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Families covered: Irving of Bonshaw, Irving of Ironshore, Irving of Kirkconnel, Irving of Robgill

We hope in due course to find the early generations of this family, hopefully connecting to the family of Irvine of Drum who may share a common ancestor, and to extend the main line of Bonsaw into the 19th century.
Christopher Irving of Bonshaw, Dumfriesshire (b 1450, d Flodden 09.09.1513)
1. William Irving of Bonshaw (b 1470, d 1520)
  A. Christopher Irving of Bonshaw (b 1490, d Solway Moss 1542)
  i. Edward Irving of Bonshaw (d Dryfe Sands 1593)
  m. Blanch Graham (dau of _ Graham of Esk)
  a. Christopher Irving of Bonshaw (b 1540, d 1582)
  m. (11.09.1566) Margaret Johnstone (dau of John Johnstone of that ilk)
BLG1886 reports that their elder son (William) dsp and that the line continued with Edward 'of Bonshaw' who married Margaret (widow of Sir Alexander Kirkpatrick) and had William & Herbert. BLG1886 then reports "at this period the succession is involved in some obscurity". BLG1952, which follows the cadet branch of the family descended from Francis (2nd son of this generation), reports that William, the elder son of this generation and ancestor of later lairds of Bonshaw, did not dsp but had "one son and several daughters" by his first wife (a daughter of the 5th Lord Carlyle, it not being clear who this may refer to) and other by his second. Pending further investigation, and in order not to 'lose the data', we presume provisionally that the Edward who continued line was son of ...
  (1) William Irving of Bonshaw (b 1568)
  m1. ?? (dau of 5th Lord Carlyle)
(A) Edward Irving of Bonshaw provisionally shown as of this generation
  m. Margaret (widow of Sir Alexander Kirkpatrick of Kirkmichael)
  (i) William Irving of Bonshaw
  () James Irving of Bonshaw
  (ii) Herbert Irving of Bonshaw (d before 1699) possibly father of ...
  (a) William Irving of Bonshaw (b 1663, d 1742) - continued below
  m. (1698) Emilia Rollo (d 1747, dau of Andrew Rollo, Lord Rollo)
  (B)+ "several daughters"
  m2. (1607) _ Kirkpatrick (dau of Sir R. Kirkpatrick)
  (C)+ other issue
  (2) Francis Irving of Dumfries (b 1565, d 1633)
  m. Agnes Raining (dau of Herbert Raining, Provost)
  (3) Edward Irving of Stapleton had issue
  m. Mabel Graham (dau of _ Graham of Esk)
  (4)+ other issue - James of Wysebie, Geoffrey of Brettis (d 1607)
  b. William Irving of Kirkconnel or Ecclefechan (d 1642, 3rd son)
  m. _ Bell (dau of Richard Bell)
  (1) William Irving of Kirkconnel (d 1680)
  m. Jean Armstrong (sister of Launcelot Armstrong of Artine)
  (A) William Irving of Kirkconnel (d 06.1706) had issue
  m1. (1654) Isobel Irving (d 1684)
  m2. Margaret Carruthers (dau of _ Carruthers of Holmains)
  (B) Herbert Irving of Woolcotts, later of Kirkconnel
  (C) Robert Irving (d young)
(D) Jean Irving
  m. _ Bell of Blackethouse
  (2) James Irving of Stanck (d 1667, 3rd son)
  m. (1639) Agnes Irving (dau of John Irving of Braes)
  (A) George Irving
  m1. (1668) Geilles (Irving?) (dau of Francis (Irving?) of Braes)
  m2. (1676) Margaret Irving (dau of John Irving of Stancktoun)
  (3)+ other issue - Richard of Clynthilll (dsp), Helen ('Fair Helen')
  c.+ other issue - Edward (Governor of Annan), George of Woodhouse, Geoffrey of Luce, Grace
  ii. Christopher 'Black Christie' Irving or Irvine of Robgill & Annan (d 1604)
  Noting that there is another Christopher just below who (apart from the nickname) is similarly described, it is not clear whether BLG1952 has duplicated the same person or had intentionally noted two Christophers to avoid confusion in the future.
  iii. Gilbert Irving (d 1601)
  B. Geoffray Irving in Woodhouse (a 1546)
  C. Cuthbert Irving of Robgill
  i. David Irving of Robgill
  a. Christopher Irving of Robgill & Annan (d 1604)



William Irving of Bonshaw (b 1663, d 1742) - continued below
m. (1698) Emilia Rollo (d 1747, dau of Andrew Rollo, Lord Rollo)
1. John Irving of Bonshaw (b 25.08.1699, d 1749)
  m. _ von Claprod
  A. William Irving of Bonshaw (d 1779)
  m. (13.11.1767) Janet Douglas (d 1806, dau of Sir John Douglas, Bart of Kelhead)
i. John Robert Irving of Bonshaw (d 1839)
  m. Jacobina Donaldson
  a. John Irving (dvpsp 1837, RN)
  b. Joan Marian Irving
  m. John Dickson of Annan
  c. Janet Margaret Irving (d 1847)
  m. John Winter of Edinburgh
  B. Henry Irving
  i. John Irving (Lt.Colonel)
  m. Judith Irving (dau of Col. Paulus Emilius Irving of Woodhouse) @@ below
  a. John Irving of Bonshaw (d 1870, vicar of Llantrissant) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Margaretta Davies
  C. Robert Irving (b c1746, d Guadalupe 05.10.1796, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth Carlyle (dau of James Currie Carlyle of Bridekirk)
  i. Sophia Irving
  m. William Beckwith (Colonel, brother of Sir George)
ii.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Margaret
  D. Paulus Emilius Irving
  E. Mary Emilia Irving
  m. Hon. Clement Rollo
  F. Jane Irving
  m. James Currie Carlyle of Bridekirk
2. Robert Irving (dsp, WS)
  m. ?? Veitch (sister of Lord Eliock)
3. James Irving of Ironshore in Jamaica (b 1713)
  m. Eliza Motte (dau of Jcob Motte of Charleston)
A. James Irving of Ironshore
  m. _ O'Connor (d 1813, dau of Philip O'Connor of Carrick Foyle, m2. Elie Francois Boucher de la Motte)
  i. James Irving of Ironshore, London & Pisa (b 1792, d 10.10.1855) had issue
  m.(1819) Judith Bowen Nasmyth (d 19.06.1873, dau of Thomas Nasmyth of Rhodes Hall)
  Their younger son inherited Bonshaw.
4. Paulus Emilius Irving 'of Woodhouse' (Colonel, Governor of Upnor Castle)
  A. Sir Paulus Emilius Irving, 1st Bart (a 1809, Lt. General)
  i. Sir ?? Irving, 2nd Bart
  ii. Sir Thomas St. Lawrence Irving, 3rd Bart (dspm)
  B. Judith Irving
  m. John Irving (Lt.Colonel) @@ above
5.+ other issue - Mary Emilia, Jane

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Irving of Bonshaw) with support/input for the upper section from BLG1952 (Irving of Well Place)
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