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Families covered: Heriot of Burnturk, Heriot of Lathonis, Heriot of Ramornie, Heriot of Trabroun

James Heriot of Niddry Marshall
1. John Heriot of Trabroun (d c1440)
  A. Symon Heriot of Trabroun (d c1460)
  i. John Heriot of Trabroun (d before 1483, judge)
John is reported as having married a daughter of Patrick Congalton, younger of Congalton. We presume that he is the same person as the James identified in the Congalton record as having married ...
  m. ?? Congalton (sister of Patrick Congalton, younger of Congalton)
  a. Andrew Heriot of Trabroun (d 1530/1)
  m1. Janet Borthwick
  m2. Marion Cockburn
Not sure which wife (but probably Janet ??) was mother of ...
  (1) James Heriot (dvp)
  (A) James Heriot of Trabroun (d 04.10.1580)
  m1. Janet or Helen Cockburn (of Ormiston family)
  m2. Helen Swinton (d 1584, she m2. Edward Henryson)
  The Main Sources for this page mention only Janet Cockburn as James's wife. The article in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biographies on Thomas Craig, 1st of Riccartoun, identifies the mother of the undermentioned Helen, who was Thomas's 2nd wife, as Helen Swinton. We are not sure who was the mother of the other children but presume Janet was mother of at least the following James.
(i) James Heriot of Trabroun (d 04.06.1618)
  m. (mcrt 01.10.1560) Isabel Maitland (d 24.12.1621, dau of Sir Richard Maitland of Lethington)
  (a) Robert Heriot of Trabroun (d 1620)
  m. Elizabeth Dundas (dau of John Dundas of Newliston)
  ((1)) Anna Heriot
  m. (1625) James Brown of Coalston (d 1668-9)
  ((2)) Barbara Heriot
  (b) Richard Heriot
  (c) Elizabeth Heriot
  m. (mcrt 01.08.1595) James Sandilands of Calder, 2nd Lord Torphichen (b c1574, d 08.1617)
(ii) George Heriot of Collelaw
  m. Katherine Loutheane
  (a)+ issue - George, Elspeth
  (iii) Margaret Heriot
  m. Thomas Fawsyde of Fawsyde
  (iv) Elizabeth Heriot
  m. (mcrt 23.06.1558) Thomas Hamilton of Priestfield
(v) Alison Heriot
  m1. (1571) William Pringle of Torwoodlee (d 1581)
  m2. John (probably not David) Renton of Baillie (Billie)
  (vi) Agnes Heriot
  m. Alexander Dalmahoy of that ilk
  (vii) Janet Heriot
  m. John Borthwick of Ballincrieff
  (viii) Helen Heriot --
  m1. Thomas Craig of Riccarton (d 26.02.1608) --
  m2. Sir John Arnot of Berswick, Provost of Edinburgh
  (ix) Helen Heriot (2nd)
  m. George Home in Gullane
(x)+ other issue - Andrew, Peter (d 1582/7), Alexander
  (B) Janet Heriot
  m. John Acheson
  (2) Agnes Heriot
  m. Thomas Buchanan of Moss
  Probably, but not definitely, cousin or younger brother of the above James was ...
  ii. Walter Heriot of Lathonis and Ballingall (d c1481)
  a. Walter Heriot of Burnturk, Lathonis and Ramornie (d 1515)
  m. Margaret Dischington (dau of Sir John Dischington of Ardross)
(1) Walter Heriot of Burnturk, Lathonis and Ramornie (d 1528)
  m. Grizzel Leslie (dau of William Leslie, 3rd Earl of Rothes)
  (A) Walter Heriot of Burnturk, Lathonis and Ramornie (b c1521, d 06.04.1589)
  m. Elizabeth Scott (d 01.10.1599)
  (i) Walter Heriot, 4th of Ramornie (d 1615)
m. (1577) Agnes Aytoun (d by 01.1607, dau of Robert Ayton of Inchdornie)
  (a) Walter Heriot, 5th of Ramornie (d c1637)
  m. Christina Sandilands (sister of William Sandilands of St. Monance)
  ((1)) Walter Heriot (dvpsp 1634/9)
  m. Jean Law (dau of James Law, Archbishop of Glasgow)
  ((2)) George Heriot of Ramornie (d 1677)
  m(1). (1642) Jean Bruce (dau of James Bruce of Newbirnie)
  ((A)) Jean Heriot of Ramornie (bpt 08.03.1648, d 01.1687) --
m. (17.12.1667) John Craig (d 05.1681) --
  Their elder son inherited Ramornie and changed his name to Heriot.
  ((B))+ other daughters
  m2. (after 02.1666) Christian Balneaves (widow of Sir James Lindsay of that ilk) mentioned on 'Fife (P&H)' (vol 1, p220)
  ((3)) Agnes Heriot
  m. _ Johnstone
  ((4)) Margaret Heriot
  m. (c08.1634) Thomas Arnott of Chappel Kettle
  ((5)) Christina Heriot
  m. George Sibbald (of Rankeilor family)
  ((6)) Isobel Heriot
  m. James Inglis
  ((7))+ other issue - William (d 1651), Elizabeth (d 1651)
  (b) Patrick Heriot
  m. (1612) Agnes Young
(c) Isobel Heriot
  m. (1607) Andro Ferny in Rockleylis
  (d) Elizabeth Heriot
  m. William Inglis of Cockairnie
  partner unknown
  (e) Walter Heriot
  partner unknown
  (ii) Walter Heriot
  (B) Margaret Heriot
  m. Thomas Martin of Lathonis
  (2) Henry Heriot
  (3) Patrick Heriot ancestor of Heriots of Lalathen
  m. Elizabeth Doddington
  (A) Walter Heriot
  (4) Jonet Heriot
  m. (1520) John Leuthrisk of Orky
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (a 1492), Archibald (a 1504)

Main source(s):
(1) 'Collections and Notes Historical and Genealogical regarding the Heriots of Trabroun, Scotland' compiled by G.W. Ballingall, printed privately in 1878
(2) 'The Heriots of Ramornie (from XVth to XVIIIth centuries)' by R.C. Reid of Mouswald with a section entitled "Notes and Reminiscences from 1800 on" by Sir William Maitland-Heriot; printed for private circulation in 1931 by the Courier Press, Dumfries
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