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Families covered: Langton of Keadby, Langton of Langton

Maddison published his Lincolnshire Pedigrees in 4 volumes. The following was reported on the Langton family in his ''Additional Pedigrees" section at the end: "After the pedigree was printed in Vol. II., pp. 580-586, it was discovered that the hitherto received descent of the present family was entirely wrong. I have, therefore, judged in best to reprint a large portion of the pedigree, as many additional dates have been furnished. - A.R.M." The revisions (including additions) started with the following John.
John Langton of Langton (bur 10.04.1572)
m. Rose Littlebury (bur 02.03.1573-4, dau of John Littlebury of Hagworthingham)
1. John Langton of Langton (bur 07.05.1583)
  m. (before 02.03.1557/8) Amy Palmer (b c10.1543, bur 27.01.1603/4, dau/heir of Lawrence Palmer of Boston & Winthorpe)
  A. Sir John Langton of Langton, later of Bolton, Sherifff of Lincolnshire (bpt 11.03.1561/1, d 10.11.1616)
  m1. Elizabeth Dallison (bur 11.04.1592, dau of William Dallison or Dallyson of Laughton)
  i. William Langton of Langton (bpt 24.04.1586, a 1651)
  m. (12.02.1609/10) Troth Littlebury (dau of Thomas Littlebury of Stainsby)
  a. John Langton (bpt 03.06.1613, dvp bur 14.06.1613 (not 27.04.1614))
  ii. Roger Langton (bpt 05.09.1587, bur 06.02.1625/6)
Roger's wife was originally shown as Susan Rushton (mother of John) but this was changed to ...
  m. (05.04.1624) Anne (bur 04.11.1625, widow of William Burton)
  a. John Langton (bpt 01.03.1624/5)
  m. _ Maire of Mareham-le-Fen
  (1) Martha Langton
  iii. Elizabeth Langton (bpt 23.05.1590, a 09.1616)
  m. William Locton of Swineshead
  iv. Rose Langton not mentioned by Maddison in the Langton record but probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. (20.09.1614) Sir William Quadring of Irby
  v.+ other issue - Valentine (bpt 26.12.1588, dsp), Thomas (bpt 26.03.1592, bur 27.03.1592), Peregrine of Louth (b c1593, bur 09.02.1657/8), Susan (bpt 08.12.1584, bur 20.12.1584), Barbara (bpt 09.06.1589, bur 04.02.1616/7)
  m2. Katherine Butler (bur 02.11.1635, dau of William Butler of Coates, widow of Thomas Littlebury)
  x. Margaret Langton (b c1588) initially shown as by the first marriage
m. (c02.1619/20) Christopher Holme of Paul Holme (b c1591, d 1665)
  xi.+ other issue - John (bur 14.08.1603), Charles (b 1594-5, a 06.1611), John (bpt 03.01.1604/5, bur 07.10.1605), Robert (b 1601-2, a 05.1620)
  B. William Langton of Oxford (bpt 01.02.1573-4, d 10.10.1626)
  Visitation (Berkshire, 1665-6, 'Langton of Staneswick') shows William of Langton (Lincolnshire), son of John of Langton & brother of Sir John of Langton) as father of this William ('of Langton') who by Mary (not Susan) was father of William (providing his family) & George.
  m. Susan (or Mary) Stonehouse (dau of Sir William Stonehouse of Radley)
  i. George Langton (b c1615, d 21.02.1695-6)
  m. Alice Holloway (b 1625-6, d 10.04.1714, dau of Charles Holloway)
  Maddison originally showed this George 'of Langton' as father (by Alice) of the George of Langton who is shown below as husband of Mary Tyndale. The 'Additional Pedigrees' revised this as shown below.
  a. William Langton
ii. William Langton of Stanwick (Staneswick), Berkshire (b c1619, a 03.1664)
  m1. Anne Stonehouse (dau/coheir of Sir James Stonehouse of Amerden Hall)
  a. William Langton (d young)
  m2. Katherine Fisher (dau of Henry Fisher of Warnidge)
  b.+ other issue (a 03.1664) - George (b c1643), William, John, Charles, Lodowick, Lorenzo, Stephen, Peregrin, Mary, Katherine, Lucy
  C. George Langton of Mareham-le-Fen
  m1. Agnes Smith (dau of William Smith of Algarkirk)
  i. George Langton of Oxcomb (b c1615, d 21.02.1695-6)
  m. Frances Clutterbuck (dau of Samuel Clutterbuck of Dunton)
  a. George Langton of Langton (b c1647, bur 03.12.1727)
  m. (12.11.1684) Mary Tyndale (dau/heir of Thomas Tyndale)
(1) George or Bennet Langton of Langton (b 06.05.1696, d 1769)
  Other than to identify him as son of George Langton by _ Ferne, BLG1886 & BLG1952 (Langton of Langton) start with this generation, naming him George. He is named Bennet by Maddison.
  m. (21.03.1736) Diana Turner (dau of Edmund Turner of Stoke Rochford)
  (A) Bennet Langton of Langton (b 1737, d 1801, Captain)
m. (24.05.1770) Mary Lloyd (d 10.01.1820, dau/heir of Gresham Lloyd (by Mary Holt, great niece of Chief Justice Holt), widow of John (Leslie), Earl of Rothes)
  (i) George Langton of Langton (bur 17.08.1819)
m. (03.03.1794) Elizabeth Mainwaring (bpt 16.04.1773, bur 13.05.1811, dau of Thomas Mainwaring of Monks & Goltho)
  (a) John Langton of Langton (b 1794) had issue
  m. Alice Armstead (d 1833, dau of John Armstead)
  (b) Charles Langton (d 26.10.1886, cleric) possibly of this generation
  m1. (22.03.1832) Charlotte Wedgwood (b 10.11.1797, d 01.1862, dau of Josiah Wedgwood of Etruria)
  m2. (12.10.1863) Emily Catherine Darwin (b 10.05.1810, dsp 02.02.1866, sister of Charles Darwin)
  m3. Emma Augusta Juliana Dawkins (dau of Colonel Henry Dawkins of Over Norton)
  (c) Elizabeth Langton
  m. James Clarke (rector of Porlock)
(d)+ other issue (d young) - George (bpt 14.07.1798, d 1817), Edmund, Washington, Francis, Fanny Frances Diana (d 1820), Augusta (d 1816), Isabella, Louisa
  (ii) Peregrine Langton, later Massingberd of Gunby (b c1780, d 23.09.1856) had issue
  m. (18.08.1802) Elizabeth Mary Anne Massingberd (dau/heir of Henry Massingberd of Gunby)
  (iii) Algernon Langton (b 1781, d 1829)
  m. Mary Anne Drew (dau of Samuel Drew, sister of Edward of Grange)
  (a) Bennet Langton
  (iv)+ other issue - Charles, Isabella, Elizabeth, Margaret (d unm 23.11.1821), Jane (b c1780, d unm 12.08.1854)
  (B) Juliet Langton
  m. Rev. William Brackenbury
  (C) Diana Langton
  m. Robert Uvedale (b c1742, d 1809, rector of Langton, vicar of Swineshead)
  (2) William Langton (d 26.07.1761, Dean of Clogher)
  m. _ Roberts (sister of Colonel _ Roberts)
  (A) George Langton
  m. _ Fowler (niece of the Archibsoph of Dublin)
  (i) Charles Langton (d in Oxford)
  (B) William Langton of Dublin (vicar of Longford)
  m. Elizabeth Ford
  (i) Wenman Henry Langton (d 04.11.1836. rector of Longford & Warham St. Mary in Norfolk)
  (a) Wenman Cavendish Langton (b c1793, a 11.1810)
  (ii)+ other issue - George, Bennett, Juliet, Maria, Elizabeth
  (C) Mary Langton
  (3) Frances Langton (bpt 08.11.1685, bur 01.06.1723)
  m. Gabriel Roberts
(4)+ other issue - George (bpt 15.02.1687/8), John (b 14.05.1690, bur 02.08.1690), Thomas (b 1691, d 21.11.1712), Stephen (bpt 19.08.1693), Peregrine (d 1766), Mary (bpt 16.12.1686)
  b. William Langton
  m. Mary
  (1)+ issue - William (b c1696, d 30.10.1707), Thomas (d 18.03.1695-6), John (d 10.04.1698)
  c. Anne Langton (bur 10.02.1664-5)
  m. (2.04.1664) Thomas Davison
  d.+ other issue - Samuel, Peregrine (b 1654-5, a 1672), John (b 1655-6, a 1673), Frances, Elizabeth
  ii.+ other issue - George (bur 06.06.1599), William (bpt 25.03.1613, a 1634), Susan (bpt 21.12.1600), Anne (bpt 10.04.1614), Katherine (bpt 15.06.1615), Amy (bur 27.09.1615)
  m2. Dorothy Abbott (d before 14.02.1655/6, dau of William Abbott of Handen or Hunden)
  D. Rose Langton
  m. (07.10.1583) John Jenney of Horncastle
  E. Mary Langton (bpt 02.12.1566)
  m. (04.06.1585) John Brodebent
  F.+ other issue - Henry, Anne, Elizabeth, Thomasine (bpt 06.01.1569-70), Bridget, Sithe (bpt 21.09.1581), Hesther (bpt 12.11.1583, bur 22.12.1584)
2. Vincent Langton
  A.+ issue - Thomas, William
3. William Langton of Winterton
  m. Joane Clayton (dau of Robert Clayton)
  A. William Langton of Winterton, later of Keadby (a 1634)
  m. Jane Raylston (dau of William Raylston of Hull)
  i. Robert Langton of Keadby (b c1614, bur 10.05.1672)
  a. Robert Langton of Keadby
  m. Margaret
  (1) Robert Langton (bpt 13.09.1672)
  (2) ? Samuel Langton of Keadby
  m. (04.08.1704) Helen Reedes of Cottell Hall
  b. ? David Langton of Keadby
  m. (08.11.1680) Isabell Pilsworth of Epworth
  (1) David Langton of Keadby (bpt 08.03.1687/8, bur 14.11.1723)
  m. (13.10.1715) Mary Fowler of Scunthorpe
  (2) Margaret Langton (bpt 18.10.1684)
  m. (01.02.1704/5) John Young of Keadby
  (3) Sara Langton (bpt 15.02.1695/6)
  m. (11.06.1717) Robert Harrison of Misterton
(4)+ other issue - Samuel (bpt 04.11.1693), Robert (bpt 15.02.1695/6, bur 01.05.1697), John (bpt 30.04.1698), Elizabeth (bpt 22.12.1681, bur 07.03.1703/4)
  ii. John Langton (b c1621)
  B. Michael Langton
4. Andrew Langton (d before 14.05.1597, 6th son?)
  A. Elizabeth Langton
5. Anne Langton
  m1. John Portington of Sawcliffe (d 12.12.1579)
  m2. Edmund Skerne of Waltham
6. Rose Langton
m1. Nicholas Upton of Wainfleet
  m2. William Yaxley of Boston
7. Elizabeth Langton
  m. Robert Geyton of Hull
  A. Ann Geyton probably of this generation
  m. John Lister of Hull (a 1613)
8. Katherine Langton
  m. (26.06.1570) Tucker Fitche of Ashby-by-Partney
9. Frances Langton
  m. (06.02.1675-7) John Skipwith of Stayne-in-the-Marsh
10. Mary Langton
  m. (25.12.1572) Robert Oresbie
11.+ other issue - Alexander (bur 18.02.1591-2), Richard, Sithe

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, 'Langton of Langton)'
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