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Families covered: Simson of Kirktounhall

Robert Simson of Kirktounhall (a 1660)
m. "M.W."
1. ?? Simson of Kirktounhall (dsp)
2. John Simson of Kirktounhall & Knockeyard (d 1731)
  m. (c1685) Agnes Simpson (dau of Rev. Patrick Simpson of Renfew (sic) by Agnes, dau of John Hay of Renfield)
A. Robert Simson of Kirktounhall (b c1688, d unm 10.1768, Professor of Mathematics at Glasgow University)
  B. Patrick Simson (minister in Coventry)
  i. Ann Simson
  m. Robert Simson in Coventry @@ just below
  C. Thomas Simson (Professor of Medicine in the College of St. Andrews)
  m. (c1724) ?? Preston (dau of Sir John Preston of Prestonhall)
  i. Robert Simson in Coventry (physician, 2nd son)
  m. Ann Simson (dau of Rev. Patrick Simson) @@ just above
  a. Robert Simson of Kirktounhall (vicaar of St. Michael's in Coventry)
  m. _ Tandy ("an English lady")
  b.+ 2 sons + 2 daughters
  ii. Agnes Simson
  m. _ Wilson of St. Andrews (Professor)
  a. Catherine Wilson (b c1777, d 08.08.1805)
  m. Francis Jeffrey (b 23.10.1773, d 26.01.1850, judge as Lord Jeffrey, son of George, m2. Charlotte, dau of Charles Wilkes of New York)
Details on Lord Jeffrey come from Wikipedia ("Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey").
  (1) George Jeffrey (d 1802)
  b.+ other issue
  iii. Preston Simson
  m. _ Craigie of St. Andrews (Professor)
  iv.+ other issue (d unm) - John, Patrick (cleric), James (Professor of Medicine in the College of St. Andrews)
  D. John Simson of Edinburgh, later of Wester Balloch, Dunbartonshire
  m. Agnes Prentice (dau of John Prentice of Glasgow by Annabel, dau of ?? Porterfield of Duchal)
  i. "a large family, none of whom married, save two sons and a daughter"
  E. Matthew Simson of Glasgow (d 20.11.1769)
  m. (1724) Marion Prentice (elder sister of Agnes)
  i. Marion Simson
  m. Michael Erskine of Glasgow
  ii.+ 9 sons (d unm)
  F.+ other issue - Patrick (minister in Coventry), William (d unm), 11 other sons (d young), 0 daughters



'The Pedigree Register'(p165) suggests that "All the Simsons, without a "p", consider themselves to belong to the Fraser clan."
Andrew Simson (a 1554, 1586, minister in Dunbar, Master of Perth Grammar School)
m. Violet Adamson (sister of Patrick Adamson, Archbishop of St. Andrew's)
1. Patrick Simson (b 1556, d 31.03.1618, minister at Stirling, 3rd son)
m. Martha Baron (dau of ??, Provost of Edinburgh)
  A. ?? Simson (a 1618, minister of New Abbey, Dumfriesshire)
  i. Patrick Simson (b 02.10.1628, d 24.10.1715, minister at Renfrew)
  a. Mathew Simson (a 1740, minister of Pencaitland)
  m. (1709) Alison Drummond (dau of Adam Drummond, 9th of Lennoch)
  (1)+ issue - Patrick (b c1712, minister of Fala then Clunie), Colin (d 1756 in Calcutta)
  b. John Simson (d 1740, professor in Glasgow)
  m. (1710) Jane Stirling ('niece of John Stirling')
  (1) Jean Simson
  Jean is identified as the mother of General Sir John Moore (d Corunna 1809).
  m. (John) Moore (doctor)
  (2)+ 11 others
  c. John Simson of Kirkton Hall, West Kilbride
  m. Agnes
  (1)+ issue - Robert (b 1687, d 1768, professor, translator of Euclid's Elements), 16 other sons
2.+ other issue - Matthew (professor in Glasgow), William (minister at Dumbarton), Alexander (a 1621, minister of Newton of Dryburgh), Abraham (minister of Norham), Archibald (a 1618, minister of Dalkeith)

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 16.07.20) : 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 1, No. 6 (September 1908), 'Simson', p164)
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