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Christopher Frederick of London (d 10.1623, surgeon to King James I)
1. Sir John Frederick, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (b 1601, d 03.1685, 4th son)
  m. _ Rouse (dau of Thomas Rouse of London)
A. Thomas Frederick of Downing Street, Westminster (bpt 07.07.1650, d 03.06.1720)
  m. (19.02.1674-5) Leonora Marescoe (d 1730, dau of Charles Marescoe of London)
  i. Sir John Frederick, 1st Bart of Westminster (b 10.03.1677-8, d 03.10.1755)
  m. (15.07.1727) Barbara Kinnersley (d 01.09.1749)
  a. Sir John Frederick, 2nd Bart of Westminster (b 05.1728, d unm 24.03.1757)
  b. Sir Thomas Frederick, 3rd Bart of Westminster (b 03.1730-1, d 16.12.1770)
  m. Elizabeth Bathurst (d 11.09.1764, dau of Peter Bathurst of Clarendon Park)
  (1) Elizabeth Frederick
  m. (17.04.1778) Sir John Morshead, Bart
(2) Selina Frederick
  m. (01.01.1778) Robert Thistlethwaite of Southwick (b 1755, d 22.10.1802)
  ii. Sir Thomas Frederick, Governor of Fort David (bpt 22.01.1680-1, d 08.02.1730-1)
  m. (11.01.1704-5) Mary Moncrieff (d 30.04.1767, she m2. William Poyntz)
  a. Thomas Frederick of Burwood Park (b 26.10.1707, dsp 21.08.1740)
  b. Sir John Frederick, 4th Bart of Westminster (b 28.11.1708, d 09.04.1783)
  m. (22.10.1741) Susannah Hudson (d 29.01.1787, dau of Sir Roger Hudson of Sunbury)
(1) Sir John Frederick, 5th Bart of Westminster (b 18.03.1749, d 16.01.1825)
  m. (15.10.1778) Mary Garth (d 18.11.1794, dau of Richard Garth of Morden)
  (A) Sir Richard Frederick, 6th Bart of Westminster (b 30.12.1780, d unm 20.09.1873, Captain, 2nd son)
  (B) Thomas Nathan Frederick (b 11.07.1783, d 1818)
  m. Charlotte Burney (dau of Robert Burney of Anningsley)
  (i) daughter (d young)
  (C) Susan Elizabeth Frederick (d 28.12.1876)
  m. Robert Jenkins
(D) Charlotte Frederick (d 1858)
  m. Rev. R.T.A. St. Leger of Starcross
  (E) Mary Frederick (d 02.04.1823)
  m. James Chamness Fyler of Twickenham
  (F) Frances Frederick (d 28.04.1874)
  m. (05.04.1811) Henry Fellowes (b 24.03.1783, d 23.02.1862, son of Robert of Shotesham)
  (G)+ other issue - John (b 20.09.1779, dvp unm 08.03.1801, Lt.), Christopher (b 10.12.1785, d unm 09.1863, Rev.), Edward Henry (b 06.08.1788, d unm 1846), Roger (b 28.11.1791, d unm 1854)
  (2)+ 1 son (dvp) and 3 daughters
  c. Sir Charles Frederick (b 21.12.1709, d 18.12.1785)
  m. (18.08.1746) Lucy Boscawen (d 17.01.1784, dau of Hugh Boscawen, 1st Viscount Falmouth)
  (1) Charles Frederick (b 09.10.1748, d 1791, Colonel)
  m. (20.03.1773) Martha Rigden (dau of Benjamin Rigden of Faversham)
  (A) Charles Frederick (b 18.10.1778, d 06.10.1809)
  m. (1800) Lucinda Watkins of Johnstown
(i)+ issue (d unm) - John, Lennox
  (B) Edward Frederick (b 23.06.1784, d 05.12.1866, General, 3rd son) had issue
  m1. (26.10.1826) Selina Grote (dsp 07.09.1827, dau of George Grote)
  m2. (28.10.1841) Mary St. John (d 22.07.1884, dau of Rev. Edward St. John)
  Their elder son became the 7th Baronet.
  (C) Martha Frederick
  m. Robert Steuart (b 08.09.1765, d 11.1819, son of Robert of Ballechin)
  (D) Augusta Frederick
m. H. Scott
  (E) Lucy Frederick
  m. (20.09.1808) Sir William Young, Bart
  (F)+ other issue - Arnold (d unm), Lennox (d unm), Anna
  (2) Thomas Lennox Frederick (b 25.03.1750, d 1797, Admiral RN)
  m. Annie Greigson
  (3) Edward Boscawen Frederick (b 1762, Colonel)
  m. (1835) Caroline Mowbray Smith (dau of George Smith)
  (4) Augusta Frederick
  m. Thomas Prescott (son of (Sir) G(eorge))
  (5) Lucy Frederick
  d. Marescoe Frederick (b 07.12.1725, Major General)
  m1. (12.06.1760) Sarah Pickering (d 1774, dau of Robert Pickering)
  (1) Thomas Frederick (b 23.04.1764, d 28.05.1844, Lt. Colonel)
m. (10.06.1795) Anne Susannah Glasse (d 1829, dau of Rev. John Glasse of Pencombe)
  (A) Arthur Frederick (b 12.06.1800, d 07.08.1866, 4th son) had issue
  m. (12.07.1825) Sophia Emily Watkins (d 1887, dau of Rev. Thomas Watkins of Pennoyre)
  (B) George Septimus Frederick (b 22.04.1805, d 1891, 7th son) had issue
  m. (23.09.1851) Emily Caroline Rising (b c1833, d 30.11.1925, dau of Robert Rising of Horsey)
  (C) Amelia Frederick
  m. (26.04.1836) Freeman Thomas of Ratton
  (D) Caroline Frederick (d 1903)
  m. (18.06.1829) Henry Cory (d 1876)
  (E)+ other issue - Thomas (b 12.03.1796, d 1820), Charles (b 07.05.1797, dsp 23.12.1875, Admiral RN), John (b 20.01.1799, d 1833), William (b 12.04.1801, dsp 1880), Augustus (b 15.12.1803, d 1811), Henry Octavius (b 1806, d unm 1851, Colonel), Susan (d 1812)
  (2) Robert Frederick (b 06.05.1774, d 04.06.1844, Lt. Colonel)
  m1. (09.02.1796) Jemima Thompson (dau of Robert Thompson of Dover)
  (A)+ 4 daughters
  m2. Sarah Tinker (dau of William Tinker of Cannock)
m2. (10.1777) Sarah Davis (dsp)
  e. Mary Frederick
  m. (1733) Alexander Hume
  f. Henrietta Frederick
  m. (04.09.1746) Luke Spence of West Malling
  g. Hannah Frederick
  m. (08.10.1746) Sir Abraham Hume, Bart
  iii. Jane Frederick (b c1694, d 13.06.1748)
  m1. James Lannoy of Hammersmith
  m2. (28.04.1726) James Murray, 2nd Duke of Atholl (b 28.09.1690, d 08.01.1764)
  B. Judith Frederick probably of this generation
  m. (1656) Sir Nathaniel Herne, Sheriff of London (b 1630, d 10.08.1679)
  C. Elizabeth Frederick probably of this generation
  m. (1672) Sir Joseph Herne, Sheriff of London (b 17.04.1639, d 26.02.1698/9)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Frederick)
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