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Families covered: Crane of Chilton, Crane of Stoneham
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Visitation identifies the Arms of this family as "Argent a fess between three crosses botonny fitchy Gules".
John Crane of Wood Nortn
1. Symond Crane
  A. William Crane, later of Chilton Manor the first mentioned by Visitation
  Visitation indicates uncertainty on William's wives and is not clear which was mother of his children. FBL is more definitive in confirming them as follows.
m1. Anne Forrecy (dau of William Forrecy of Ferrers)
  m2. Margery or Margaret Boteler, heiress of Chilton Manor (dau/heir of Sir Andrew Boteler or Butler)
  i. John Crane
  ii. Robert Crane 'of Stoneham'
  m1. Agnes Grene (dau of Thomas Grene of Creeting or Greeting)
  a. Robert Crane of Chilton (d 20.10.1501)
m1. Katherine Darcy (dau of Robert Darcy of Maldon)
  m2. Anne Ogard (d before 15.05.1521, dau of Sir Andrew Ogard of Buckingham in Norfolk, widow of Sir Renfrey Arundell)
  (1) George Crane (dvp 1491)
(2)+ other issue - Elizabeth (Abbess of Brusyerd), Margery mentioned by FBL but not by Visitation, see Elizabeth & Margery at foot of page
  b. John Crane of Stoneham (b by 1461, d 12.08.1504) the first mentioned by BEB1841
  m. Agnes Calthorpe (dau of John Calthorpe)
  (1) Robert Crane of Chilton (b c1487, d before 05.08.1551)
  m1. Elizabeth Southwell (dau of Richard Southwell of Woodrising)
  (A) Robert Crane of Chilton (b c1508, d 12.09.1591)
  m. Bridget Jermyn (dau of Sir Thomas Jermyn of Rushbrook, sister of Anthony & Sir Ambrose)
There is some disagreement over the parentage of the Robert who became a baronet. FBL suggests that (the immediately above) Robert's successor and the baronet was his grandson Robert, son of his only son Henry who had dvp. BEB1841 shows that Robert had a 2nd son, allso called Robert, who was father of baronet Robert. Visitation, which ends with the next generation (other than to mention the baronet), shows such a Robert but supports FBL in showing Henry as father of the baronet. TCB (vol 2, Crane of Chilton) which reports that it was the 2nd son Robert who became the baronet. See the note below.
  (i) Henry Crane (dvp)
  m1. (div) ?? ## see here ##
  (a) Reuben Crane mentioned by BEB1841, presumed of this marriage
  m. _ Harvey (Captain)
m2. ?? (m2. Sir W. Carew)
  (ii) Robert Crane
For once we follow BEB1841 instead of TCB in showing that it was not this Robert who was the baronet but his son. This is because TCB shows that the baronet was aged 58 when he died in 1642/3, indicating that he was born about 1584. The dates make it very likely that the baronet was of the next generation, not this one.
  (a) Sir Robert Crane of Chilton, Sheriff of Suffolk, Bart (b c1584, d 17.02.1642/3, MP)
  m1. (19.01.1606/7, sp) Dorothy Hobart (b 14.03.1591/2, d 11.04.1624, dau of Sir Henry Hobart, Bart, Lord Chief Justice by Dorothy Bell)
m2. (21.09.1624) Susan Alington (bur 14.09.1681, dau of Sir Giles Alington of Horseheath (by Dorothy Cecil), m2. Isaac Appleton of Waldingfield)
  ((1)) Mary Crane
  m. (c10.1647) Sir Ralph Hare, Bart (d 02.1671)
  ((2)) Anne (probably not Jane) Crane (d 11.08.1662)
  m1. (28.08.1649) Sir William Airmine, Bart (b 14.07.1622, d 02.01.1657-8)
  m2. (after 24.07.1659, sp) Henry Belasyse, 1st Lord of Worlaby b 1614, d 1689)
((3)) Susan Crane (bpt 10.06.1630, bur 08.07.1667)
  m. (1649) Sir Edward Walpole of Houghton (b 11.1621, d 18.03.1667, MP)
  ((4)) Katharine or Elizabeth Crane
  m. (1650) Sir Edmund Bacon, 4th Bart of Redgrave (d 12.09.1685)
  ((5))+ other issue (d young)
  (iii) Bridget Crane (bur 26.11.1607)
  m1. Francis Clopton (not Claxton) of Melford
m2. John Warburton of Melford
  BEB1841 suggests that Bridget m3. Sir Christopher Heydon m4. Sir Edward Clere but Visitation (supported by the husband's records) shows that it was her sister Agnes who made those marriages. Visitation reports that Bridget is "Stated to have married" ...
  m3. Edward Fassett
  m4. Christopher Jenney (dsp 1609/10)
  (iv) Ursula Crane (d by 1590)
m. Henry Smythe of Stanhow
  (v) Elizabeth Crane ('the elder') (d by 1590)
  m. Edward Wright alias Reve of Thwaite
  (vi) Agnes Crane
  m1. John Smythe of Halesworth & Corton (d 1568)
  m2. Francis Clopton of Kentwell (probably not Melford)
  m3. Sir Christopher Heydon of Baconsthorpe (d 1579)
  m4. Sir Edward Clere of Blickling & Ormesby
  (vii) Anne Crane (bpt 24.09.1542)
  m. Raphe Choppin of Coddenham
  (viii) Elizabeth Crane ('the younger')
  m. Hamond Claxton
  (ix) Mary Crane named Martha by BEB1841 which mentions only her 2nd marriage
  m1. Bartholomew Stranman of Essex
m2. Dudley Fortescue of Chilton
  (B) Anthony Crane (a 1551, d 08-9.1583, cofferer to Queen Elizabeth)
  m1. Elizabeth Aylmer
  (i) Elizabeth Crane
  m. Anthony Death of Lincolnshire
  (ii) Dorothy Crane mentioned by FBL, duplication below?
  m1. Thomas Mantinge of Dereham
  m2. Thomas Baxster
  (iii) Mary Crane
  m. Gerald Gore (son of the alderman of London)
  m2. Elizabeth Hussey
  (C) Dorothy Crane Visitation (Suffolk) shows that this Dorothy married as follows, duplication above?
  m1. Thomas Moulton of Dereham
  m2. Thomas Baxter of Stanhow
  m2. Jane White of Essex
  (D) John Crane in Norfolk
The following comes from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Crane).
  m. Margery Pinder (dau of William Pinder of Norfolk)
  (i) John Crane
  (1) Visitation (Norfolk) justs mentions John. FBL reports that "the family prerogative passed into the hands of" this line which implies that John had issue. It appears that descendants included the Cranes of Coggleshall (Essex) and hence, probably, of various Cranes who emigrated to New England.
(2) Previously, we speculated that John was ancestor of the Cranes of Woodrising in Norfolk. We now show those Cranes here.
  (ii) Joane Crane (dsp)
  (iii) Margaret Crane
  m. Robert Chambers of Cambridgeshire
  (E) Elizabeth Crane
  m. Edmond Markaunt of Dunham Hall
  (F) Griselda Crane
  m. Robert Bogas of Braham Hall in Brantham
(G) Anne Crane
  m1. John Sanden
  m2. Ambrose Coole
  (H) Agnes Crane (d unnm)
  (2) Edward Crane ("almost certainly of Stratford St. Mary") (d by 1558)
  m. Elizabeth
  (3) Elizabeth Crane (d 1559)
  m. Richard Martin of Long Melford
  c. Elizabeth Crane (Abbess of Braisyard) sister of Margery
  d. Margery Crane (d 04.11.1504) shown by FBL as daughter (by Anne Ogard) of Robert rather than his sister
  m. Thomas Appleton of (Little) Waldingfield (d 14.10.1507)
  m2. _ Singleton (dau of Thomas Singleton) mentioned by FBL but not by Visitation
  e. Agnes Crane mentioned by FBL but not by Visitation but see Margery just above
  m. _ Appleton

Main source(s):
(1) 'Genealogical and memorial history of the state of New Jersey .. (Volume 7)' by Francis Bazley Lee (1910), referred to above as "FBL", found at www.ebooksread.com, with thanks to a contributor (CV, 05.01.12) for bringing it to our attention.
(2) Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Crane of Stonham and Chilton), BEB1841 (Crane of Chilton)
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