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Families covered: Crawfurd of Achinames, Crawfurd (Crawfurd or Craufuird) of Drumsoy
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William Craufurd of Drumsoy (a 1567)
We give precedence to Paterson over Commoners and to Commoners over Robertson simply because they were prepared in order Paterson (1818), Commoners (1836) then Paterson (1847) and Paterson refers to Robertson's work, sometimes identifying corrections.
1. William Craufurd of Drumsoy (a 1577)
Robertson reports that William married (c1600) Margaret, dau of Sir Robert Fairlie of that ilk, and shows only one child for them, David (m. dau of Gordon of Craiglaw, his cousin). Commoners identifies William's wife as Margaret Fairlie but does not identify her parentage, showing them as parents of Robert & William with Robert marrying the Agnes (or Margaret), dau of David Fairlie of that ilk. Provisionally, but subject to the notes below, we follow Paterson who shows as follows. It seems that some of the confusion arising around these generations came because there was more than one intermarriage between the Craufurd and Fairlie families.
  m. Margaret Fairlie (dau of David Fairlie of that ilk by Catherine, dau of Laurence Craufurd of Kilbirny)
  A. Sir Robert Crawfurd, later Fairley of Fairley (d by 1655, "son/heir of William of Drumsoy who d by 1596")
  m. Agnes or Margaret
  B. William Craufurd
i. Robert Craufurd or Craufuird
  m. Agnes Crawfurd of Fairley, heiress of Drumsoy (dau of Sir Robert Crawfurd, later Fairley, cousin)
  a. Duncan Craufurd or Craufuird of Drumsoy
  Robertson (following the earlier Craufurd) suggests that Duncan m. (c1600) Margaret, dau of Sir Robert Fairly of that ilk. Note that, had the above Agnes or Margaret been as described by Roberston, that would have made this Duncan's wife both his 1st cousin and his 2nd cousin, something that would have probably led to 'genetic problems'. Paterson supports Commoners in showing as follows but suggests that the marriage was probably earlier than the 1621 suggested by Commoners (and Craufurd).
m. (by 1621) Jane Fairlie (dau of Sir Robert Fairlie of that ilk by Marion, dau of Thomas Craufurd of Jordanhill)
  (1) William Craufurd or Craufuird of Drumsoy
  Not mentioned by either Robertson or Commoners but identified by Paterson as Duncan's successor. Succeeded by ...
  (2) David Craufurd of Drumsoy (d c1660/before 1675)
  m. ?? Gordon (dau of ?? Gordon of Craiglaw, by dau of David Crawfurd of Kerse)
  (A) David Craufurd of Drumsoy
  m. ?? Crawfurd (dau of James Crawfurd of Baidland then Ardmillan)
  (i) David Crawfurd of Drumsoy (b 1665, a 1706, dvp 1726, historiographer)
  (a) Emilia Crawfurd of Drumsoy (d unm 1731)
  (ii) Marion Crawfurd
  m. _ Stewart of Fintulloch
  (iii) Margaret Crawfurd
  (B) Esplin Crawfurd (d unm, Captain)
(C) Patrick Crawfurd of Drumsoy, Achinames, Crosbie, etc. (d 1733)
  m1. _ Gordon (dau of _ Gordon of Turnberry, niece of David Crawfurd ("heir male of the family of Liffnores")
  (i) Anne Crawfurd (dsp)
  m. William Hogg of Edinburgh
  (ii) Margaret Crawfurd
  m. John Cochrane of Ravelrig
  (a) daughter
  m. David Ross of Inverchastly (Lord of Session)
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas (d 1724), Robert (d unm 1732)
  The following is supported by BLG1886 ('Craufurd of Auchenames and Crosbie').
  m2. Jane Crawfurd (d 1740, dau/heir of Archibald Crawfurd of Achinames)
  (v) Patrick Crawfurd of Achinames & Drumsoy (d 1778, MP)
  m1. Elizabeth Middleton (dau/coheir of George Middleston of London)
  (a) John Crawfurd of Achinames, etc. (d unm 25.05.1814, MP)
  (b) James Crawfurd, Governor of Bermuda (dsp 1811, Colonel)
  m2. Sarah Sempill (dau of Lord Sempill)
  (c) Sarah Crawfurd (b 1751, d unm 1796)
  (vi) George Crawfurd (d 1758, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Anne Randall of Salisbury
  (a) Patrick George Crawfurd (d 1804)
  m. Jane Macdonald (d 07.1811, dau of Lt. Colonel Donald Macdonald)
  ((1)) John Crawfurd of Achinames, Kerse, Errol, etc. (b 04.01.1780, d 1867, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (16.08.1814) Sophia Marianna Churchill (d 20.12.1865, dau of Major General Horace Churchill & great-granddau of Sir Robert Walpole)
  ((2))+ other issue - George (d unm), William Petrie, Donald, Margaret, Catherine
(b) Mary Crawfurd
  m. Thomas Gilbert (MP)
  (vii) Ronald Crawfurd of Restalrig (d 1763, WS)
  m. (1743) Catherine Forbes (dau of John Forbes of Newhall)
  (a) Margaret Crawfurd (d 05.05.1799)
  m. (12.09.1771) Patrick (MacDowal-Crichton), Earl of Dumfries
  (b) Jane Crawfurd
  m. William Berry (nephew/heir of (Robert) Fergusson of Raith)
  (c) Annabella Crawfurd
  m. William Fullarton of Rosemount
  (d)+ other issue (d unm) - Patrick, Catherine
  (viii) James Crawfurd in Rotterdam
  m. Elizabeth Andrews of Rotterdam
  (a) Margaret Crawfurd
  m. _ Macleod of Geanies (d 1766)
  (b)+ other issue - Patrick (a 1769), James, George, Ronald in Glasgow
  (ix)+ other issue (d unm) - Hugh (in East Indies), Alexander, John (Lt. General, Governor of Minorca), 2 daughters

Main source(s): 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p327+), Crawfurd (Renfrewshire, Robertson's Continuation (1818), p366+), Commoners (vol 2 (1836), 'Craufurd of Auchinames', p384+) and other input/support as reported above
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