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Families covered: Kemys of Bedminster, Kemys of Cucklington, Kemys of Oldbury Manor, Kemys of Wickwick

John Kemys of Syston Manor and Roggiet (a 1450)
m. (c12.1422) Margaret Russell (dau of Sir Maurice Russell of Kingston Russell)
1. William Kemys of Horsington and Lytton (b c1430)
  A. ?? Kemys
  i. Thomas Kemys (bur 26.09.1558)
  m. Agnes (bur 12.09.1558)
  a. John Kemys of Cucklington (bur 11.04.1561)
  m. Joan
  (1) John Kemys of Cucklington (bur 11.08.1598)
  m. Jane (a 1591)
  (A) Thomas Kemys (bpt 06.07.1575, d unm ?, priest)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas Kemys of Winterbourne Whitchurch (dsp before 06.07.1582), Robert, Anthony (bpt 04.02.1561), Dorothy (bpt 24.11.1558, d 08.12.1558), Joan (bpt 04.12.1558, d 06.12.1558)
  b. Henry Kemys
  (1) William Kemys of Pen (d 1596)
  (A) Bridget Kemys
  m. Francis Whittington of Backwell
  c. Robert Kemys of Cucklington (d 19.06.1587)
  m. Elizabeth Peter of Kingston Deverell (bur 11.04.1588)
  (1) Hugh Kemys of Cucklington (bpt 10.08.1562)
  m. (21.09.1585) Mary Marshall
  (A) Hugh Kemys (dsp)
  m. Mabel (d 15.11.1657)
  (2) Honor Kemys (bpt 08.10.1560)
  m. (03.02.1586) William Greene
  (3) Mary Kemys (a 1587)
  m. Thomas Hussee (a 1587)
  (4) Frances Kemys (a 1587)
m. George Kalwaye (a 1587)
  (5) Margery Kemys
  m. (1587) _ Ivye
  (6) Alice Kemys (bpt 06.06.1565)
  m. (07.7.1582) John Beaton
  (7)+ other issue - Thomas (a 08.1589), Nicholas (bpt 04.05.1566, bur 06.08.1574)
  ii. Robert Kemys (a 1551, prebendary)
2. Roger Kemys of Syston Manor, Oldbury Manor, Wickwick, etc. (d 03.01.1485, MP)
  m1. Alice Arthur (dau of William Arthur of Bedminster)
  A. John Kemys of Oldbury 'of Badminston' (dvp before 1482)
  m. Joan Blount (dau of Edward Blount of Magersfield)
  i. John Kemys of Oldbury Manor and Wickwick (d 08.04.1540)
  m. Jane Grene (a 1540, dau of Philip Grene of Bristol)
  a. Hugh Kemys of Oldbury (dsp 06.07.1557)
  b. John Kemys of Wickwick (d before 1557)
  (1) Thomas Kemys (dsp before 1557)
  B. Arthur Kemys (d 21.10.1512)
  m1. Joan Stradling (dau of Edmund Stradling of St. Donat's)
  i. Arthur Kemys of Bedminster (d 06.02.1541)
  m. Jane Reynward (dau of John Reynward)
  a. Thomas Kemys of Bedminster (b c1517, d 1545)
  m. (c1533) Joan Mauncell (dau of Marmaduke Mauncell)
(1) Roger Kemys of Bedminster and Wickwick (d 1610)
  m. Isabella (Anne) Hadley (dau of George Hadley
  (A) Arthur Kemys of Wickwick and Bedminster (b c1570, d c1642)
  m. Katherine Attwood (bur 17.05.1623, dau of William Attwood of Beach)
  (i) William Kemys of Wickwick and Swainswick (b 1595, d 1639)
  m. Joan Prynne (d 1640-1, dau of Thomas Prynne of Swainswick)
  (a) Arthur Kemys of Wickwick (bpt 12.09.1619, dsp 1644-5)
  (b) William Kemys of Wickwick (bpt 30.05.1637, d after 1645, 3rd son)
  (c) Catherine Kemys (bpt 04.01.1617)
  m. Francis Colman of Ipswich
  (d) Isabella Kemys (bpt 10.05.1621)
  m. George Collet of Frampton Cotterell
  (e) Anne Kemys of Wickwick (bpt 08.09.1633, bur 09.1692, 6th dau)
  m. Robert Browne (d 09.1679)
  ((1)) Mary Browne
  m. Clayton Milborne
  (f)+ other issue - Edward (bpt 11.04.1626, dvp bur 07.06.1627), Mary (bpt 05.08.1623, bur 16.02.1630), Joan (bpt 13.05.1628, bur 13.01.1630), Mary (bpt 1631, bur 30.05.1636), Sara (bpt 20.06.1635, a 13.04.1656)
  (ii) Roger Kemys of Bristol (bpt 06.02.1602, d before 18.06.1670)
  (a) Mary Kemys (a 1671)
  (iii) Isabella Kemys (bpt 06.08.1598)
  m. (13.04.1618) William Playyer of Mangotsfield (d by 1636)
  (iv)+ other issue - Arthur (bpt 03.12.1599), Thomas (bpt 09.10.1600), Walter (bpt 25.01.1606, bur 08.04.1607), Anne (a 1644, d unm), Sara (a 1644), Elizabeh (bur 29.12.1606)
  (B) Walter Kemys of Portbury (d by 03.1642)
  m. Sara Wade (d 1621, dau of William Wade of Stoke)
  (i) Elizabeth Kemys
  m. John Perche
  (ii) Frances Kemys
  m. _ Samson
(iii)+ other issue (d infant) - Roger, Francis
  (C) Thomas Kemys (b c1576, d before 01.1637)
  m. Jane Mansell (bur 25.01.1637, dau of Marmaduke Mansell)
  (i) daughter
  m. John Portlocke
  (ii) daughter
  m. John Weake
  (D) Margaret Kemys
  m1. (after 08.1584) Giles Kemeys of Westgate House and Maesglas Castle
  m2. Edward ap John James of Llanblethian
  (E) Mercy Kemys
  m. John Hill
  (F) Elizabeth Kemys
  (2) Elizabeth Kemys of St. Sepulchre's London
  m. (c01.1554) Christopher Nappe
  b. Laurence Kemys of Salisbury
  m. Johanna (d before 04.05.1585)
(1) Nathaniel Kemys (b c1566, dsp bur 30.01.1622, rector of Creek, 2nd son)
  m. (10.07.1621) Mary Bussy
  (2) Elizabeth Kemys
  m. _ Molyneux (d before 1582)
  (3) Marjorie Kemys (a 1622)
  m. Sir Thomas Curteis
  (4)+ other issue - Laurence (b c1564, d unm 12.1617), Christopher (a 1682), Joan, Margaret
  ii. Alice Kemys
  m. Giles Codyngton (a 1544)
  m2. Anne Pauncefoot (dau of Sir Thomas Pauncefoot of Brecon)
  iii.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Thomas, Francis
  m2. (before 1473) Agnes (widow of William Mauncell)
3. Thomas Kemys of Barton Regis, later of Warmley (d 1486)
  m. Margaret
  A. Thomas Kemys of Bristol (a 1522)
  B. John Kemys of Stapleton, Barton Regis, and Bristol (d c11.1507)
  m. Margaret Arthur (dau of John Arthur of Clopton by Portbury)
  C. Henry Kemys of Bristol (d before 07.02.1527)
  m1. Joan
  m2. Elyn (d by 1528, Mrs. Beynam)
  D. Margaret Kemys (a 1522)
  m. Thomas Hardyn of London

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Kemmis of Terwick Wood (formerly Kemeys of Kemeys and of Cefn Mably, and Kemmis of Bertholey, Shaen, and Ballinacor)')
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