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Families covered: Kemeys of Cowbridge, Kemeys of Garrege, Kemeys of Llanblethian, Kemeys of Maesglas Castle, Kemeys of Michaelston, Kemeys of Newport, Kemeys of Rogerstone, Kemeys of Rumney, Kemeys of Sutton

Jevan ap Jenkin Kemeys (a 1401, forester of Machen)
m. Jenet (dau of Jevan ap Lleison ap Jestyn ap Gwrgent, prince of Glamorgan)
It is likely that at least some of the following generations did not use Kemeys as a family name but instead followed the traditional Welsh custom of identifying sons by their father's name (for example, this Jevan's son Morgan would have been known as Morgan ap Jevan). We are showing Kemeys as their family to make it easier to distinguish between this family and other Welsh families and thereby make it easier to identify more connections between the families.
1. Morgan Kemeys (a 1450)
  A. Jenkin Kemeys
i. William Kemeys (a 1505)
  ii. James Kemeys of Michaelston-y-Vedw (a 1502)
  m. Isabella Morgan (dau of Sir John Morgan of Tredegar)
  a. James Kemeys of Michaelston-y-Vedw
  m. Maud Vaughan (dau of Henry Vaughan of Tretower)
  (1) John Kemeys
  m. Gwenlian Kemeys (dau of David Kemeys of Llandhymney) @@ below
b. daughter
  m. Llewelyn ap Howel ap Evan
2. William Kemeys of Rogerstone and Sutton, Mayor of Newport (d 1458, Constable of Newport Castle)
  A. John Kemeys of Rogerstone and Sutton (a 1490, dsp)
  B. William Kemeys of Newport (a 1463)
  m. Elizabeth (Isabel) de la Mare (dau of Sir William de la Mare)
  i. William Kemeys of Westgate House, Newport, later of Rogerstone and Sutton (a 1500)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Morgan ap Jenkin ap Philip of Langston)
  a. Roger Kemeys of Rogerstone and Sutton (dsp before 1507)
  m. Fortune Norton (dau of Thomas Norton of Bristol)
b. Henry Kemeys of Westgate House, Maesglas Castle, Rogerstone and Sutton (d before 1529)
  m. Maud (dau of Lewis ap Richard Gwyn of the Van)
  (1) John Harrie Kemeys of Westgate House, Maesglas Castle, Rogerstone and Sutton, Sheriff of Monmouthshire (bur 11.11.1571)
  m. Nest (Isabella) Morgan (dau of Sir William Morgan of Groes and Tredegar)
  (A) Giles Kemeys of Westgate House, Maesglas Castle, Rogerstone and Sutton
  m1. (by 1565) Cicely Carne (dau of John Carne of Nash, Sheriff of Glamorgan)
  m2. (after 08.1584) Margaret Kemeys (dau of Roger Kemeys of Bedminster)
  (i) Roger Kemeys of Westgate House, Maesglas Castle, Rogerstone and Sutton
  m. _ Morgan (dau of Henry Morgan of Penllwyn)
  (a) Margaret Kemeys of Maesglas Castle
  m. Thomas Doughty
(b)+ other daughters (d young)
  (ii) Florence Kemeys (a 1617)
  m. Edward Strange of Monescourte
  (iii)+ other issue - Lettis (a 1610), Amy (a 1637), Isabel (bpt 23.08.1591)
  (B) Morgan Kemeys
  m. Elizabeth Parker (dau of James Parker)
  (i) William Kemeys
  (C) George Kemeys of Rogerstone Manor
  m. Eleanor Carne (dau of John Carne of Nash)
  (i) daughter
  m. James Reynolds of Llanllowel
  (D)+ other issue - John (a 1585), Mary (a 1568), Lettice (a 1568)
  (2) Katherine Kemeys
  m. Jenkin Franklin of Parc-le-Broase
  (3) Maud Kemeys
  m. Roger Greante or Button of Duffryn Golwch
  c. Morgan Kemeys of Garrege (a 1525)
  m. _ Douglas (from Scotland)
  (1) Morgan Kemeys of Garrege (dsp)
  (2) Roger Kemeys of Garrege
  m. Mary (dau of William Morgan John)
  (A) Miles Kemeys of Garrege (dsp)
  (B) Elizabeth Kemeys
  m. Thomas Prosser of Llansore
  (C) Cicely Kemeys
  m. Thomas Durban of St. Brides
  (3) Thomas Kemeys of Garnshull and Garrege
  m. Jenet Morgan (dau of William Morgan of Gwern-y-Cleppa)
  (A) Edmund Kemeys of Garnshull, etc
  m. Katherine Williams (dau of Thomas Williams of Penrhos)
  (i) Mary Kemeys
  m. john Thomas of Garnshull (a 1583)
  (ii) Cecil Kemeys
  m. John Williams of Glamorganshire
  (B) Miles Kemeys of Rumney (a 1594)
  (4) John Kemeys of Cowbridge (a 1547)
  m. Friswith Turberville (dau of John Turberville of Llanblethian)
  (A) George Kemeys of Llanblethian Manor House (d by 1605)
  m. Elizabeth Morgan (dau of Richard Morgan)
  (i) John Kemeys of Llanblethian Manor House (d before 1648)
  m. Friswith Gronoe (dau of William Gronoe of Cowbridge)
  (a) George Kemeys of Llanblethian Manor House (d before 1661)
  m. Maud Evans (dau of David Evans of the Great House, Neath)
  ((1)) George Kemeys of Llanblethian Manor House
  (b) Thomas Kemeys, later of Llanblethian Manor House (b 1592, d 05.09.1678)
  ((1)) Thomas Kemeys of Llanblethian Manor House (dsp 06.03.1685)
  ((2)) Richard Kemeys of Llanblethian (bur 29.09.1689)
  m. Mary Jenkins
  ((A)) Thomas Kemeys of Cowbridge (b 21.12.1684, d c08.1722)
  m. Anne (bur 01.02.1744)
  ((i)) Edmund Kemeys of Cowbridge (a 1724)
  m. Mary
  ((a)) Mary Kemeys (bpt 20.07.1733)
  ((ii))+ other issue - John (b c1710), Richard, Thomas, Edwadr (bpt 01.07.1719, bur 27.08.1723), Philippia (bpt 16.03.1720)
  ((B)) Philippia Kemeys (b 29.01.1687, bur 20.02.1687)
  ((C)) daughter
  m. Evan Jenkins
  ((3)) George Kemeys (d c1672)
  m. Maud
  ((A)) George Kemeys (d before 07.10.1707)
  ((i)) Margaret Kemeys
  m. _ Richards
  ((4)) Goorond Kemeys
  ((A)) Friswith Kemeys (b 04.01.1661, bur 24.01.1678)
  ((5)) John Kemeys of Llancarvon (d before 06.04.1682)
  m. Mary
  ((A))+ issue - Edward (b 25.09.1663, d 26.09.1668), Elizabeth (b 26.05.1661)
  ((6)) Elizabeth Kemeys of Llanblethian Manor House
  ((7)) Katherine Kemeys (a 1682)
  m. Richard Basset of Llanblethian (a 1682)
  ((8)) Friswith Kemeys
  m. David Tomas
((9)) Cicely Kemeys of Llanblethian Manor House
  m. (04.02.1684) Edward Thomas of Llanblethian
  (ii)+ other issue (a 1612) - Friswith, Gwenllian
  (B) John Kemeys of Llanblethian, later of Whitchurch
  m. Bridget Tackle (dau of William Tackle)
  (i) Bridget Kemeys (a 1597)
  m. David Grant (a 1597)
  (ii) Anne Kemeys
  m. Jevan ap Richard
  d. Cicely Kemeys
  m. Howel Carne of Nash
  e. Elizabeth Kemeys
  m1. Morris Mathew
  m2. Thomas Lucas of Saxham Parva (d 07.07.1531)
C. Thomas Kemeys of Newport and Wentloog (d befoer 02.05.1494)
  i. Isabella Kemeys
  m. Morgan Mathew of St.-y-nill
  D. Roger Kemeys of St. Wooloe's, etc
  i. Agnes Kemeys
  m. William ap Lewis of "ye Prisk"
  E. Morgan Kemeys, later of London
  F. Katherine Kemeys
  m. John Mathew (son of Sir David of Llandaff Court)
3. David Kemeys in Roath (a 1433)
  A. David Kemeys in Roath
  m. Cecil (dau of Llewelyn ap Evan ap Llewelyn ap Cynrig of Cefn Mably)
4. Howell Kemeys (a 1470, Constable of Cardiff Castle)
  m. ?? (dau of Thomas ap Llewelyn ap Llewelyn ap Howell, niece of Sir David Gam)
  A. Morgan Kemeys (d 1533)
  m. Anne (dau of John Gwyn ap Gwillin David)
  i. Morgan Kemeys (a 1543)
  a. William Kemeys of Rumney and Penmark
  m. Margaret (a 1543)
  (1) Thomas Kemeys of Rumney and Eboth, etc
  m. Bridget Herbert (dau of George Herbert of Caldicot)
  b. Thomas Kemeys of St. Mellon's (d c1572)
  c. Maud Kemeys
  m. John Sargeant
d. Anne Kemeys
  m. John Jenkins of Llancayo
  ii. David Kemeys of Rumney (a 1535)
  m. Ellen (dau of John-hir ap Morgan of Pencarn)
  a. William Kemeys of St. Mellon's and Dinas Powis (a 1578)
  m. Margaret Cogan (dau of John Cogan of Dinas OPowis)
  (1) Catherine Kemeys
  m1. (1567) Henry ap Rowland Morgan of Machen
  m2. Edward Kemeys of Cefn Mably and Llanvair, Sheriff (dsp 1609/10)
  b. David Kemeys of Llanrhymney, etc
  m. Eleanor Raglan (dau of Robert Raglan)
  (1) Rowland Kemeys (bur 20.10.1590, vicar of Caerwent abd St. Peter's)
  m. Elizabeth
(2) Margaret Kemeys
  m. Edward Kemeys of Cefn Mably and Llanvair, Sheriff (dsp 1609/10)
  (3) Kyne Kemeys
  m. (by 05.1574) Trehearne Morgan of St. Mellon's
  c. Sissell Kemeys
  m1. John Mynors
  m2. Arthur Lewis
  d. Gwenllian Kemeys
  m. John Kemeys @@ above
  B. Philip Llwyd Kemeys (a 1487)
  C. John Llwyd Kemeys (a 1504)
  i. Felice Kemeys
  m. Sir Edward Stradling of St. Donats (a 12.1514)
  D. Christian Kemeys
  m. Thomas Cadwgan of Trostrey (d 06/7.1511)
  E. Jane Kemeys (d by 1538)
  m. _ Parvent

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Kemmis of Terwick Wood (formerly Kemeys of Kemeys and of Cefn Mably, and Kemmis of Bertholey, Shaen, and Ballinacor))
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