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Families covered: de la Vache (Vacche) of Buckinghamshire, Veitch of Eliock (Elliock)
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We understand that the Veitch family derived from the following family of de la Vache (or Vacche). We hope to find out more on this in due course.
Sir Richard de la Vache of Buckinghamshire (d c1366, KG, Constable of the Tower)
m. "Lady Amy"
1. Sir Philip de la Vache, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (d 1407-8, KG, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Clifford (d 05.03.1413-4, dau of Sir Lewis Clifford)
  A. Blanche de la Vache
  m. Richard Grey, 6th Lord of Wilton (d 13/20.08.1442)
  B. daughter
  m. (Edward) Restwold 'of the Vache'



BLG1894 identifies the family of Veitch of Eliock as a cadet of Veitch of Dawick in Peebleshire.
?? Veitch
1. William Veitch of Eliock, Dumfries-shire
A. James Veitch of Eliock (d 01.07.1793, Senator of the College of Justice as Lord Eliock (or Elliock))
  Some details on James come from 'An Historical Account of The Senators of The College of Justice" (George Brunton, 1836, p525).
  B. daughter probably of this generation
  m. Robert Irving (dsp, WS)
2. ?? Veitch
  A. Henry Veitch (minister of Swinton, Berwickshire) first cousin of Senator James
  m. Frances Swinton (dau/heir of Sir John Swinton of that ilk)
  i. John Veitch
a. Henry Veitch of Eliock (d 01.04.1838, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (28.06.1796) Zepherina Loughnam (dau of Thomas Loughnam of Madeira, great-granddau of Alexander Fergusson of Carigdarroch & Anne Laurie of Maxwelton)
  (1) James Veitch of Eliock (b 21.11.1799, d 1873) had issue (3 daughters)
  m. (28.09.1831) Hannah Charlotte Hay (dau of James Hay "of the family of Hopes")
  (2) William Douglas Veitch, later of Eliock (b 05.08.1801, d 04.09.1884, vicar in Paddington) had issue
m. (12.08.1828) Elinor Julia Anne Raitt (dau of Lt. Colonel _ Raitt)
  (3) Zepherina Veitch (d 30.09.1863)
  m. (07.1819) Robert Macqueen of Braxfield
  (4) Elizabeth Veitch
  m. (1825) William Hugh Hunter
  (5)+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 12.09.1802, d 12.03.1830), Thomas Loughnam (b 29.07.1804, d 06.02.1841), Philadelphia (d 27.02.1835)
  b. Hugh Veitch of Stewartfield, near Edinburgh
  Hugh is identified as brother of Henry of Eliock by BLG1894 ('Veitch, now Haig, of Ramornie') which provides the following but does not identify his wife who appears to have been ...
  m. Mary Robertson (dau of Alexander Robertson of Prenderguest, etc.) wife of Hugh, possibly mother of ...
  (1) Rachel Mackerras Veitch (coheir)
  m. (20.08.1839) John Haig of Cameron Bridge (b 1802, d 1879)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : MGH (NS1, vol 2 (1876), 'De la Vache, Restwold, and Cheyney', p134)
(2) For lower section : BLG1894 ('Veitch of Eliock')
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