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Families covered: Clutterbuck of Bristol, Clutterbuck of Eastington, Clutterbuck of King's Stanley, Clotterbooke of Leonard Stanley, Clutterbuck of Southampton

Thomas Clotterbooke of Leonard Stanley, Gloucestershire (d before 10.03.1551)
m. Agnes of Leonard Stanley (d before 28.06.1572)
1. John Clotterbooke of Leonard Stanley (d before 1569)
  A.+ issue - Thomas (b before 1551), Richard (a 1569), Alice (a 1569)
2. William Clutterbuck of Eastington, Gloucestershire (d before 09.09.1589, 5th son)
  m. Margery (bur 23.10.1603)
  A. Richard Clutterbuck of Eastington (d before 21.05.1623, 3rd son)
  m1. (10.06.1576) Margery Fowler (bur 25.06.1577, dau of William Fowler of Stonehurst)
  i. William Clutterbuck of Eastington (d before 09.04.1627)
  m. Mary
  a. Nathaniel Clutterbuck (b 1626, d 13.10.1680)
  m2. Dorothy (bur 03.08.1587)
  ii. Josias Clutterbuck of Eastington (bpt 02.08.1584, bur 23.02.1624)
  m. (08.05.1617) Alice Newman
  a. Richard Clutterbuck of Eastington (bpt 1618, d before 08.06.1679)
  m. Mary
  (1)+ issue - Stephen, Josiah, Richard of Eastington (d unm before 15.12.1679, weaver), Hannah, Sarah
  b. Daniel Clutterbuck of Eastington (bpt 06.01.1621)
  (1) Thomas Clutterbuck of Eastington (bpt 08.04.1649, d 16.12.1718)
  m1. Elizabeth
  m2. Sarah (d 24.06.1723)
  Not clear by which wife were:
  (A) Nathaniel Clutterbuck of Eastington (bpt 08.09.1672, d 08.04.1748)
  m. (22.05.1701) Sarah Puttley of Eastington (d 25.01.1750)
  (i) John Clutterbuck of Eastington (bpt 21.04.1703, dsp before 18.01.1771, broadweaver)
  m. Margaret
  (ii) William Clutterbuck of Eastington (bpt 15.04.1711, bur 30.05.1775, youngest son)
  m. Mary (bur 25.01.1754)
  (a) William Clutterbuck of Thornbury, Gloucesterhire (bpt 02.12.1741, bur 14.05.1818) had issue
  m. (19.02.1797) Mary Heaven of Eastington
  (b) Rachel Clutterbuck (bpt 30.11.1745)
  m. (08.02.1773) William Boulton
  (c)+ other issue - Nathaniel (bpt 19.01.1743), John (bpt 28.09.1750), Mary (bpt 14.02.1736), Rachel (bpt 26.06.1738, bur 04.12.1741), Hannah (bpt 11.04.1740, bur 15.02.1746), Betty (bpt 10.05.1747), Hannah (bpt 22.10.1748), Sarah (bpt 20.10.1752), Lois (bpt 23.01.1754, bur 03.02.1754)
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 06.01.1704), Richard (bpt 15.02.1708), Elizabeth (bpt 06.01.1706), Sarah (bpt 01.12.1713)
  (B)+ other issue - Lazarus (bpt 29.03.1681), Mary (bpt 04.01.1676)
  (2) Josiah Clutterbuck
  c. John Clutterbuck (bpt 06.01.1624)
  iii. Thomas Clutterbuck of Eastington (d before 05.05.1644, yeoman)
  m. Anne
  a.+ issue - Robert, Richard, Edward, James, Thomas, Elizabeth, Anna, Sarah, Mary
  iv.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anna, Alice, Sarah
  B.+ other issue - Peter, Thomas (bpt 22.02.1560), Fabian of Gloucesetr (bpt 22.03.1564, yeoman), Elizabeth (bpt 1539), Agnes (d after 1569), Anne (d after 1588)
3. Richard Clutterbuck of King's Stanley, Gloucestershire (d 04.02.1591)
  m1. Joan Webb
  A. Thomas Clutterbuck of King's Stanley (b 1546-7, d 11.06.1614)
  m1. Elizabeth Sandford (dsp, dau of Wiliam Sandford)
Commoners reports that Thomas married thrice but names only Elizabeth Sandford, identifying her as the 2nd wife and mother of William. We follow BLG1952.
  m2. Anna Wakeman (d 1592, dau of Richard Wakeman of Beckford)
  i. William Clutterbuck of King's Stanley
  m. Dorcas Baynham (dau of Joseph Baynham of Westbury by Mary)
  a. Elizabeth Clutterbuck
  m. Robert Oldsworth
  b.+ other issue (a 1623) - Thomas (b 1616), Dorothea, Anna
  ii. Ferdinando Clutterbuck of Ashchurch (b 1592, d 1677)
  m. Alice
m3. Bridget Robins (d 1653, dau of Richard Robins)
  B. Ferdinando Clutterbuck of London (d 1588)
  m. (12.11.1582) Bettice Morris of Eastcheap
  i.+ issue - Ferdinando, Henry, Betteris, Mary
  m2. Elizabeth (d 1604)
  C. William Clutterbuck of Eastington, Gloucestershire
  m. Ursula Browning (dau of Richard (probably not Thomas) Browning of Cowley)
  i. Richard Clutterbuck of Mill End in Eastington (b 1592, d c1652)
  m. Anna Fowler (d 1677, dau of Daniel Fowler of Stonehouse)
a. William Clutterbuck of Allcot in Eastington (b 1623)
  m. Rebecca (dau of Perry (Hunter?) of Wotton Underidge)
  (1) Richard Clutterbuck of Eastington (b 1657)
  m. Hannah Nash (dau of Giles Nash of Stonehouse)
  (2) Hannah Clutterbuck
  m. Walter Marshall of Gray's Inn
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas (d unm 1675), Daniell, Stephen (b 1661), Frederick (b 1664), Mary, Abigail, Ursula, Rebeccah, Sarah
b. John Clutterbuck of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (d 03.07.1717, 4th son?)
  c. Catherine Clutterbuck
  m. Daniell Clissold of Pitchcombe
  d. Judith Clutterbuck
  m. Thomas Clissold of Stroud
  e. Martha Clutterbuck
  m. William Clutterbuck of Eastington @@ below
  f.+ other issue (d unm) - Daniell, Richard (b 1625)
  ii. Daniel Clutterbuck of London
  a. Mary Clutterbuck
  m. Richard Creech of Lee
  b. daughter
  iii. Samuel Clutterbuck of Dunston, Buckinghamshire
  a. Thomas Clutterbuck (d c1700, archdeacon of Winchester, rector in Southampton)
  m. Susan Norton
  (1) Roger Clutterbuck of Southampton
  m1. ??
  (A) Samuel Clutterbuck (a 1700, major, to Ireland) had issue in Ireland
(B) Thomas Clutterbuck (CIC in Scilly Isles)
  m. Juliana Keigwin of Cornwall
  (i) Samuel Clutterbuck (d young)
  (ii) Thomas Clutterbuck of Marrazion, Cornwall (b 13.07.1728, d 1781)
  m. Mary Masterman (dau of Christopher Masterman)
  (a)+ issue - Thomas of Truro, Christopher (RN), Charles of Cadbury, Henry of London, Mary, Juliana
  (C) Juliana Clutterbuck
  m. Henry Penneck (rector of Cheriton Futzpayne)
  m2. _ Champion
(D) Charles Clutterbuck of Southampton (d 1783)
  m. _ Brougham of Suffolk
  (i)+ 2 daughters (d unm)
  b. Frances Clutterbuck probably of this generation
  m. George Langton of Oxcomb (b c1615, d 21.02.1695-6)
  iv. Josias Clutterbuck of Bristol (4th son)
  m. Margaret Colston (dau of Richard Colston of Bristol)
  a. Sir Thomas Clutterbuck of London (d 1682, alderman, consul at Leghorn)
  m. Margaret Swanley (dau of George Swanley of Hackney)
  (1) Anne Clutterbuck (b c1659, bur 07.04.1720)
  m. Sir Thomas Burton, Bart of Stokerston (d 1705)
  (2)+ other issue (d unm) - Katherine Maria, Teresa Victoria
  b. William Clutterbuck of Bristol & Bradley (Gloucestershire) (b 1632)
  m. Sarah Vernon (dau of John Vernon of Hanbury)
  c. Margaret Clutterbuck
  m. Richard Netherway of Bristol
  d. Elizabeth Clutterbuck
  m. George Larkin of Bristol
  e. Mary Clutterbuck
  m. George Towgood of Bristol
  f. Christian Clutterbuck
  m. James Fisher of Bristol
  g. Sarah Clutterbuck
m. Giles Merrick of Bristol
  v. John Clutterbuck of Rodborough, Gloucestershire
  m. Israel Greene of Horsley
  a. William Clutterbuck of Eastington
  m. Martha Clutterbuck (dau of Richard Clutterbuck of Eastington) @@ above
  vi. Elizabeth Clutterbuck
  m. Thomas Hickes or Hicks of Cromwell
  vii. Anna Clutterbuck
  m. John Elliot of Westhorp
  viii. Mary Clutterbuck
  m. Nathaniel Caley of Bristol
  D Jaspar Clutterbuck 'of Stanley Regis (King's Stanley))' (d 1627, 3rd son of this marriage)
  i. Anna Clutterbuck (d 1633) possibly fits here
  m. Thomas Webb de Hill of Stroud (b c1611, d 1673)
  E.+ other issue (a 1569) - Richard, Giles, Jeremy, Agnes, Jone, Mary, Catherine
4.+ other issue (a 1551) - Walter, Robert, Thomas, Elizabeth, Margaret

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Clutterbuck of Rowington') with some support/input from Commoners (vol 2, 'Clutterbuck of Warkworth', p224+)
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