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Families covered: Falconar of Carlowrie, Falconer of Glenfarquhar, Falconer of Halkerton (Halkertoun), Keith-Falconer of Kintore, Falconer of Newton, Hume (Home) of Ninewells
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Sir David Falconer of Glenfarqhar (a 1667, MP)
m. Margaret Hepburn (dau of Sir Robert Hepburn of Bearford)
1. Sir Alexander Falconer, 1st Bart of Glenfarqhar (d 17.03.1717)
  m. Margaret Graeme (d 03.03.1720, dau of Robert Graeme of Craigie)
  A. Sir Alexander Falconer, 2nd Bart of Glenfarqhar, 4th Lord of Halkerton (d unm 17.03.1727)
  Alexander inherited the barony from his kinsman the 3rd Lord.
B. Elizabeth Falconer
  m. Sir Charles Ramsay, 3rd Bart of Balmain (d 1695)
  C. Grizel Falconer
  m. (1694) John Gordon, 1st of Collieston (b 1643, d 07.1718)
  D. Agnes Falconer probably of this generation
  m. (1670) James Scott of Logie
2. Sir David Falconer of Newton (b 1640, d 15.12.1685, Lord President of the Court of Session as 'Lord Newton')
  m1. Elizabeth Nairn (b 06.04.1635, bur 20.01.1676, dau of Robert Nairn of Muckersy)
  A. Alexander Falconer (b 16.08.1663, d young)
  m2. (10.02.1678) Mary Norvell (dau of George Norvell of Boghall by Marion, dau of Michael Elphinstone of Quarell, son of 4th Lord Elphinstone)
  B. David Falconer, 5th Lord of Halkerton (b 05.1681, d 24.09.1751)
  m. (mcrt 27.11.1703) Catherine Margaret Keith (bpt 29.06.1619, d 01.03.1762, dau of William Keith, 2nd Earl of Kintore)
i. Alexander Falconer, 6th Lord of Halkerton (b c1707, dsp 05.11.1762)
  m. (25.06.1757) Frances Mackworth (b 28.08.1731, d 03.03.1814, dau of Hebert Mackworth of the Gnoll)
  ii. William Falconer, 7th Lord of Halkerton (d 12.12.1776)
  m. "a Dutch lady" (d 22.10.1779)
  a. Anthony Adrian Falconer, later Keith-Falconer, 8th Lord of Halkerton, 5th Earl of Kintore (d 30.08.1804)
  m. (before 1766) Christina Elizabeth Sighterman (d 26.03.1809, dau of Jan Albert Sighterman of Groningen)
  (1) William Keith-Falconer, 6th Earl of Kintore (b 11.12.1766, d 06.10.1812)
  m. (18.06.1793) Maria Bannerman (b 1769-70, d 30.06.1826, dau of Sir Alexander Bannerman, Bart of Kirkhill)
  (A) Anthony Adrian Keith-Falconer, 7th Earl of Kintore (b 20.04.1794, d 11.07.1844) had issue
  m1. (14.06.1817) Juliet Renny (dsp 09.07.1819, dau of Robert Renny of Borrowfield)
m2. (27.08.1821, div 03.1840) Louisa Hakwins (b 28.08.1802, d 01.11.1841, dau of Francis Hawkins, judge in Bengal)
  (B) William Keith-Falconer (b 16.12.1799, d 05.01.1846, Captain RN) had issue
  m. (24.06.1830) Louisa Grant (d 12.02.1862, dau of William Grant of Congalton)
  (C) Mary Keith-Falconer (d 05.07.1864)
  (2)+ other issue - Sibella (b 18.01.1768, d 23.04.1792), Maria Remembertina (b 08.02.1769, d 24.08.1851), Catherine Margaret (b 03.06.1770, d 10.12.1849), Francina Constantia (b 17.06.1771, d 04.12.1779), Jean (b 03.07.1772, d young), Christian Elizabeth (b 31.12.1774, d 12.1826), Helen (b 30.08.1777, d young)
  b.+ other issue - William (d Quebec), Charles
  iii. David Falconer in London (d 04.09.1775)
  m. (Frances) Lamplugh of Cumberland
  a. Elizabeth Falconer of Dovenby Hall (d 04.1768) apparently of this generation
iv. John Falconer
  m. _ Nairn of Jamaica
  v. George Falconer of Phesdo (d 03.05.1480, Commander)
  m. Hanna Ivie
a. George Falconer
  vi. Catherine Falconer (d unm 01.12.1748)
  vii. Jean Falconer (d 16.02.1797)
  m. James Falconer of Monkton (d 12.1779)
  a. Catherine Falconer (d 02.04.1790, eldest dau & co-heiress)
  m. (1781) John Mackenzie, 3rd of Allangrange (d 10.11.1812)
  viii. Mary Falconer (d unm 27.09.1775)
  ix. Marjory Falconer (d 18.11.1787)
  m. (28.04.1759) George Norvell of Boghall and Deans
  C. Alexander Falconer of Newton, later Hay of Delgaty (b 06.1682)
  m. Mary Hay, Countess of Erroll (dsp 19.07/8.1758, dau of John Hay, 12th Earl of Erroll)
  D. George Falconer, later Falconar (b 20.11.1685, d 1743)
  The following comes from BLG1952 (Falconar-Stewart of Feddal).
  m. Janet Marjoribanks (dau of John Marjoribanks of Leuchie, sister of Maj. Gen. Marjoribanks of Carlowrie)
  i. George Falconar of Carlowrie (dsp 19.12.1789)
  ii. Alexander Falconar (dsp 08.06.1767)
  iii. David Falconar
  m. Margaret Honey (d 1786)
  a. David Falconar of Carlowrie (b1770, d 14.06.1842)
  m. Jane Stewart (d 1837, dau of Robert Stewart of Binny)
(1) George Falconar of Carlowrie (b 27.01.1800, d 20.08.1870) had issue
  m1. (1827) Isabella Christian Goldie (dsp 1831, dau of Lt. Gen. Alexander John Goldie of The Nunnery, Isle of Man)
  m2. (14.03.1842) Frances Georgina Mercer (d 12.1891, dau of George Mercer of Gorthy of family of Aldie)
  (2) Jane Falconar (b 12.08.1798, d 09.12.1844)
  m. William Currie of Linthill
  (3) Helen Robina Falconar (b 12.10.1802, d 1882)
  m. John Tulloch (RN)
  (4)+ other issue - David (b 1801, dsp 1826), Robert (b 01.1810, d young), Magdalen (b 11.04.1797, d unm), Mary Stewart (b 11.04.1805, d unm 07.1843), Joanna (b 09.04.1807, d unm 04.1857)
  b.+ other issue (d unm) - Anna, Mary
  E. Mary Falconer (b 26.05.1680)
  m. (John) Fullerton of Dudwick
  F. Catherine Falconer (b 04.10.1683)
  m. (04.01.1708) Joseph Home of Ninewells (son of John of Ninewells)
  G.+ other issue (d unm) - Margaret (b 13.02.1679), Elizabeth (b 07.10.1684)
3. Jean Falconer probably of this generation
  m. John Butter of Gormack & Ardgaith (bpt 26.12.1648, d before 01.1706)

Main source(s): TSP (Kintore), BP1934 (Kintore) with input as reported above
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