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Families covered: Langton of Bristol, Langton of Langton

(1) We presume that various of the Langton families arose from different towns/villages called Langton. However, we have yet to be sure that we have found what connections there are between the different families. Other lines are on Langton03 and Langton04 (draft).
(2) We have no real reason for doing so but we 'have the feeling' that much of the upper section on this page could be spurious. We have yet to find out whether or not (and, if so, how) the early Langtons of Newton (in Lancashire) connected to this family, which we have seen reported as descended from Langtons of Langton in Leicestershire.
John Langton of Langton-by-Spilsby
m. _ Greene (dau of Sir John Greene)
1. William Langton of Langton
  m. _ Tatershall (dau of Robert de Tatershall)
  A. William Langton of Langton
  i. John Langton
  m. _Aske (dau of Sir Robert Aske)
  a. John Langton of Langton
  m. _ Hardinshed
  (1) William Langton of Langton
  (A) John Langton of Langton
  m. _ Bratoft (dau of William Bratoft)
  (i) John Langton of Langton
  m. _ Fitzsimons (dau of Sir John Fitzsimons)
(a) John Langton of Langton
  m. _ Mumby
  ((1)) John Langton of Langton
  m. Joan Tamworth (dau of Sir Nicholas Tamworth of Leake)
  ((A)) Sir Thomas Langton
  m. Anne Rochford (dau of Sir Simon Rochford)
  ((i)) John Langton of Langton
  m. Elizabeth Portington
  ((a)) Thomas Langton of Langton
  m. Margaret Harrington
  (((1))) John Langton of Langton - continued below
  m. Katherine Mewter (dau of John Mewter of Saltflehaven)



John Langton of Langton - continued above
m. Katherine Mewter (dau of John Mewter of Saltflehaven)
1. John Langton of Langton (d before 05.02.1533/4)
  m. Elizabeth Quadring (d before 23.05.1533, dau of William Quadring of Irby)
  A. John Langton of Langton (a 1533, dsp?)
  B. Alexander Langton of Langton (a 1533)
  m. Cecily Billesby (dau of John Billesby of Billesby, m2. John Asfordby of Asfordsby)
i. John Langton of Langton (bur 10.04.1572)
  m. Rose Littlebury (bur 02.03.1573-4, dau of John Littlebury of Hagworthingham)
  ii. Adlard Langton (d 03-4.1585, parson of Sausthorpe)
  a. Anne Langton
  m. _ Cowper
  b.+ other issue - John (had issue), Andrew
  iii. Jane Langton
  m. Andrew Asfordby of Billesby
  C. William Langton of Cumberworth & Mumby (d before 07.02.1561/2)
  m. Dorothy or Elizabeth Littlebury (dau of John Littlebury)
  i. John Langton (a 1557)
a. John Langton, Mayor of Bristol (a 1627)
  Maddison ends with this John, describing him as 'of Bristol' and noting that he was ancestor of Langtons of Somerset. We presume that he was the John who was the first mentioned by Visitation (Somerset and Bristol, 1672, Langton of Newton Park) which described him as above and provided the following:
  m. Alice
  (1) John Langton of Bristol (d 1645)
  m. Joane Burrows (dau of William Burrows of Bristol)
(A) Sir Thomas Langton of Bristol (b c1632, a 1672)
  m. Hester Cann (dau of William Cann of Bristol)
  (i) Elizabeth Langton
  m. Sir William Cann of Bristol, Bart (d 16.07.1697)
  (ii)+ other issue - John (b c1658, a 1672), Thomas (b c1664, a 1680)
  (B) Joseph Langton of Newton Park in Newton St. Loe, Somerset (b c1641, d 17.03.1719-20)
  A (later) Joseph Langton of Newton Park had an only child Bridget who (in 1783) married William Gore who changed his name to Gore-Langton and inherited Newton Park. The Visitation record, as amended by the Harleian editor, does not show this Joseph as having had a successor son.
  m. Frances Borlase (dau of Sir John Borlase or Bourlace of Bockmore, Bart)
  (i) Frances Langton
  m. _ Bere of Devon
  (ii) Anne Langton probably the Anne who married ...
  m1. Robert Langton of Brislington
  m2. Sir George Cobb, 3rd Bart of Adderbury (b c1672, d 29.03.1762)
  (iii)+ other issue - Henry (b c1681, d unm 1701), Dorothy
  (C) Ezekiel Langton (b c1644, a 1661)
  b. Thomas Langton of London
  m. Joan Downes (dau of John Downes of London)
  (1) Thomas Langton of London (a 1633)
  m. Barbara Allen (dau of Thomas Allen of London)
  (A) Barbara Langton
  m. William Lane of Gloucester
  (B) Mary Langton
  m. John Sanders of London
  (C) Margaret Langton
  m. William Baldron or Baldwin of London
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas (b c1603, a 1633), Robert, John
  ii.+ other issue (a 1557) - Thomas, Anthony, William, James, Ellen, Mary, Anne
  D. Cassandra Langton (a 1533)
  m. _ Staynton
  E. Catherine Langton (a 1533)
  m. James Packe
  F. Alice Langton (a 1533)
  m. Thomas Darby of Bennington
  G. Elizabeth Langton (a 1533)

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, 'Langton of Langton')
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