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Families covered: Courtenay of Lanrake (Landrake), Courtenay of Painsford, Courtney of Penkevell, Courtney of Tremure

Edward Courtenay
m. Alice Wotton (dau/heir of John Wotton of Wotton, m2. William Lower of Polscoe)
1. Edward Courtenay of Lanrake, Cornwall
  m. Margaret Tredurff (d 1556, dau of Thomas Tredurff or Tretherffe)
  A. Peter Courtenay of Lanrake
  m. Katherine Reskimer (dau of William Reskimer or Reskim)
  i. William Courtenay 'of Saltash' (2nd son?)
  m. Duglas Gorges (dau of Tristram Gorges)
  ii. Edward Courtenay
  m. Elizabeth Gorges (dau of Tristram Gorges of Budokeshed)
a. Peter Courtenay (b c1616)
  Visitation ends with this generation. The following connection comes from various web sites.
  m. (1638) Alice Rashleigh (dau of Jonathan Rashleigh)
  (1) Alice Courtenay
  m. (1666) Humphrey Courtenay (b c1641, d 1690)
(A) William Courtenay 'of Tremere'
  m. (19.06.1704) Susannah Kelland (d 10.1716)
  (i) Kelland Courtenay of Painsford and Trethurfe
  Kelland is identified by BP1934 (Sandwich) as "2nd son of Sir William Courtenay, of Powderham" but he is not mentioned at all by BP1934 (Devon) as a son of Powderham of about this generation. We believe that BP1934 (Sandwich) was mistaken.
  m. (09.1737) Elizabeth Montagu (dau of Edward Richard Montagu, ' Viscount Hinchingbrooke')
  (a) Charles Kelland Courtenay of Painsford (dsp?) mentioned by TCP (Cork)
  (b) Isabella Courtenay apparently of this generation
  m. (22.04.1762) William Poyntz of Midgham (bpt 04.1734, d 13.05.1809)
(c) Anne Courtenay apparently of this generation
  m. (31.08.1764, div 1782) Edmund Boyle, 7th Earl of Cork and Orrery (b 21.11.1742, d 06.10.1798)
  b. Edward Courtenay (b 1618-9)
  iii. Peter Courtenay
  m. Tomazin Courtney (dau of Richard Courtney of Lenevit (Tremure)) @@ below
  iv. John Courtenay (dsp)
  v. Reskimer or Roskymer Courtenay 'of Probus' who appears to have married...
  m. Dulcibella Hele (dau of Thomas Hele of Fleet)
  vi. Anne Courtney possibly of this generation
  m. Gilbert Holcombe of Hull (dsp before 18.08.1624)
  B. Jane Courtney probably of this generation
  m. Richard Curteis
  C. Katherine Courtney possibly of this generation
  m. George Kekewich of Katchfrench (b 1527/1530, d 1581-2)
2. Alice Courtenay possibly of this generation
  m. Reginald Gayer of Liskeard (d before 04.12.1519)



Sir Edmund Courtenay of St. Lennard's & Deviock
m1. Alice Wotton (dau/heir of John Wotton)
m2. Joan Dymock (dau/heir of Edward Dymock)
1. Richard Courtney of Lestithell
  m. Jane Boscawen (dau of Hugh Boscawen)
  A. William Courtney of Deviok
m. Elizabeth Bowerman ## see here ##
  i. George Courtney of Penkevell (a 1620)
  m. (23.01.1576-7) Constance Trenance (dau of Thomas Trenance)
  a. Peter Courtney of Penkevell (b c1584)
  m. Amye Trehane (dau of John Trehane)
  (1) Amy Courtenay (bur 04.12.1700) possibly fits here
  m1. Sir Peter Courtenay of Trethurfe
  m2. (21.11.1669) Sir Peter Fortescue of Wood, Bart (bur 14.08.1685)
  (2)+ other issue (a 1620) - William (b c1612), Jane
  b. Loveday Courtney
  m. William Avery
  c. Constance Courtney
  m. Christopher Hatch
  d. Mary Courtney
  m. Edward Kestle
  e.+ other issue - Hugh, Francis, Littleton
  ii. Joan Courtney
  m. Thomas Rosewarren
  iii. Dorothy Courtney
  B. John Courtney of Lanevet



Richard Courtney
m1. Maude Michell (dau of John Michell of St. Colan)
1. Lawrence Courtney
m2. Jane Boscavin (dau oh John Boscavin (Boscawen))
2. William Courtney
3. John Courtney of Tremure
  m. Elizabeth Trengove (dau of Richard Trengove)
  A. Richard Courtney of Tremure
  m. Thomazin Kendall (dau of Nicholas Kendall)
  i. William Courtney of Tremure (Tremara) (a 1620)
  m. Jane Basset (dau of James Basset of Tehidy)
  a.+ issue (a 1620) - Richard (b c1614), John, Thomazin, Jane
  ii. Lowday Courtney
m. William Painter
  iii. Thomazin Courtney
  m. Peter Courteney @@ above
  iv. Jone Courtney
  m. Christopher Spray of Badman
  B. Henry Courtney
  m. _ Giles of Kent
  i. Francis Courtney of Lanevet (a 1620)
  m. Catherine Lower (dau of Edward Lower)
  a.+ issue (a 1620) - Henry (b c1618), Francis
  ii. George Courtney
  C.+ other issue - George, Jane, Alice
4. Alice Courtney
  m. William Paynter

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(2) For middle section : Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Courtney of Penkivel)
(3) For lower section : Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Courteney of Lanivet)
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