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Families covered: Haughton of London, Hyslop of Lochend, Hyslop of Lotus, Houby of Houby (Howby of Howby), Helwell of Whissenden, Hastie of East Grintsead

John Haughton of London (d c11.1747)
m. Bridget Langston (sister of James Langston of London)
1. Henry Oswald Haughton of Middlesex (b c1727, d 28.11.1797)
2. James Haughton, later Langston of London & Middlesex (d 14.07.1795)
  m. Sarah (a 1798, widow of James Brett)
  A. John Langston of London
  B. Bridget Langston (d 1790)
  m. Rowland Farmer Okeover (b 1745, d 02/3.01.1793, m2. Judith Robinson)
  C.+ other issue



BLG1879 states at the beginning of its article on this family that "This family has now for six generations been settled at Lotus (formerly Lothend (sic sb Lochend?)). co. Kircudbright, whither it removed from another part of Scotland."
William Hyslop of Lochend (d 26.05.1803)
m. (08.10.1769) Jean Maxwell (d 16.07.1815, dau of John Maxwell of Munches & Terraughty)
1. William Hyslop of Lochend (d 19.10.1835)
  m. (1794) Margaret Geddes (d 25.03.1837, dau of Archibald Geddes of Hermitage Park)
  A. William Hyslop of Lotus, Dumfriesshire (d 08.1864, Lt. Colonel)
  B. Archibald Hyslop of Lotus (b 07.06.1799, d 1868) had issue
m. (09.03.1829) Sarah Jane Frith (dau/heir of Col. James Henry Frith)
  C. Maxwell Hyslop (Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. Mary Robertson of Auchlecks
  D. Agnes Marion Hyslop (d 23.05.1853)
  m. (17.08.1825) William Gordon of Culvennan (b 17.08.1800, d 27.01.1858)
  E. Charlotte Hyslop
  m. John Gow
  F. Mary Hyslop
  m. Denny Wright
  G.+ other issue - John, Jane, 2 other daughters (d infant)
2. John Hyslop of Lochend possibly fits here
  A. Sarah Hyslop
  m. (1819) Alexander Harley of Portrack, later Maxwell (d 1853)
3. Agnes Hyslop probably of this generation
  m. (02.09.1797) David Gordon



Anketell de Houby of Houby
1. Gilbert de Houby
  A. Anketell de Houby
  i. Sir Gilbert Howby (de Houby of Houby)
  Much of the following was first shown on a Temporary page on 09.05.13 using Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Villers'), Mundy's Middlesex Pedigrees (1914, 'Leeke of Wyerhall in Edmonton'). They start this line with Gilbert.
  m. Maud Kirkby (sister/coheir of Sir William Kirkby & John, Bishop of Ely)
  a. Sir Walter de Howby
  m. Alice (a 1336)
(1) Gilbert or Sir Anthony de Houby Nichols shows Gilbert (dvp) but Visitation & Mundy name him Sir Anthony
  (A) Anketet or Anthony de Houby (Howby) Nichols names him Anketel (a 1356), Visitation & Mundy name him Anthony
  (i) Alice Houby or Howby
  m. Sir Thomas Sutton of Sutton Chainel
  (a) Anthony Sutton alias Houby of Sutton & Houby (d 09.1422, page to Henry V who r. 1413-1422)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Sutton or Houby
  m1. John Bellers of Kirkby
  m2. Thomas Segrave
  (ii)+ other issue (dsp) - Anthony, John mentioned by Visitation & Mundy
  b. Sir Robert de Fretheby
  m. Agnes (heir)
  Nichols's tree indicates that Robert was Gilber's son but describes Agnes as "dau. and heir". We follow that but are left concerned in case Agnes was Gilbert's child.
  (1) John de Fretheby (dsp 1352)
  (2) Sir Edmund de Fretheby (a 1352)
  (A) John de Fretheby



Hugh de Helwell
1. Hugh de Helwell
  A. Robert de Helwell
  i. William de Helwell of Whissenden, Rutland (a 1325)
  a. Sir Robert de Helwell (a 1325)
  (1) Robert de Helwell (a 1364)
  m1. Elizabeth
m2. Joan (a 1345)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (A) John de Helwell
  (B) William de Helwell
  (i) Sir John Helwell of Whissenden (a 1382)
  m. Anne Woodville (dau/heir of Sir John de Woodvil (d Edgecitt), 4th son of Richard, Earl Rivers)
(a) John Helwell of Whissenden
  m. Anne Brow (dau of Sir Hugh Brow (by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Sir Christopher Folvile of Szxby), sister/heir of Robert)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Helwell
  m. Henry Hunber
  ((2)) Agnes Helwell
  m1. William Cumberford (prothonorary)
  ((A)) John Cumberford (dsp)
  m. Margaret
  m2. W. Newport
  ((3)) Margaret Helwell
  m. Thomas Sherard of Stapleford
  ((4))+ other issue (dsp) - William, John, Robert
  (2) John de Helwell (canon in York)



BLG1937 identifies the arms of the following family as "Or, on a ground in base, vert a lion, salient, of the last, royally crowned az.".
Alexander Hastie 'of Edinboro'
1. Hepburn Hastie (d 07.04.1805)
  m. (09.03.1773) Ann Grant (dau of Edward Grant of Berwick)
  A. Charles Nairn Hastie of The Place Land, East Grinstead, Sussex (b 22.02.1775, d 24.12.1860) had issue
  m. (28.05.1808) Frances Firminger (dau/heir of Nicholas Firminger of The Place Land)
  B.+ 3 daughters
2. James Hastie 'of London' (b 1736)
  The following comes from BLG1937 ('Hastie-Robertson of Gossaburgh').
  m. Catherine Aitchison
  A. Hepburn Hastie (d 19.12.1802, 4th son) had issue
  m1. Maria Oliver Minto
  m2. Grace Martin (d 1835)
  B. Mary Hastie probably of this generation
  m. (1803) James Hepburn Macfarlane (cousin)
  C.+ other issue
3. Jane Hastie
  m. (1766) Francis MacFarlane of Stirling (co. Meath)

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