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Families covered: Drummond of Concraig, Drummond of Lennoch, Drummond of Megginch

Sir Maurice Drummond, 1st of Concraig (d 1362)
BLG1952 reports that Sir Maurice died in 1362 and that he "is said to have m. Ada, dau. and heiress of Henry, son of 1st Earl of Lennox, 2nd son of Earl of Strathearn".. However, TSP (Perth), which reports that Sir Maurice was still alive in 1368, says: "He married, so far as recorded, Mariota Erskine, daughter, it is said, of Sir Robert Erskine. They had a charter, granted in 1363-64 in their favour by ...". There is clearly some confusion here. We note that BLG1952 shows this Sir Maurice's son as having married Maxime, daughter of Robert Erskine, and that TSP (Mar) confirms this, so presume that it is TSP (Perth) that has confused the generations. However, the identification of Ada's father Henry appears to be wrong as (to our knowledge) there was no "1st Earl of Lennox, 2nd son of Earl of Strathearn" at this time.
m. Ada (dau of Henry of Lennox)
1. Sir Maurice Drummond, 2nd of Concraig
  TSP (Mar) identifies Maurice's wife in 1362 "when they had a charter" as Marion Erskine, daughter of Sir Robert Erskine of that ilk, whom BLG1952 describes as Maxim, daughter of Robert Erskine of Bulhaggardee.
  m. Maxim or Marion or Mariota Erskine (dau of Robert Erskine)
A. Sir John Drummond, 3rd of Concraig (a 1413)
  m1. _ Ross (dau of _ Ross of Craigie)
  m2. Matilda Graham (dau of Patrick de Graham)
  Not clear which wife was mother of the children.
  i. Malcolm Drummond, 4th of Concraig
  a. ?? Drummond of Concraig
  This may have been the Sir Maurice who married a daughter of Sir Andrew Moray of Ogilvy, 3rd of Abercairny probably sometime in the 1450s and possibly also the Maurice who married Isabel, daughter of Sir David Murray of Tullibardine, also in that period.
  (1) Maurice Drummond, 6th of Concraig had issue
  ii. John Drummond, 1st of Lennoch
a. John Drummond, 2nd of Lennoch
  (1) John Drummond, 3rd of Lennoch
  (A) John Drummond, 4th of Lennoch (d 1579)
  m. Dorothea Drummond (dau of William Drummond of Balloch)
  (i) William Drummond, 5th of Lennoch
  m. Janet Nairne (dau of Duncan Nairne of Forbreekes)
  (a) John Drummond, 6th of Lennoch (d 1601)
  m. Barbara Reidheuch of Cultibraggan
  ((1)) Patrick Drummond, 7th of Lennoch - continued below
  m. Mary Erskine



Patrick Drummond, 7th of Lennoch - continued above
m. Mary Erskine
1. John Drummond, 8th of Lennoch, 1st of Megginch (a 1695)
  m. Jean Campbell (dau of Colin Campbell of Aberuchil)
  A. Adam Drummond, 9th of Lennoch, 2nd of Megginch
  m. Alison Hay (dau of John Hay of Haystoun)
i. Adam Drummond, 10th of Lennoch, 3rd of Megginch (d 1752)
  m. (1712) Bethia Murray (dau of James Murray of Deucar)
  a. Adam Drummond, 11th of Lennoch, 4th of Megginch (dsp)
  m. (1734 (1754?)) Katherine Paulet (d 1775, dau of Harry Paulet, 4th Duke of Bolton)
  b. Colin Drummond 'of Quebec' (d 1776)
  m. (1753) Katherine Oliphant (d 1810, dau of Robert Oliphant of Rossie)
(1) John Drummond, 12th of Lennoch, 5th of Megginch (b 1754, d 1836)
  m. (1758) Susan Fane (d 1793, dau of John Fane, 9th Earl of Westmorland)
  (A) John Drummond of Boyce Court, 13th of Lennoch (b 05.10.1793, General) had issue (2 daughters)
  m. (05.05.1821) Geogiana Augustus Finch (sister of George Finch of Burley-on-the-Hill)
  (B) Susan Drummond probably of this generation
  m. George Moore of Snareston Lodge (d 1827)
  (2) Robert Drummond, 6th of Megginch (b 1759, dsp 1815)
  m. (21.06.1810) Mary Phillimore (dau of Rev. Joseph Phillimore)
(3) Sir Adam Drummond, 7th of Megginch (b 1770, d 03.05.1849, Admiral) had issue
  m. (28.05.1801) Charlotte Murray (b 23.10.1775, d 31.05.1832, dau of John Murray, 4th Duke of Atholl)
  (4) Sir Gordon Drummond, Governor General of Canada (b 1772, d 10.10.1854) had issue
  m. Margaret Russell (d 1852, dau of W. Russell of Brancepeth Castle)
  (5) Elizabeth Drummond (d 04.09.1818)
  m. (04.10.1779) John Augustus Hervey, 'Lord Hervey' (b 01.01.1757, dvp 10.01.1796, Captain RN)
  (6) Anne Drummond
  c. Jean Drummond (d 22.02.1795)
  m1. (07.05.1749) James Murray of Garth, 2nd Duke of Atholl (b 28.09.1690, d 08.01.1764)
  m2. (02.09.1767) Adam Gordon (b c1726, dspl 13.08.1801, General, CIC Scotland)
  ii. Alison Drummond probably of this generation
  m. (1709) Mathew Simson (a 1740, minister of Pencaitland)
  B. Anne Drummond
  m. (1673) Alexander Duncan of Seaside

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Drummond of Megginch Castle)
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