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Families covered: Hansby of Beverley, Hansby of Tickhill, Hoddesdon of Leighton Buzzard, Humble of Gooseys (Goosehayes or Gooshays), Humble of London

Richard Hans, alias Hansby of New Malton, Yorkshire
m. Beatrix Hatcliff (dau of William Hatcliff of Cumberland)
1. Ralph Hansby of Beverley 'and Tickhill' (d 03.1618)
  Visitation identifies Ralph only as "of St. Giles, Beverley, co. York". The month of his death is in italics, showing that it was added by the editor (Foster). BLG1886 (Yorke of Bewerley) (sic, not of Beverley) identifies him as "Ralph Hansby, Esq. of Beverley and Tickhill".
  m. Isabella Daniell (dau of William Daniell of Beswick)
  A. Julyan Hansby
  m. Sir John Yorke of Goulthwayte (dsp 1630, son/heir of Peter)
  B. Katherine Hansby
  m. Sir George Wandesford (b 20.05.1573, d 04.09.1612)
C. Elizabeth Hansby
  m. Michael Warton of Beverley Park
  D. Isabell Hansby
  m. Sir William Hildyard
2. John Hansby 'of Easthorpe'
  m. Awdrey Lovell (dau of Thomas Lovell of Skelton)
  A. Sir Ralph Hansby of Tickhill Castle (b c1589, bur 02.12.1643)
  Visitation ends with this generation in 1612. It is a presumption that this was the Sir Ralph who (according to various web sites) leased Tickhill Castle in 1611. Visitation includes a note which identifies a wife of Ralph Hansby, Esq (presumably this Ralph) as the following Jane who is identified in the Vavasour records as wife of Raphe Hansby of Tickhill.
  m1. Jane Vavasour (b c1594, d 22.07.1617, dau of William Vavasour, granddau of Thomas Manners)
  Identified on various web sites as widow of the Sir Ralph who d 1643 was ...
  m2. Elizabeth Bulkely (dau of Sir Richard Bulkely of Beaumaris, widow of George Shillito of Houghton)
Probably of this generation, but if so by which marriage is unknown, were ...
  i. ?? Hansby
  Noting that there was a Ralph Hanseby of Tick Hill Castle in the 18th century, it appears that this family continued.
  ii. Frances Hansley
  m. Richard Gerard of Ince (b 10.1612, d 05.09.1686)
  B. Thomas Hansby
  C. Beatrix Hansby
  m. Herbert Davy of York
3. Edward Hansby
  m. Margaret Snawsell (dau of Brian Snawsell, m2. William Carnaby of Skipton)
4. Robert Hansby
5. Isabell Hansby
  m. Anthony Hungate of Catton
6. Agnes Hansby
  m. Richard Langley of Owsethorpe
7. Elinor Hansby
  m. Robert Pierson of Hull



"descended from Hodsdon in com. Hertfford." was ...
Thomas Hoddesdon
1. Simon Hoddesdon of Hoddesdon & Edgworth
  m. Jane Etheridge (dau of John Etheridge of Edgworth)
  A. Sir Christopher Hoddesdon of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire (d 1610)
  m1. Alice Carlisle (dau of Alexander Carlisle of London)
  i. Ursula Hoddesdon
  m. Sir John Lee of Stoneleigh
  m2. Elizabeth Blount (dau of William Blount of Osbaldeston, widow of _ Saunders)
  B. Nicholas Hoddesdon
  m. Elizabeth Mayne (dau of Robert Mayne of Bovington)
  i. John Hoddesdon
  m. Jane Haywood
  a.+ issue - Bridget, Elizabeth, Jane
  ii. Henry Hoddesdon (parson of Islington)
  m. Anne Sybthorpe (dau of Robert Sybrthorpe, widow of Richard Martin then John Nicholas)
  iii. Thomas Hoddesdon
  m. _ Markes of Surrey
  a.+ issue - John, Thomas, Christopher, Edward
  iv. Christopher Hoddesdon
  v. Edward Hoddesdon of London (draper)
  m. Anne (widow of _ Richardson)
  C. Constance Hoddesdon
  m. Michael Mosley
  D. Anne Hoddesdon
  m. Richard Webb
  E. Grace Hoddesdon
  m. _ Weedon of Buckinghamshire



William Humble of Humbleton, Yorkshire
1. William Humble of London ("of the fraternity of the Holy Ghost")
  A. Thomas Humble of London (stationer)
  m. Agnes Johnson
  i. George Humble of London (stationer)
  m. Agnes Moody (dau of John Moody)
a. Sir William Humble 'of Thorpe Underwood', 1st Bart of London (b 1612, d 26.12.1686)
  m. Eliza(beth) Allanson (dau of John Allanson)
  (1) George Humble (dvp)
  m. Mary Nulls (dau of Sir John Nulls of London)
  (A) Sir William Humble, 2nd Bart of London (b 1666-7, d unm 02.1687)
  (B) Sir George Humble, 3rd Bart of London (d 03.1702-3)
  (C) Sir John Humble, 4th Bart of London (d 07.02.1723)
  m. Sarah Lant (dau/coheir of Andrew Lant of Thorpe Underwood)
  (i) Sir William Humble, 5th Bart of London (d 11.1742)
  m. (1732) Elizabeth Vane (dau of Gilbert Vane, 2rd Lord Barnard)
  (a) Sir John Humble, 6th Bart of London (b 1738-9, d young 06.02.1745)
  (ii) Mary Humble
  (D) Thomas Humble
  (E) Mary Humble
  m. Christopher Tilson
(F) Anne Humble
  m. Samuel King
  (2) Sir Wiliam Humble, Bart of Kensington (dsp 12.08.1705)
  m1. Frances Hasilrigge (dau of Sir Anthony Hasilrigge, Bart)
  m2. Mary Fisher of Isleworth
  (3) Anne Humble (d 1694)
  m. Basil Moor of Gubbins
  (4) Elizabeth Humble
  m. _ Bradly (prebendary of York)
  (5) Diana Humble
  m. _ Atkins (son of John of Yorkshire)
  b. Honor Humble (d 1656) apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Vyner, Lord Mayor of London, 1st Bart (d 11.05.1665)
  c.+ "a numerous family"



Peter Humbell of Surrey
1. Richard Humble of Southwark & Gooseys (Essex) (bur 30.04.1616) the first mentioned by MGH
  m1. Margaret Pierson (dau/coheir of John Pierson of Nazing then Waltham Abbey) named Elizabeth Person by Visitation
  A. Peter Humble of Goosehayes (Gooseys or Gooshays) in Hornchurch, Essex
  m. Elizabeth Webster (dau of John Webster of Rumford, m2. Thomas Legge (Legat) of Hornechurch)
  i. Martha Humble (b c02.1619/20, d 06.06.1634)
  m. Reginald Bray (a 1634)
  ii+. other issue (d young) - Richard, 5 others
  B. Elizabeth Humble (d 23.04.1616)
  m. William (not Richard) Ward of Chepesyde (Cheapside, London)
  C.+ other issue (dsp) - John (d young), Catherine, Weltham, Margaret
  m2. (sp) Isabel Kitchenhman (m2. _ Hall of Battersey)

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