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Families covered: Irving of Dumfries, Irving of Gribton, Irving of Logan

Francis Irving of Dumfries (b 1565, d 1633)
m. Agnes Raining (dau of Herbert Raining, Provost)
1. John Irving, Provost of Dumfries (d c1650)
  m. Janet Laurie (dau of Stephen Laurie of Maxwelton)
  A. John Irving of Friars Carse, Provost of Dumfries (d 1674)
  m. Elizabeth Crichton (dau of Sir Robert Crichton of Ryehill)
  i. John Irving (a 1688, dsp, Baillie)
  ii. Jenet Irving
  m. Alexander Maxwell of Cowheath
  iii. Margaret Irving
  m. (1665) John Maxwell of Barncleugh
  B. Francis Irving of Branthat (dsp)
  m. Isabel Stewart
  C. Stephen Irving of Hairhill (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth McKitterick
  D. Agnes Irving
  m1. (1637) John Maxwell of Barncleugh
  m2. Robert Maxwell of Carnsallach
  E. Mary Irving probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Irving of Gribton @1@ below
2. Herbert Irving of Logan
  m. (c1623) Anna Broune
  A. John Irving of Logan (dsp)
  B. James Irving
  C. Herbert Irving
  m. Isobel Carlyle
  i. daughter
3. Francis Irving
  m1. (c1624) Blanche Carlyle (dau/heir of Alexander Carlyle of Bridekirk)
  m2. Janet Raining
4. David Irving
5. Thomas Irving of Ladyland, Ayrshire (d 1674)
  m1. Elizabeth Craik (d 1654, dau of John Craik of Stewarton)
  A. John Irving of Logan, Provost (d c1730)
  m. Elizabeth Ferguson
  i. John Irving of Logan, Provost (b 1667)
  m1. ??
  a. Elizabeth Irving
  m. John Graham, Provost
  m2.Elizabeth Irving (dau of William Irving) @2@ below
  b. Ann Irving
  m. David Blair (Collector of Customs at Dumfries)
  c.+ other issue (d unm) - Agnes, Girizel, Marion
  ii. Marion Irving (d unm)
  iii. Janet Irving
  m. Alexander Maxwell of Park & Terraughtie
  B. Thomas Irving of Gribton, Dumfriesshire
  m1. Marion Walsh (dau of John Walsh of Gribton by Mary, dau of Capt. Edward Maxwell)
  m2. Mary Maxwell (dau of John Maxwell, cousin) @1@ above
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  i. William Irving of Gribton (a 1745)
  m. Katharine Menzies (dau of James Menzies of Enoch)
  a. James Irving of Gribton
  m. Elizabeth Welsh (dau/heiress of Joseph Welsh of Waterside)
  (1) William Irving of Gribton (b 1771, d 1853) had issue
  m. Jane Corrie (dau of David Corrie of Newlaw)
  (2) Catherine Irving
  m. Archibald McMurdo (Colonel)
  (3)+ other issue - Joseph (dsp), Nancy
  b. Charles Irving (d 1794 in Jamaica, physician)
  c. Thomas Irving (Inspector General of Imports & Exports)
  m. Marion Corbet (dau of _ Corbet, Provost of Dumfries)
  (1) William Irving (Inspector General of Imports & Exports) had issue
  m. Sarah Burlton of Herefordshire
  (2) Marion Irving
  m. _ Furness
  d. Joseph Irving (sailor)
  m. Margaret Milligan (dau of Peter Milligan of Dumfries)
  (1) Peter Irving (sailor)
  m. Helen Milligan
  (A) Edward Irving (d unm in Jamaica, physician)
  (2) James Irving of Bowness, Cumberland
  e. Mary Irving
  m. James Thomson of Paisley (tobacconist)
  f. Margaret Irving
  m1. Joseph Welsh of Waterside
  m2. Thomas Corbet (brother of the Provost)
  g. Betty Irving
  m. Alexander Ferguson of Halhill
  h. Winnifred Irving
  m1. Archibald Baird of Georgetown, South Carolina
  m2. John Wilson of Georgetown
  m3. _ Sweetman
  C. William Irving (b 1654, d 1718)
  m. Agnes Wells
  i. Elizabeth Irving
  m. John Irving of Logan @2@ above
  ii. Marion Irving
  m1. Edward Maxwell
  m2. _ Fraser of Laggan
  iii. Ann Irving (d unm)
  m2. Margaret Maxwell (dau of Alexander Maxwell of Cowheath)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Irving of Well Place)
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