elizabeth Yonge
  m. Walter Cotton of Crakemersh
  (c) Margaret Yonge
  m. William Cotton (father of Walter)
  (d) Anna Yonge
  m. _ Evans
  (e) Maria Yonge
  m. _ Cholmley
  (f) Frances Yonge
  m. William Bolton of Hankeslow
  (g)+ other issue - Giles (dsp), Thomas (dsp), John (dsp), John (dsp), Hester
  m2. Maria Bonner (dau of Anthony Bonner of Camden)
  (l) Brigitta Yonge
  (ii) George Yonge of Ashburton, Devon
  m. ?? (relict of _ Cliff)
  (a) Thomas Yonge of Tunstall (2nd son?)
  m. Florence Boonclark (Beauclerk?)
  ((1)) William Yonge
  m. Maria Stanter (dau of John Stanter of Sussex)
  (b) daughter
  m. _ Blackwell
  (c)+ other issue - Christopher, William
  (B) Cecilia Yonge
  m. Roger Goch (Gough) of Marsh
  (C) Anna Yonge
  m1. _ Bromley
  m2. _ Bulkeley
  (D) Elizabeth Yonge
  m. _ Brand
  (E) Margaret Yonge
  m. _ Bulkley
  (i) Alice Bulkley
  m. _ Hill of Hocstowse
  (F)+ other issue - William (dsp), Roger (dsp), Richard (dsp), John, Thomas (dsp), George, Anthony, Adam (dsp), Richard, Adam
  Visitation (Shropshire) shows three brothers in this generation: Philip, Francis & John. Visitation (Worcestershire) also shows a John as brother of Francis but shows him very differently. We suspect that there has been some confusion between different Johns but provisionally show 2 different Johns in this generation. The following follows Visitation (Shropshire).
  (3) John Yonge of Moore, Salop
  m. _ Foord (dau/heir of William Foord of Montgomery by _ Brisbond)
  (A) William Yonge of Moore
  m. Johanna (dau/heir of John ap Owen)
  (i) David Yonge of Moore
  m. Lucia Eyton (dau of Fulco Eyton of Eyton)
  (a) Thomas Yonge of Moore
  m. Anna Broughton (dau of John Broughton ap Reignold de Broughton)
  ((1)) Richard Yonge of Moore
  m. Maria Edwardes (dau of William Edwardes)
  ((2)) Francis Yonge of Moore (a 1584)
  m. Elizabeth Draper (dau of John Draper of Bromlow)
  ((A))+ issue - William, Richard, John, Jane, Katherine
  ((3)) Thomas Yonge had issue
  m. Anna
  (b) John Yonge of Moore
  m. Matilda Lloyd (dau of Oliver Lloyd of Marington)
  (ii) John Yonge of Montgomeryshire
m. Joyce Woodhall (dau of William Woodhall of Staffordshire)
  As mentioned above, we suspect that there has been some confusion between different Johns of different generations. Nevertheless, we now show the John who is shown as of this generation by Visitation (Worcestershire).
  (4) John Yong of Crome Dabitot, Worcestershire
  m. Jane Jennetts (dau/coheir of Richard Jennetts by Jane, dau of Hugh Wrottesley of Staffordshire)
  (A) Humphry Yong of Crome Dabitot (aka Young's Crome)
  m. Elizabeth Underhill of Eaton ## see here ##
  (i) Edward Young of Stratton Audley, Oxfordshire
  m. (c1553) Eleanor Harwell (dau of Thomas Harwell of Besford)
  (a) John Young of Hanley Castle, Worcestershire (b c1563, b c1641)
m. Mary Pinnock (dau/heir of William Pinnock of Peal House (in Hanley) by Mary, dau of Richard Sheldon of Spechley)
  ((1)) Thomas Young of Hanley (b c1597, d c1657, 2nd son)
  m. Editha Stoughton (dau of Anthony Stoughton of St. John's)
  ((A)) Anthony Young of Pool House, Hanley (b c1639, a 1683)
  m. Jane Badger (dau/heir of Talbot Badger of Pool House)
  ((i))+ issue (a 1683) - Talbot (b c1678), Thomas (d young), Francis (d young), Richard (d young), Jane (b c1677)
  ((B)) Francis Young (d infant)
  ((C)) Dorothy Young
  m. Thomas Higgins of Eastnor
  ((2)) Lovell Young of Hanley (b c1606, dsp c1682)
  m. Dorothy Fitzherbert (dau of John Fitzherbert of Somersall, widow of John Bosworth of Upton)
  ((3)) Margaret Young
m. John Stanley of Sussex
  ((4))+ other issue - Francis in Berkshire (b c1595, d c1665), William in worcester (b c1603, d c1663), Mary (d unm)
  (b)+ other issue - Walter, Anne
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas, Arthur, Margaret, Joan
  (B) Walter Young of London
  m1. _ Kove of Kent
  m2. Mary or Dorothy Darell (dau of Paul Darell of Lillingston Darell)
  (i) Henry Young
  (C) Dorothy Young
m1. Walter Haddon of London
  m2. William Saunders 'of Welford' (d 02.1541)
  m3. Paul Darell of Lillingston Darell (d 1556)
  (D) Margaret Young
  m. _ Fowler
  (i) Ann Fowler
  (E)+ other issue - Thomas (priest), Edward
  b. John Yonge
  c. Joane Yonge
  m. Walter de Bentall
  B. John Yonge (d 1510, probably Somerset Herald not Windsor Herald)

Main source(s): Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, 'Yonge of Moore and Caynton'), Visitation (Metcalfe 1883, Worcestershire, 1682-3, 'Young of Pool House, Hanley')
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