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Families covered: Holland of Berw, Holland of Pennant

Griffith identifies the following Sir Thomas as "ap John Holland, Earl of Huntingdon and Duke of Exeter, ap Sir Edward Holland ap Sir Robert Holland ap Sir Robert Holland and Earl of Valentia". This looks wrong. The John Holland who was Earl of Huntingdon & Duke of Exeter lived 1350-1400 whereas this Sir Thomas presumably lived in the 13th century. Also, the reference to the Earl of Valentia is not easily understood or verifiable, given that TCP indicates that there was no such Earl in these times.
Sir Thomas Holland
m. Joyce Croft (dau of Sir Jasper Croft)
1. Thomas Holland
  m. Jane de Valence (dau of Sir Fulke de Valence, brother of William, Earl of Pembroke)
  It is noted that William de Valence, the so-called 'Earl of Pembroke', lived c1230-1295. We have not yet seen any other reference to William having a brother Fulk (though that does not mean that there was not one).
A. Roger Holland
  m. Jane Troutbeck (dau of Sir Roger Troutbeck, son of Sir William)
  Somewhat arbitrarily, we stop italicising the names as from the next generation. The logic, inasmuch as it was applied, is that the following Roger is shown as having married a wife who has a Welsh name and we take that as an indication that it is known that he lived in Wales. We suspect (but have no 'evidence' to support our view) that the above represented a (spurious?) attempt to connect Roger to the family which had a high-profile in England for several generations.
  i. Roger, alias Hoeskin, Holland
  m. Margaret (dau of Dafydd Chwith ap Dafydd)
  a. Robin Holland (a temp Henry IV who r. 1399-1413)
  m. Annes or Agnes (dau of Meredydd ap Rhys ap Richard ap Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd ap Cynan)
  (1) Howel Holland of Pennant, Eglwysfach
  m. Arddyn (dau of John Vychan ap John ap Gruffydd ap John ap Howel ap Madog, of Lleyn)
  (A) John Holland of Berw, Sheriff of Anglesey (a 1461) - continued below
  m. Ellinor (dau/coheir of Ithel ap Howel ap Llwelyn, of Berw)
  (2) Dafydd Holland shown here on Griffith (p259)
  m. Dyddgu (dau of Jenkin ap Dafydd Crach)
  b. Angharad
  m. Ieuan of Melai & Vronhaulog



John Holland of Berw, Sheriff of Anglesey (a 1461) - continued above
m. Ellinor (dau/coheir of Ithel ap Howel ap Llwelyn, of Berw)
1. Owen Holland of Berw, Sheriff of Anglesey (d 1529)
  m. Awdrey/Etheldrede (relict of Richard Hampden of Kimble, m3. Griffith Richards)
  A. Edward Holland 'of Berw' (a 1575)
  m. Elin (dau of Rowland Griffith of Plas Newydd, m2. William Hampton of Henllys)
i. Owen Holland of Berw, Sheriff of Anglesey (d 01.02.1600)
  m. (1578) Elizabeth Bulkeley (dau of Sir Richard Bulkeley)
  a. Rowland Holland of Berw (dsp, a 1625)
  b. Sir Thomas Holland of Berw, Sheriff of Anglesey (dsp by 1643)
  c. Owen Holland (4th son)
  m. Mary (dau of Michael Evans of Plas Llandyfrydog)
  (1) Owen Holland of Berw
  m. Jane (dau of Pierce Lloyd of Lligwy)
  (A) Thomas Holland 'of Berw' (bur 12.03.1704)
  m1. (sp) Dorothy Kyffin (dau of Watkin Kyffin of Glascoed)
  m2. Catherine (dau of Pierce Lloyd of Lligwy)
(i)+ issue - Thomas (d young), Lumley (bur 10.08.1678), Ann (bur 01.1682)
  (B) Hugh Holland (dsp)
  (C) John Holland of Carnarvon & Berw
  m. Elizabeth Levitt
  (i) John Holland
  (ii) Thomas Holland (d 12.10.1746, rector of Llangeinwen)
  m1. Elizabeth Hollings (bur 28.02.1708, dau of Robert Hollings of London)
(a) John Holland (dvpsp 12.05.1737)
  m. (1728) Jane Whyte (dau of Henry Whyte of Friars)
  (b)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas (d 1728), Robert (bpt 20.02.1708)
  m2. (16.12.1716, sp) Mary Davies (d 24.06.1740, dau of Mytton Davies of Llanerch)
  (iii) Jane Holland
  m. Ellis Anwyl of Brynodol (b c1667, d 08.10.1724, rector of Llaniestyn)
  (D) Jane Holland
  m. Thomas Madryn of Madryn
  (2) Margaret Holland
  m. Justinian James
  (A) Robert James (curate of Llangristiolus)
  (3) Jane Holland
  m. William Hughes of Cymunod
(4) Mary Holland
  m. William Morris of Treborth
  (5) Gwen Holland
  m. Owen ap Richard, of Llanfair yn Neubwil
  (6)+ other issue - Edward of Maes y wrach (bur 1659), Sackvel
  d. Tristram Holland (youngest son)
  (1) Elizabeth Holland
  m. Hugh Williams
  (A)+ issue - Hugh Hughes, William Hughes (a 1710, curate of Llangristiolus)
e. Ann Holland
  m. (1592) Cadwaladr Wynn of Voelas
  f. Catherine Holland
  m. Robert Wynn of Holyhead
  g. Ellen Holland
  m. (1595) Hugh Gwyn of Cromlech
  h. Gwen Holland
  m. Thomas Lloyd of Marian Hellin
i. Margaret Holland
  m1. William Pugh Gwyn of Llanwnda
  m2. Owen Meredydd (d 23.11.1612)
  m3. Richard Williams of Llysdulas
  j.+ other issue - John, Edward, Robert, Richard
  ii. Elinor Holland
  m. Hugh Holland of Pennant @@ just below
2. Morgan Holland (Serjeant Porter to King Henry VII who r. 1485-1509)
  m. Elizabeth Conway (dau of Hugh Conway Hen of Bryneuryn)
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Pennant, p24).
A. Hugh Holland of Pennant in Eglwysfach
  m. Alice (dau of Robert ap John ap Meyrick, of Bodsilin)
  i. Jeffrey Holland of Pennant, Sheriff of Denbighshire (a 1563)
  m. Jane (dau of Jane Owen of Trebwll & Trallwyn)
a. Hugh Holland of Pennant
  m. Elinor Holland (dau of Edward Holland of Berw) @@ just above
  (1) Robert Holland of Pennant
  m. Mary (dau of Owen ap Hugh, of Bodeon)
  (A) William Holland of Pennant
  m. Jane (dau of Cadwaladr Wynne of Voelas)
  (i) Robert Holland of Pennant (a 1679)
  m. Elin (dau of Edward Wynne of Plas ucha)
  (a) Humphrey Holland of Pennant (b c1676)
  m. Dorothy (dau of John Davies of Llanrwst)
  ((1)) Robert Holland of Pennant had issue
  m. Mary Edwards (dau of Richard Edwards of Nanhoron)
  ((2))+ other issue - John, William
  (b) Hugh Holland
  (B)+ other issue - Jeffrey, Hugh
  b. John Holland
  (1) John Holland
  c. William Holland
  d. Owen Holland
  (1) Jeffrey Holland
3+ other issue - Ann, Margaret

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (Plas Berw, p110) with input as reported above
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