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Families covered: Hoseason of Aywick, Hoseason of Dalsetter, Robertson of Gossaburgh

Sjovald of Aywick, Shetland
1. Laurence Sjovaldson of Aywick
  m. Margaret Tollak (dau of Andrew Tollak of Skea)
  A. John Laurenson of Aywick (a 06.1612)
i. Francis Johnson of Aywick
  a. John Francisson of Aywick
  (1) Andrew Johnson of Aywick
  m. Elizabeth Scott (dau of David Scott of Reafirth)
  (A) Hosea Andrewson of Aywick
  m. Margaret Mowat
  (i) Arthur Hoseason of Aywick (a 1776)
  m. Bess Henderson (of the Midgarth family)
  (a) Hosea Hoseason of Aywick (bpt 31.10.1746, d 1824)
  m1. Janet Lamb (d 06.06.1807)
  ((1)) Hosea Hoseason of Aywick (d 1833) had issue
  m. Mary Anderson
  ((2)) Charles Hoseason (d young)
  ((3)) James Hoseason, later of Aywick (b 08.07.1805, d 1867) had issue
  m1. Anne Hoseason (dau of Robert Hoseason of Udhouse)
  m2. (12.087.1852) Elizabeth White (dau of Thomas White)
  ((4)) Janet Hoseason
  m. Charles Barthelsone of Midgarth
  m2. Johanna Sandison
  ((5)) George Hoseason (b 12.08.1810, to Australia) had issue
  ((6)) John Hoseason (b 01.03.1812) had issue
  m. Mary Williamson
  ((7)) Bathsheba Elizabeth Charlotte Hoseason (b 13.05.1817)
m. William Ballantyne (minister in Langholm)
  ((8)) Robert Hoseason (b 08.07.1819, to Nova Scotia) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Helen Bent
  (b) John Hoseason
  m. Jane Cogill (dau of William Cogill of Udhouse (apparently by Isabella Dickson))
  ((1)) Robert Hoseason of Udhouse & Mossbank (d 1835) had issue
  m. (20.08.1809) Mary Cheyne (dau of James Cheyne of Tangwick)
  ((2)) Andrew Hoseason (d 014.1847, RN) had issue
  m. (10.07.1819) Christian Gifford (dau of Andrew Gifford of Ollaberry)
  ((3))+ other issue - John in Jamaica, Arthur (bpt 31.08.1809), Hosea, William
(c) William Hoseason
  m. Charlotte Neven
  (d) Margaret Hoseason
  m. Robert Mood of Aywick
  (e)+ other issue - Charles, Janet (bpt 16.09.1745), Betsy
  (ii) Charles Hoseason of Dalsetter (bpt 27.02.1722)
  m. Margaret Henderson (of family of Gloup)
  (a) William Hoseason of Dalsetter (bpt 12.03.1760)
  m1. Elizabeth Henderson
  m2. Osla Smith
  m3. (12.11.1810) Grizel Spence (dau of James Spence of Uye)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
((1)) James David Hoseason had issue
  ((2)) Margaret Hoseason probably of this generation
  m. Gilbert William Irvine of Melby Cottage
  ((3))+ other issue
  (b) Margaret Hoseason
  m. John Miller (Captain)
  (c)+ other issue - John (bpt 29.04.1763), Magnus of Gutcher (schoolmaster), Jean (bpt 13.03.1760)
  (iii) John Hoseason of Mursetter
  m. Ursilla Bruce (dau of Major William Bruce, son of William, 2nd of Urie)
  (a) William Hoseason (a 1808)
(b) Thomas Hoseason (purser RN) had issue
  (c) Henry Hosea Hoseason
  m. Mary Josephine Howard
  (d) William Hoseason (2nd)
  m. ?? (widow of Commodore Coddrington)
  (iv) Katherine Hoseason
m1. Andrew Gray of Cliff
  m2. Christopher Stickle
  (v) Mary Hoseason
  m. James Anderson
  (vi)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 20.02.1730), Elizabeth
  (B) Mary Andrewdaughter
(2) Robert Johnson aka Robert Robertson of Gossaburgh (d 1701)
  Grant confirms that it was this Robert, son of John Francisson and brother of Andrew Johnson, who took the family name Robertson.
  m. Elizabeth Sinclair (dau/heir of John Sinclair of Gossaburgh)
(A) John Robertson of Gossaburgh (d 1757)
  m. (01.09.1738) Jane Tyrie (dau of Henry Tyrie of Queyon)
  (i) Robert Robertson of Gossaburgh (b 07.04.1739, d 199.12.1804, 2nd son)
  m. (19.05.1776) Grace (Grizel) Scott (dau of James Scott of Scalloway)
  (a) Grace Robertson
  (ii) Magnus Robertson of Gutcher & Gravaland (b 13.03.1741, d 1792)
  m. (1784) Bruce Scott (dau of Charles Scott of Voesgarth)
  (a) Basil Robertson of Gossaburgh (b 1790, d 11.07.1815, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (1810) Jane Ross (dau of James Ross of Quarff)
  (b)+ other issue - John (d young), Charles, Katherine
  (iii) Christian Robertson
m. John Duncan (d 01.03.1736, minister of Bressay)
  (iv) Katherine Robertson
  m. John Henderson of Gloup
  (v) Barbara Robertson (b 24.02.1753)
  m. (09.01.1780) James Ross of Quarff
  (vi) Jane Robertson
  m. Robert Manson
  (vii)+ other issue - George (bpt 07.01.1736), Arthur, James (b 24.02.1753)
  (B) Grizel Robertson
  m. William Dick of Wormadale
  (C) Elizabeth Robertson
  m. Charles Sinclair of Brew
  (D)+ other issue - Robert, James, Jean
  ii.+ other issue - Andrew, Hosea

Main source(s): 'The County Families of the Zetland Islands' by Francis Grant, 1893 ('Hoseason of Aywick' (p140+) & 'Robertson of Gossaburgh' (p217+))
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