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Families covered: Dukinfield of Dukinfield (Dokenfeild)

This family's name is spelled variously, including Duckinfield, Dokinfield, Dukenfield and Dockenfield, but the town in Cheshire from which the family took its name, which may have originally been spelled Dokenfeild, is now spelled Dukinfield. Somewhat arbitrarily, we change from Dokenfeild to Dukinfield around the 15th century.
Robert Dokenfeild of Dokenfeild
1. Hamo de Dokenfeild of Dokenfeild
  A. Robert de Dokenfeild (a 1315)
  m. Elizabeth
i. John de Dokenfeild of Dokenfeild (d 1400-1)
  m. Agnes Ardren (dau of John Ardren)
  a. Thurstan de Dokenfeild
  This generation is recorded in brackets in the Harleian Society's publication thereby indicating that Thurstan may not have been mentioned in the original Visitation record.
  (1) Robert de Dokenfeild (a 1418)
  (A) John de Dokenfeild of Dokenfeild (a 1431)
  m1. Katherine Ashton (dau of John Ashton of under Lyne)
(i) Robert Dukinfield of Dukinfield (a 1420, 1451)
  m. Elizabeth Leigh (dau of Robert Leigh of Adlington)
  (a) Robert Dukinfield (a 1473)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Merfeild and Isabella)
((1)) John Dukinfield of Dukinfield
  m. Jane Langford (dau of Nicholas Langford of Longford (sic))
  ((A)) Robert Dukinfield of Dukinfield (d 02.09.1548)
  m. Ellen Brereton (dau of William de Brereton)
((i)) William Dukinfield of Dukinfield (d 1592, 2nd son) - continued below
  m1. Jane Arden (dau of John Arden of Harden)
  m2. Margaret Holland (dau of Richard (Edward) Holland of Denton)
  ((ii)) Ellen Dukinfield
  m. John Dutton of New Manor
  ((a))+ issue - John, Thomas, Lawrence, Robert, Henry
  ((iii))+ other issue - John (dsp), Ralph, Jane
  ((B)) John Dukinfield
  ((i)) William Dukinfield
  ((C)) Isabella Dukinfield
  m. George Stanley
  ((D)) Katharine Dukinfield
  m. Robert Hide of Norbury
((E))+ other issue - Ralph (dsp), William (dsp), Thurstan, Thomas, Francis, Edmund, Jane, Dorothy
  ((2)) Jane Dukinfield
  m. Lawrance Dutton
  ((A)) Jane Dutton
  m. _ Rigmaden
  ((B)) Isabell Dutton
  m. _ Beamond
  ((3)) Alice Dukinfield possibly of this generation
  m. William (or George) Winington of Offerton
  (b) John Dukinfield
  (c) Katharine or Isabell Dukinfield
  m. Charles Manwaring of Croxton
  (ii) Ellen Dukinfield
  m. Richard Vernon (son of Ralph)
  (iii) Lucy Dukinfield
  m. Otto de Redishe (son of John)
  (iv)+ other issue - John, Thomas
  m2. Alicia
  (B) Agnes Dokenfeild
  m. John Rokesby (a 1432)
  (2) Margaret Dokenfeild (a 1397)
2.+ other issue - Richard, Henry, Jacob



William Dukinfield of Dukinfield (d 1592) - continued above
m1. Jane Arden (dau of John Arden of Harden)
1. Robert Dukinfield of Dukinfield (d 1621, 2nd son)
  m. Jane Holland (d 1610, dau of Richard Holland of Denton)
  A. Robert Dukinfield of Dukinfield (bpt 14.08.1597, bur 30.08.1630)
  m. (23.08.1618) Frances Preston (bur 04.06.1663, dau of George Preston of Holker)
i. Robert Dukinfield of Dukinfield, Governor of Chester (bpt 28.08.1619, d 18.09.1689, Colonel)
  m1. Martha Fleetwood (bur 06.10.1669, dau of Sir Miles Fleetwood of Hasketh)
  a. Sir Robert Dukinfield, 1st Bart of Dukinfield (b c1642, d 06.11.1729)
  m1. (c1665) Jane Estcourt (d 19.08.1678, dau of Sir Thomas Estcourt of Cheristoe Pinkney)
  (1) Sir Charles Dukinfield, 2nd Bart of Dukinfield
  m1. (sps) Mary Holinshed (dau of M. Holinshed of Macclesfield)
  m2. Sarah Parker (dau of Hewitt Parker of Mobberly by Sarah Daniell)
  (A) Sir William Dukinfield, later Daniell of Over Tabley, 3rd Bart of Dukinfield (d 12.01.1758)
  m. Penelope Vernon (d 31.01.1762, dau of John Vernon of Hilton by Penelope Philips)
  (i) Henrietta Dukinfield
(2) John Dukinfield of Bristol
  m. Anne Andrews (dau of Captain _ Andrews)
  (A) Sir Samuel Dukinfield, 4th Bart of Dukinfield (dsp 12.05.1768)
  m. Elizabeth Warren
  (B)+ other issue
  (3) Elizabeth Dukinfield
  m1. John Molyneux
  m2. Samuel Done of Liverpool
  (4)+ 4 sons and 3 daughters
  m2. (07.08.1683) Susannah Thompson (d 07.07.1742, dau of Robert Thompson of Culpho, brother of Lord Haversham)
  (11) Robert Dukinfield of Manchester, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 07.07.1687, d 05.1748)
  m. Anne Browne (d 1780, dau of John Browne)
  (A) Elizabeth Dukinfield (d 11.11.1793)
  m. Isaac Worthington
  (B) Susanna Dukinfield (d 01.1787)
  m. James Andrews of Bolton-le-Moors
  (i) Susanna Andrews
  m. Rev. Jonathan Hodgkinson of Hindley
  (ii) Frances Andrews
  m. Rev. Nathaniel Hibbert of Rivington
  (C) Anne Dukinfield (d 26.05.1802)
  m. James Darbishire of Bolton-le-Moors
(D)+ other issue - Robert (d young), John (d young), William (d young), Robert (d young), Samuel (dsp, Captain)
  (12) Nathaniel Dukinfield (d 02.05.1749)
  m(2). Margaret Jolly (dau of Thomas Jolly of Wigan)
  (A) Sir Nathaniel Dukinfield, 5th Bart of Dukinfield (d 20.10.1824)
  m. (1783) Katherine Warde (d 29.09.1823, sister of John Warde of Squerries)
  (i) Samuel Dukinfield (dvp 22.01.1810)
  (ii) Sir John Dukinfield, 6th Bart of Dukinfield (b 03.02.1785, d unm 07.12.1836)
(iii) Sir Henry Robert Dukinfield, 7th Bart of Dukinfield (b 01.01.1791, dsp 24.01.1858, vicar of St. Martin-in-the-Field)
  m. (1836) Jane Craufurd (d 25.05.1884, dau of Sir James Craufurd, Bart)
  (iv) Charles Egerton Dukinfield (b 1792)
  m. (11.07.1833) Dorothea Luscombe (dau of John Luscombe of Combe Royal)
  (a) Lloyd Dukinfield (b 25.05.1834, d 1837)
  (v) Katharine Dukinfield
  m. (13.11.1838) R.P. Smith
  (13) William Dukinfield (b c1694, dsp 30.08.1735)
  m. ?? (widow of _ Patter of Warrington)
(14) Frances Dukinfield
  m. (05.08.1707) Thomas Butterworth of Manchester
  (15) Mary Anne Dukinfield
  m. Thomas Coulton of York
  (16) Jane Dukinfield
  m. Rev. John Chorley of Monton
(17) Sarah Dukinfield
  m. John Redish of Manchester
  (18+ other issue
  m2. (10/20.08.1678) Judith Bottomley (b c1652, d 23.02.1738-9, dau of Nathaniel Bottomley of Cawthorne)
  b.+ other issue
  ii. Margaret Dukinfield possibly of this generation
  m. Joshua Radclyffe (dvp Marston Moor 02.07.1644)
  B. Margaret Dukinfield (b 1594)
  m. Laurence Downes of Worth
  C. Mary Dukinfield (b 1595)
  m. (1614) Richard Holte of Ashworthe
D. Katharine Dukinfield (b 1601)
  m. (1620) John Tempest of Tonge (d 1623)
  E. Dorothy Dukinfield (b 1602)
  m. (1618) Edward (Edmund) Ashton of Chatterton
  F. Frances Dukinfield (b 1603)
  m. Peter Shaw
  G.+ other issue - William (b 1598), Richard (b 1608), Jane (b 1596), Elizabeth (d 1600), Alicia (b 1607)
2. Jane Dukinfield
  m. William Bamford of Bamford
3. Judith Dukinfield
  m. (1606) William Nicholson
4.+ other issue - William (dvpsp 1590), John, Ralph, Joseph, Sara (d infant)
m2. Margaret Holland (dau of Richard (Edward) Holland of Denton)
9.+ other issue - Edward, Francis, Richard

Main source(s): Visitation (Cheshire, 1613+1663, Dukinfield of Dukinfield), BP1846 (Dukinfield)
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