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Families covered: Lecky of Agivey, Lecky of Ballyholland House, Lecky of Castle Lecky, Lecky of Derry, Lecky of Lecky

BIFR1976 reports that "The family claims descent from the Earls of Lennox (the old creation)". The connection speculates as to how that arose.
Malcolm de Leky, lord of Leky in Stirlingshire (d 1376)
1. Sir Walter Lecky (d 1444)
A. Malcolm Lecky of that ilk (d 1485)
  m. ?? Fleming (dau of Robert, 1st Lord Fleming)
  i. James Lecky or Lekky of that ilk (d 1513)
  a. Richard Lecky or Lekky of that ilk (d 1542)
(1) John Lecky or Lekky of that ilk (d Pinkiecleuch 10.09.1547)
  m. ?? Seton (dau of Sir Ninian Seton of Touch & Tulliboddy)
(A) Walter Lecky of that ilk (d 1605)
  m. Agnes Cunninghame (dau of Sir William Cunninghame of Glengarnoch)
  (i) Alexander Lecky or Leckie of that ilk (dvp 1601)
  m. Euphemia Maxwell (dau of George Maxwell of Newark)
  (a) Alexander Lecky or Leckie of that ilk (d 1643, to Ulster)
  m. Grizel Murray (dau of Sir John Murray of Polmais)
  ((1)) John Lecky of that ilk, last of Leckie (d 1670)
  m. Jean Buchanan (dau of Sir George Buchanan of that ilk)
  ((A))+ issue - John (bpt 27.11.1666), Mary (bpt 12.07.1663)
  ((2)) Alexander Lecky, Sheriff then Mayor of Derry (bpt 22.02.1631, d 1717) - continued below
  m1. Alicia (possibly dau of William Hogg of Derry)
  m2. Helinor



Alexander Lecky, Sheriff then Mayor of Derry (bpt 22.02.1631, d 1717) - continued above
m1. Alicia (possibly dau of William Hogg of Derry)
1. Thomas Lecky, Sheriff then Mayor of Derry (bpt 18.12.1673, d 1710)
  m. Charity Ash (dau of John Ash of Covernerin/Ashbrook)
  A. William Lecky (d before 1744, alderman of Derry)
  m. Katherine Averell (d by 1774, sister of John Averell, Bishop of Limerick)
  i. Holland Lecky of Castle Lecky (co. Derry) & Ballyholland House (Co. Down) (Captain)
  m. Elizabeth Daniel (dau/heir of Rev. Thomas Daniel of co. Derry)
  a. Averell Lecky of Castle Lecky & Ballyholland House (d 29.01.1834, Captain)
  m. (c1790) Jane Daly (dau of Hyacinth Daly of Killimor Castle, widow of _ Aylward of Ballinagar)
  (1) Holland Lecky of Castle Lecky & Ballyholland House (b 27.02.1794, d 12.10.1854) had issue
  m. (29.09.1816) Dianna McMullin (dau of John McMullin, sister of John)
  b.+ other issue - William (a 1779), Holland of Armagh City (d by 1790)
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas, Nicholas, John, Alexander, Ellis, others (d young)
  B. Thomas Lecky (d 09.04.1793, alderman of Derry, youngest son)
  m. (after 1735) Elizabeth Squire (d 01.01.1771)
  i. Squire Lecky, Mayor of Derry (dvp 20.03.1789)
  m. Mary Ross (b 1748, d 21.05.1825, dau of Alderman David Ross of Derry by dau of Alderman William Hogg of Derry)
  a. Thomas Lecky of Eglinton, Mayor of Derry (b 1773)
  m. Elizabeth Gray (d 03.05.1814, dau/heir of Charles Gray of Derry)
  (1) Thomas Lecky of Longfield Lodge in Eglinton & Shelfield (d 1871) had issue
  m. Hannah Smith (dau of William Smith of Greystone Hall)
  b. Margaret Lecky
  m. (27.11.1827) Marcus Dill (son of John of Springfield)
  c. Mary Lecky
  ii. Matilda (Martha) Lecky
  m. Michael King of Owenbeg (d 1773-4, son of John of Newtownlimavady)
  iii. Elizabeth Mary Lecky (b 1780, dsps 27.06.1869)
  m. Joshua Gillespie
  iv.+ other issue - David (b 1774, d unm 27.03.1821, Colonel), William David (a 1793), Squire (d before 1822), Robert Pope (d before 1822)
  C. Elizabeth (Elis) Lecky
  m. John Hodgson
  D.+ other issue - Alexander (d young), Thomas (d young), John, James, Richard, Alexander
2. Alexander Lecky (4th son)
  m. Jane (d 20.12.1757)
3. Elizabeth Lecky (bpt 08.08.1675, dsp 16.10.1808)
  m. (10.10.1706) John Harvery of Derry
4.+ other issue - James (bpt 05.10.1676), son (bur 06.1678)
m2. Helinor
6. Henry Lecky of Agivey, co. Derry (b 1689, d 1761, 6th son)
  m. Mary McCollom (dau of Joseph McCollom of Limnalary)
  A. Hugh Lecky of Agivey (d 1796)
  m. Elizabeth Gage (dau of Rev. John Gage of Rathlin)
  i. John Gage Lecky of Agivey (b 29.04.1772, dsp 22.06.1819)
  m. (1818) Elizabeth Macausland (dau of Rev. Oliver Macausland)
  ii. Hugh Lecky of Agivey (b 21.06.1773, d 13.04.1817) had issue
  m. (1803) Elizabeth Orr (d 14.04.1865, dau of James Orr of Keeley)
  iii. Mary Lecky (b 18.09.1766, d 29.12.1839)
  m. (1791) John Caldwell
  iv. Anne Lecky (b 12.10.1777, d 30.05.1862)
  m. John Ball of Dublin
7.+ other issue - William (bur 10.12.1686), George

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Lecky)
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