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Families covered: Hele of Babcombe, Hele of Fleet (Flete), Hele of Plympton

Thomas Hele of Exeter & Fleet Damarell in Holberton, Sheriff of Devon (d 20.01.1613)
m. Julian Smith (a 1571, dau of John Smith of Exeter)
1. Thomas Hele of Fleet, Sheriff of Devon (b c1568, d 07.11.1624)
  m. Bridget Champernowne (dau of Sir Henry Champernowne (Champnon) of Modbury Castle (by Catherine, dau of Sir Richard Edgcombe of Mount Edgcombe), m2. John Coswarth of Little Colan)
  A. Samwell Hele (b c1590, bur 13.03.1660-1)
  BEB1841 suggests that Samuel dsp. Vivian (Devon) shows that he dspms, having had the following family.
  m. (28.02.1631-2) Elizabeth Stone
i.+ issue - William (bpt 23.10.1636, bur 06.01.1637-8), Elizabeth (bpt 28.10.1632), Hannah (bpt 26.05.1635, bur 21.06.1637)
  B. Sir Thomas Hele, 1st Bart of Fleet, Sheriff of Devon (bur 16.11.1670)
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (Somerset & Bristol, 1672, 'Hele of South Petherton').
  m1. (10.11.1629) Penelope Johnson (bur 07.09.1630, dau/coheir of Emorbe Johnson of Wigborow or Wickborow)
  i. Thomas Hele of Wigborow (b c1630, dvpsp 13.11.1665)
  m. Amy Luttrell (dau of Thomas Luttrell of Dunster Castle (by Jane Popham), m2. George Reynell)
  m2. Elizabeth Curson of Oxfordshire (d 14.03.1646)
  ii. Sir Samuel Hele, 2nd Bart of Fleet (d 02.1672)
  m. (28.04.1668) Mary Hungerford (bur 18.01.1672, dau of Anthony Hungerford of Farley Castle, sister of Sir Edward)
a. Jane Hele (dsp)
  m. Sir Arthur Shene (Shaen), 2nd Bart (d 24.06.1725)
  iii. Sir Henry Hele, 3rd Bart of Fleet (b c1664, dsp 04.1677)
  m. (13.07.1676) Susan Eliot (dau of John Eliot of Port Eliot)
  iv. Susanna Hele (bpt 04.06.1633, d young)
  v. Elizabeth Hele (bur 13.11.1690)
  m. (10.1655) Richard Fowell of Black Hall & Diptford Down (b c1629, dvp 09.1669)
  vi. Honor Hele (bpt 25.03.1639)
m1. (01.06.1662) Sir Gregory Hockmore
  m2. (15.04.1680) Richard Bonithon of Carclew
  C. Richard Hele (d 1679, 6th son)
  m.(16.07.1645) Mary Hillersden (d 02.1647, dau of Richard Hillersden of Membland)
  i. Richard Hele of Fleet (Flete House in Holbeton) (d 29.07.1682, rector of St. Helen's)
  m. (c05.1678) Judith Carey (d 05.1704, dau of George Cary of Clovelly, Dean of Exeter)
  a. Richard Hele of Fleet (Flete) (bpt 27.03.1679, d 12.1709, MP)
  m. _ Deane
(1) James Modyford Hele (d 08.1716)
  b. Ann Hele (a 1709, dsp)
  m. John Woolcombe of Pilton
  D. Dulcibella Hele
  m1. Sir Samuel Cosworth of Cosworth
  m2. Roskymer Courtenay of Probus (son of Peter of Lanrake by Catherine, dau of William Roskymer)
  E. Bridget Hele
  m. (30.11.1622) William Pendarvis of Roscarrow
  F. Elizabeth Hele
  m. Richard Luckyn of Dives Hall
  G.+ other issue (a 1624) - Nicholas of London & Chigwell/Cheynell (dsp before 31.01.1636), Henry (dsp), Francis (dsp), Honor
  BEB1841 shows a Penelopy of this generation, wife of Christopher Blackhall of Totness. We follow Vivian (Devon) in showing her a generation earlier (below).
2. Nicholas Hele (dsp before 22.03.1655)
  m. Margery Cosworth (dau of Edward Cosworth)
3. Lewis Hele of Babcombe (d 07.01.1657)
  A. Warwick Hele of Babcombe, Sheriff of Devon (b c1614, d 19.12.1643)
m. (c10.1641) Grace Gilbert (b c1613, d 27.01.1668, dau of Thomas Gilbert of Babcome and/or Kingsteignton)
  B. Thomas Hele of Babcombe (d 13.03.1673)
  This appears to be the Thomas shown by BEB1841 as son of Warwick. Vivian (Devon) shows him as Warwick's brother.
  m. (1670) Elizabeth Hals (dau of Matthew Hals of Efford)
  i. Rebecca Hele (d 11.02.1710)
  m. (31.03.1684) Sir Jonathan Trelawny, Bishop of Bristol then Exeter then Chichester, 3rd Bart (b 1650, d 1721)
  ii. Ann Hele (d 19.04.1676)
C. Lewis Hele mentioned by BEB1841 but not by Vivian (Devon)
  D. Susanna Hele
  m. (c12.1643) John Newton of Crabaton
4. Joane Hele (a 1652)
  m. Robert Rolle of Heanton
5. Grace Hele (a 1606)
  m. _ Webber
6. Penelope Hele (bur 03.09.1615)
  m. Christopher Blackhall of Totness
7. Judith Hele (a 1606)
  m. _ Hawkins



Walter Hele or Heale of Brixton, Devon
m. Joane Maynard (dau of Thomas Maynard of Brixton)
1. Ellis Heale of Bovy Tracy (d 11.01.1635-6)
  m1. Mary Hender (dau of John Hender of Botreux Castle)
  A. Walter Heale (b c1611, dvp bur 07.01.1623-4)
  m2. (c03.1618-9) Alice Bray (d 20.07.1636, dau of Reginald Bray of Northamptonshire, relict of Nicholas Evelleigh)
2. Nicholas Heale
  m. Christian Bond (dau of John Bond)
  A. Andrew Heale (b c1590, a 1620, dsp)
  B. Thomas Hele of Plympton (b c1592, d before 1639)
  m. (c12.1633) Joane Kempe (dau of Tobias Kempe of Stoke Damerel)
  i. Thomas Hele of Plympton
  m. (01.11.1659) Amy Pearse (dau of Thomas Pearse)
  a. Thomas Hele (bur 13.03.1729-30)
  m. Aletha (bur 07.10.1725)
  (1) Thomas Hele of Fardle (dsp bur 10.091741)
  m. (c1702) Anne Browne (bur 30.10.1738, dau of Nicholas Browne of Mapercombe)
  b. Nicholas Hele
  c. Amy Hele
m. John Sture
  C. Jane Heale
  m. Nicholas Townsend of Totnes
  D. Elizabeth Heale
  m. Richard Birdwood of West Allington
  E. Maria Heale
  m. Henry Holberton
  F. Honor Heale
  m1. (c06.1621) Hugh Mountjoy
  m2. Nicholas Edwards
3. Jone Heale
  Vivian (p467) shows a Jone of this generation married to Thomas Fownes with a cross-reference to p372 where Thomas's wife is identified as Jone, dau of Walter Hele of Knaton (Gnaton). It appears that this Jone has been confused with (another) Joan Hele.

Main source(s):
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(2) For lower section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Hele of Hele', p464+)
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