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Families covered: Forster of Adderstone, Forster of Bamborough, Forster of Bruton, Forster of Cornhill, Forster of Etherston, Forster of Horsley

Sir Thomas Forster of Etherston, Governor of Bamborough Castle (d 1526)
m. Dorothy Ogle (dau of Ralph, 3rd Lord Ogle)
1. Sir John Forster of Bamborough, Sheriff of Northumberland (b c1520, d 1602)
  p1. Janet Buicks
  A. Nicholas Forster of Bamborough, Sheriff of Northumberland
  m. Jane Radclyffe (dau of Anthony Radclyffe of Blancheland)
i. Sir Claudius Forster, Bart of Bamborough, Sheriff of Northumberland (dsp 1623)
  m. Elizabeth Fenwick (dau of Sir William Fenwick of Wallington)
  ii. John Forster of Blancheland, later of Bamborough (d 20.05.1625)
  m. Elizabeth or Susannah Forster (dau of Thomas Forster of Adderston or Ederston) @1@ below
a. Nicholas Forster of Bamborough (b 1612, d 10.12.1636)
  m. Agnes Chaytor (dau of William Chaytor of Croft)
  (1) William Forster of Bamborough (b 1636, d c12.11.1674)
  m. Dorothy Shelby (dau of Sir William Shelby of Twisell & Thornton by Eleanor, dau of Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax)
  (A) William Forster of Bamborough and Blancheland (b 28.07.1667, dsp 06.09.1700)
  m. Elizabeth Pert (dau of William Pert of Essex by Elizabeth Forster)
  (B) Frances Forster
  m. (27.01.1680) Thomas Forster of Adderstone (b 06.08.1659, bur 25.10.1725) @2@ below
  (C) Dorothy Forster (b c1673, dsp 16.10.1715)
  m. (23.07.1700) Nathaniel Crewe, Bishop of Oxford then Durham, 3rd Lord of Stene (b 31.01.1633, dsp 18.09.1721)
  (D)+ other issue - John (b 28.09.1668, dsp 15.11.1699), Ferdinando (b 14.02.1669/70, dsp 22.08.1701), Nicholas (b 08.06.1671, d 07.04.1678), Mary (b 23.11.1664, d young), Eleanor (b 08.06.1663, d 02.1664)
  (2) Ferdinando Forster
  (3) Mary Forster
  m. _ Moore
(4) Frances Forster
  m. Francis Liddell (son of Sir Francis of Redheugh)
  b. Thomas Forster of the Friars
  c. Claudius Forster of Blancheland
  (1) John Forster of Durham
  d. Elizabeth Forster
  m. _ Elrington of Elrington
m1. (before 1552) Jane Radclyffe (dau of Cuthbert Radclyffe, widow of Lord Cuthbert Ogle)
  B. Juliana Forster
  m. (15.04.1571) Sir Francis Russell (d 27.07.1585, son of Earl of Bedford)
  C. Grace Forster
  m. Sir William Fenwick of Wallington
p2./m2. Isabel Sheppard
  E. Matthew Sheppard or Forster
  F. Mary Forster
  m. (05.07.1599) Sir Henry Stapelton
  p3. ?? mother of the Dorothy who married/partnered Thomas Widdrington was _ Mawtlaine/Mawclaine
G. John Forster
  H. Dorothy (Mary) Forster
  m1/2 Ralph Salkeld (son of Thomas of Hulne Park)
  Possibly the Dorothy Mawtlaine who (also) married/partnered ...
  m2/1/p. Thomas Widdrington of Asington (d after 08.01.1589/90)
2. Sir Thomas Forster of Adderstone/Etherston, Sheriff of Northumberland (d after 03.04.1589)
  m. (1572) Florence Wharton (sister of Thomas, Lord Wharton)
  A. Thomas Forster of Etherston (b 1549, d after 01.09.1587)
  m. Isabella Brewster (dau of Thomas (or John) Brewster of Lucker)
  i. Sir Matthew Forster of Etherston, Sheriff of Northumberland (a 1617)
  m. Catherine Grey (dau of Sir Ralph Grey of Chillingham)
a. Thomas Forster of Adderstone (d after 06.09.1637)
  m. Mary Fenwick (bur 25.01.1671, dau of Sir William Fenwick)
  (1) Thomas Forster of Adderstone (bur 19.06.1673, Colonel)
  m. (27.01.1651) Mary Cole (dau of Sir Nicholas Cole of Brancepath Castle)
(A) Ralph Forster (b 17.04.1655, d 19.05.1656)
  (B) Thomas Forster of Adderstone, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 06.08.1659, bur 25.10.1725)
  m1. (27.01.1680) Frances Forster (dau of Sir William Forster of Bamborough Castle) @2@ above
  (i) Thomas Forster of Adderstone, 'Rebel General' (b 29.03.1683, dsp 1737)
  (ii) John Forster (b 1688, d 1745)
  m. Isabella Orde (dau of William Orde of Sandybank)
  (a) Thomas Forster of Adderston (b 1743, dsp 1763)
  (b) Isabella Forster (dsp bur 09.04.1780)
  m. (26.05.1767) John Widdrington of Hauxley (b 19.12.1727/8, dsp bur 14.01.1780)
  (iii) Dorothy Forster (b 1686)
  m. John Armstrong of Berry Hill
  (iv)+ other issue - William (d young), Margaret, Elizabeth (b 14.08.1684)
  m2. Mary (d 10.1697)
  m3. (14.02.1701) Barbara Lewes
(C) Mary Forster (b 21.02.1653, bur 19.04.1705)
  m. Edmund Maine (bur 25.04.1711, MP)
  (2) John Forster of Crookletch (bur 10.05.1681)
  m. Mary Forster (sister of John Forster of London)
  (3) Ralph Forster of Adderstone, later of Halton
  (4) Francis Forster of Belford, Easington Grange & South Bailey (d 1681)
  m. Elizabeth
(5) Madeleine Forster
  m. Philip Grey of Howick
  (6) Mary Forster
  m. George Baker of Crook (d 14.10.1677)
  b. John Forster of Cornhill (d after 05.12.1679)
  m. Mary Orde (sister of John Orde of Mindrum)
  (1) Thomas Forster of Cornhill
  m. Elizabeth Reed (dau of George Reed of Cassop)
  (A) Elizabeth Forster (a 1715)
  m1. Hon. Charles Grey of Chillingham (d before 1696)
  m2. John Atkins of Horninghold
  (2) Catherine Forster (a 1698)
  m. _ Wilkinson (d before 1698)
  (3) Elizabeth Forster
  m. Henry Collingwood of Branxton
  (4) Margaret Forster
  m1. William Ramsey
  m2. George Fenwick of Brinkburne
  c. Matthew Forster of Horsley, Northumberland
  The following comes from BLG1952 (Forster of Wellisford Manor).
  (1) Robert Forster of Horsley
  m. (10.05.1681) Eleanor Staper of Ovingham
  (A) Thomas Forster of Horsley
m. (11.05.1708) Margaret Forster (dau of Robert Forster of Ovingham)
  (i) Matthew Forster of Horsley
  m. (27.09.1739) Catherine Slater of Ovingham
  (a) Matthew Forster of Horsley (b 08.1746)
  m. (03.1774) Isabel Simpson (dau of Jonathan Simpson of Horsley)
  ((1)) Matthew Forster of High Barnes (b 01.08.1775, d 26.11.1860) had issue
  m. (20.11.1802) Sarah Langstaffe (d 1848, dau of Joseph Langstaffe of Romaldkirk)
d. Edith Forster
  m. Edmund Craster of Craster
  e. Mary Forster probably the Mary (bur 17.12.1665) who married ...
  m. Edward Lisle of Acton (bur 18.05.1676)
  f.+ other issue - Magdelina, Jane, Dorothy
  ii. Phillis Forster
  m. John Forster of Newham
  iii. Susanna or Elizabeth Forster
  m. John Forster of Bamborough (d 1625) @1@ above
  iv.+ other issue - Thomas, John, William, Florence, Margaret
  B. Cuthbert Forster of Bruton (a 1588)
  m. Elizabeth Bradforth (dau of Thomas Bradforth of Bradforth)
  i. Thomas Forster of Bruton (d after 18.06.1648)
  m1. Margaret Forster (dau of Richard Forster of Tuggall)
  a. Elizabeth Forster
m2. Jane Carr (dau of William Carr of Ford)
  b.+ other issue - John, Matthew, Reginald, Edmond, Ephraim
  ii. Samuel Forster
  a. John Forster
  iii. Jane Forster
  m. Laurence Forster
  iv. Grace Forster
  m. John Forster of Tuggall Hall
  C. Margaret Forster
  m. Nicholas Ridley
D. Barbara Forster
  m. Robert Rodham (son of John of Rodham)
3. Rowland Forster of Lucker then Wark
  m. Catherine Selby (dau of Leonard Selby)
  A. Elizabeth Forster
  m. Thomas Orde of Orde
4. Reginald Forster of Capheaton
  m. Clara Swinburne (dau (sb widow?) of William Swinburne of Capheaton)
  A.+ issue - George, Peter
5. Margaret Forster
  m1. William Heron of Ford Castle (dvp)
  m2. John Heron of Thornton
  m3. Sir George Heron of Chipchase Castle
6. Dorothy Forster
  m. Sir Reginald Carnaby of Halton
7. Elizabeth Forster
  m. George Finch of Kent
8. Eleanor Forster
  m1. George Craster of Craster (d 06.03.1545-6)
  m2. Robert Widdrington

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