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Families covered: Porterfield of Duchal, Porterfield of Fullwood, Porterfield of Hapland, Porterfield of Porterfield

We have yet to find a convincing source to cover the early generations of this family.
Walter de Porter (a 1180) possibly father of ...
1. ?? de Porter possibly father or grandfather of ...
  A. John Porter (a 1262) possibly father or grandfather of ...
  i. ?? Porter possibly father of ...
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Porter
  (1) Stephen Porter (a 1362) "one of (the above) John's successors", father of ...
  (A) Robert de Porterfield (a 1398) possibly father of ...
(i) ?? Porter possibly father of ...
  (a) John Porterfield of Porterfield (a 1460) descended from the above Robert
  ((1)) John Porterfield of Porterfield
  m. Catherine Mackgrigor (dau of Patrick Mackgrigor of Ardinconel)
  ((A)) William Porterfield, younger of that ilk possibly of this generation
  m. (1506) Isobel Cuninghame dau of William Cuninghame of Glengarnock)
  ((B)) Robert Porterfield of Porterfield (a 1500) successor to John
  m. Isobel Maxwel ("a daughter of the house of Newark")
  ((i)) Alexander Porterfield of Porterfield (dspm)
  ((i)) John Porterfield of Porterfield, 1st of Buchal (a 1544, d 1575) - continued below
  m1. Beatrix Cunningham (dau of William Cunningham of Craigends)
  m2. Jean Knox (dau of _ Knox of Ranfurly)
  ((2)) Thomas Porterfield possibly fits here
  m. Janet Kinninmonth (b after c1475, dau of Andrew Kinninmonth 'of that ilk' of Craighall)



John Porterfield 'of that ilk' of Porterfield, 1st of Duchal (a 1544, d 1575) - continued above
m1. Beatrix Cunningham (dau of William Cunningham of Craigends)
1. William Porterfield of that ilk, of Porterfield & Duchal (d 1612/16)
  m. (1565) Isobel Cunninghame (dau of John Cunninghame of Glengarnock by Margaret, dau of Lord Fleming)
  A. Alexander Porterfield (b c1561, dvp 1609)
  m. Agnes Houstoun (dau of Sir Patrick Houstoun of that ilk)
i. Alexander Porterfield 'of that ilk' of Porterfield & Duchal (d 1675)
  m. (1613) Anna Blair (dau of John Blair of that ilk by Isobel, dau of Thomas, Lord Boyd)
  a. John Porterfield 'of that ilk' of Porterfield & Duchal (d 1690)
  m. Jean Hamilton (dau of Sir James Hamilton of Broomhill)
(1) William Porterfield (dvp)
  m. (1671) Annabel Stewart (dau of Sir John Stewart of Ardgowan & Blackhall)
  (A) Alexander Porterfield 'of that ilk' of Porterfield & Blacksolme (d before 14.11.1743)
  m1. (1694) Catherine Boyd (dau of William Boyd, 1st Earl of Kilmarnock who d 03.1692)
Catherine was the mother of at least William. It is presumption that she, not Margaret, was mother of the other children also.
  (i) William Porterfield 'of that ilk' of Porterfield (dsp 06.11.1752)
  m. Julian Steel (dau of Rev. William Steele of Lochmaben)
  (ii) Alexander Porterfield
  m. _ Jollie ("an Irish lady")
(a) Boyd Porterfield 'of that ilk' of Porterfield (d 1795)
  m. Christian Cuninghame (dau of Alexander Cuninghame of Craigends)
  ((1)) Alexander Porterfield of Porterfield (d unm 1815)
  ((2)) Margaret Porterfield
  m. (19.03.1765) Houstoun Stewart, later Stewart-Nicolson of Carnock (d 1785)
  ((3)) Camilla Porterfield
  m. Boyd Alexander of Southbarr (dsp 1825)
  ((4)) Christian Porterfield
  m. F. Fotheringham
  ((5)) Anne Porterfield
  m. Thomas Paterson (Colonel)
  ((A)) Mary Christian Paterson
  m. James Archibald Casamajor (b 1787)
((6))+ other issue - Boyd (d 1780-1, Captain), William (d infant), Catherine
  (iii) Robert Porterfield (dvp)
  (iv) Jean Porterfield
  m. James Corbett of Tolcross
  (v) Eupham Porterfield
  m. Emanuel Walker (collector of customs at Port Glasgow)
  (vi) Catherine Porterfield
m. James Baird in Glasgow
  m2. (by 1735) Margaret (dau/widow of _ Campbell)
  (B) Anna Porterfield probably of this generation
  m. Gavin Ralston of that ilk
(C) Jean Porterfield probably of this generation
  m. (1700) James Farquhar of Gilminscroft
  (2) Alexander Porterfield of Fullwood
  The following comes from 'The History of the Shire of Renfrew' by George Crawfurd ("continued to the present Period" by William Semple, 1782, second section, p110).
  m. Marion Cunningham (bpt 08.1659, dau of Alexander Cunningham of Craigends)
  (A) John Porterfield (dvp)
  m. Jean Finlayson (dau/heir of Alexander Finlayson of Boghall)
  (i) Mary Porterfield probably the Mary who married ...
  m. John Lockhart of Lee (dsp 1788)
  (ii) Marion Porterfield who married ...
  m. Archibald Bertram of Nisbet & Kersewell (b 1714, d 1768)
  (iii) Jean Porterfield (3rd daughter)
m. (06.04.1756) John Wallace of Glasgow
  (iv) Catharine Porterfield (d 15.03.1807) who married ...
  m. (13.01.1755) Sir William Lockhart, 3rd Bart of Carstairs (d 1758)
  (v)+ other issue - 3 sons (d young), Janet, Anne
  (B) Alexander Porterfield of Fullwood (d 1776)
  (C) Robert Porterfield in Edinburgh (doctor)
  (i) daughter
  (3) Anne Porterfield sb daughter of George, Provost of Glasgow?
m. James Hamilton of Aikenhead
  (4) Margaret Porterfield
  m. Archibald Crawfurd of Achinames
  (6) Annabel Porterfield possibly of this generation
m. John Prentice of Glasgow
  (A) Marion Prentice
  m. (1724) Matthew Simson of Glasgow (d 20.11.1769)
  (B) Agnes Prentice
  m. John Simson of Edinburgh
  b. William Porterfield of Quarreltoun probably the William who married ...
  m. Agnes Mure (dau of William Mure, 2nd of Glanderston)
  c. Alexander Porterfield possibly the Alexander Porterfield (d 12.1658) who married ...
  m. Margaret Pollok (dau of Robert Pollok, later Hutcheson of Auchengray & Caldercruicks) wife of Alexander, possibly mother of ...
  (1) Alexander Porterfield in Glasgow (chirugion)
  d. Grissel Porterfield
  m. John Semple of Fulwood
ii. Gabriel Porterfield of Hapland (d 1648)
  The following is supported by Paterson (vol 2, p51+ with corrections on p506+).
  m1. (1616) Margaret Craufurd of Lochnorris
  a. William Porterfield (d young)
  b. Anna Porterfield
m. Hugh Peebles of Mainshill
  c. Jean Porterfield
  m. James Anderson of Stobcross
  m2. (mcrt 22.07.1624) Jean Maxwell (sister of John Maxwell of Dargavill)
  d. John Porterfield of Hapland (dsp by 1653)
  e. Alexander Porterfield of Hapland (d unm c1654?)
f. Gabriel Porterfield of Hapland  (d 1687)
  m. (c1675) Jean Hamilton (dau of Robert Hamilton of Barns)
  (1) Gabriel Porterfield of Hapland
  m. (1720) Elizabeth Cunningham (dau of ?? Cunningham of Craigends)
  (A) Alexander Porterfield of Hapland (d unm 1765/1770)
  (B) Johanna Porterfield
  m. (1770) Thomas Trotter of Mortonhall
  (C) Margaret Porterfield
  m. (1751) John Hamilton of Barr in Lochwinnoch
  (D) Lillias Porterfield
  m. William Sommerville of Kennox
  (E) daughter
  m. "a common tradesman"
  (2)+ other issue - Margaret, Mary, Ann
  g. Elizabeth Porterfield
  m. Hugh Peeblis (a 1650, minister at Lochwinnoch)
  (1) Marion Peeblis
  m. (before 1687) James Cochrane of Mainshill
  (2) Jean Peeblis
  m. John Wallace of Neilstounsyde
  (3) Catharine Peeblis
  m. (1681) Matthew Hammill of Roughwood
(4) daughter
  m. Alexander Cunynghame of Cairncurran in Kilmalcolm
  (5)+ 2 others (bur 1656)
  h.+ other issue - George, Marion
  m3. Jean Douglas (b after 1609, dau of James Douglas of Muirstown (by Jean Anstruther), m1. Patrick Edmonston of Wolmet m3. ?? Cunninghame of Dankeith)
  j. Mary Porterfield
  m. _ Fullarton in Irvine
  k.+ other issue - William, Isobel (d unm)
  iii. George Porterfield, Provost of Glasgow
m. Janet Patoun
  iv. Jean Porterfield (d 12.1658)
  m. Robert Hamilton of Torrance
  v. Agnes Porterfield
  m1. William Cathcart of Waterheid
  m2. William Wallace of Johnston
  vi. Marion Porterfield
m. (1622) Robert Fergushill of that ilk
  vii. Mary Porterfield
  m. (1625) Robert Hamilton, younger of Aikenhead
  B. Jean Porterfield
  m1. Alexander Cunningham of Waterstoun
  m2. Sir William Mure of Rouallan
  C. Mary (or Marion?) Porterfield
  m. Alexander Cuninghame, 4th of Corsehill (d 05.1646)
  D. Marion Porterfield
  m. (1595) Patrick Maxwell of Dargevell
2. Gabriel Porterfield of Aikenbart, Blairlin, etc. (d unm or dsp c1577)
  Paterson (vol 2, p51) identifies this as the Gabriel who "is supposed to have been the father of" the Gabriel of Hapland who married Mariot Crawfurd. However, on p506+ he corrects that to show that Gabriel 2 generations later (see above).
m2. Jean Knox (dau of ?? Knox of Ranfurly)
3. John Porterfield of Greenend
4. Elizabeth or Helen Porterfield (d 1573)
  m. Sir James Maxwell of Calderwood (d 1622)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'A History of the County of Renfrew from the Earliest Times' by William Metcalfe (1905, pp114-5) with some input/support from 'The History of the Shire of Renfrew' by George Crawfurd ("continued to the present Period" by George Robertson, 1818, p62+)
(2) For lower section : 'The History of the Shire of Renfrew' by George Crawfurd ("continued to the present Period" by George Robertson, 1818, pp63-64 & 402), 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p506+) with input/support as reported above
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