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Families covered: Fleming of Biggar, Fleming of Boghall, Fleming of Bord, Fleming of Cumbernauld, Fleming of Wigtown

TSP (Wigtown) reports Sir Robert Douglas as identifying Baldwin, a Fleming, as the first to come to Scotland, by 1150, and that he and his son Waldeve along with William and Sir Malcolm were ancestors of the following Sir Robert who is the first proven ancestor of this family. Some believe that this family derived from Anselm le Fleming but we have seen nothing to support that view.
Sir Robert Fleming of Cumbernauld (a 1290, d before 1314)
1. Sir Malcolm Fleming of Fulwood and Cumbernauld, 1st Earl of Wigtown
  m. Marjory
  A. John Fleming (dvp before 1357)
i. Thomas Fleming, 2nd Earl of Wigtown (dsp)
  B. Mary Fleming --
  m. Sir John de Danzielstoun (Danielston) of that ilk, Sheriff of Dumbarton --
  C. Marjory Fleming (a 10.1364)
  m. William de Fawayd
  D. daughter
  m. (1342) John of Ramsay
2. Sir Patrick Fleming of Biggar
  m. Joan Fraser (dau of Sir Simon Fraser of Oliver Castle)
  A. Sir Malcolm Fleming of Biggar
  i. Sir David Fleming of Biggar and Cumbernauld (a 1388)
  m1. Jean Barclay (dau of Sir David Barclay of Brechin)
  a. Janet Fleming --
m. William of Seton --
  b. Marion Fleming (a 09.1390) --
  m. William Maule of Panmure (d before 12.08.1407) --
  m2. Isabel, heiress of Monycabon (possibly dau of Donald Strathechin)
  c. Sir Malcolm Fleming of Biggar and Cumbernauld (d 24.11.1440)
  m. Elizabeth Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany)
  (1) Malcolm Fleming (dvpsp)
(2) Robert Fleming of Biggar and Cumbernauld, 1st Lord (d 1491)
  m1. Janet Douglas (dau of James Douglas, 7th Earl of Douglas)
  (A) Malcolm Fleming of Monycabon (dvp c1477)
  m. (before 02.04.1472) Eupheme Livingston (dau of James Livingston, 1st Lord of Callendar)
  (i) Sir David Fleming (dsp before 02.05.1482)
  m. Elizabeth Drummond (dau of John Drummond, 1st Lord)
(ii) John Fleming, 2nd Lord, Chamberlain of Scotland (b 1465, d 01.11.1524)
  m1. (before 05.05.1496) Eupheme Drummond (d 04.1501-2, dau of John Drummond, 1st Lord)
  (a) Malcolm Fleming, 3rd Lord, Chamberlain of Scotland (b c1494, d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  m. (1525) Janet Stewart (b c1511, d 1560, dau of James Stewart, King James IV of Scots)
  ((1)) James Fleming, 4th Lord, Chamberlain (b 1534, d 15.12.1558)
  m. (mcrt 22.12.1553) Barbara Hamilton (b c1534, d 1558, dau of James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran, Duke of Chatelherault)
((A)) Jane Fleming (b c1554, d 23.06.1609) --
  m1. Sir John Maitland, 1st Lord of Thirlestane (b c1545, d 03.10.1595) --
  m2. (mcrt 04.11.1597) John Kennedy, 5th Earl of Cassilis (dsp before 14.11.1615)
  partner unknown
  ((B)) Thomas Fleming
  ((i)) William Fleming
  ((2)) John Fleming, 5th Lord, Chamberlain (d 06.09.1573)
m. (10.05.1562) Elizabeth Ross (dau of Robert, Master of Ross)
  ((A)) John Fleming, 1st Earl of Wigtown (b 1567, d 04.1619) --
  m1. (mcrt 01.1585-6) Lilias Graham (d 1606, dau of William, 3rd Earl of Montrose) --
  m2. Sarah Maxwell (dau of John Maxwell, 4th Lord Herries of Terregles)
  ((B)) Margaret Fleming
  m. (mcrt 04.1588) Sir James Forrester of Carden
  ((C)) Elizabeth Fleming
  ((D)) Jean Fleming (d 10.1630)
  m. (mcrt 1582-3) William Bruce, younger of Airth
  ((E)) Mary Fleming
m. (mcrt 09.12.1581) Sir James Douglas, 8th of Drumlanrig (d 16.10.1615)
  partner unknown
  ((F)) Lucrece Fleming
  m. (1593-4) Robert Graham of the Faulds
  ((3)) Johanna (Jean) Fleming --
Shown differently by BE1883 as daughter of John, 2nd Lord (for marriages 2 & 3) with Janet, daughter of Malcolm, marrying John Livingston. We follow TSP.
  m1. John Livingston, Master of Livingston (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  m2. (mcrt 24.05.1560) John Sandilands of Calder (d 12.1559/c1565)
  m3. (before 11.1567) David Crawford of Kerse --
  ((4)) Janet Fleming
  m1. John, Master of Livingston (dvpsp Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  m2. (1572) Richard Brown, younger of Hartree (a 1536)
  ((5)) Agnes Fleming --
  m. (c1553) William Livingston, 6th Lord of Callendar (d 10/11.1592) --
((6)) Margaret Fleming (d before 15.03.1586-7) --
  m1. (1547) Robert Graham, Master of Montrose (d Pinkie 10.09.1547) --
  m2. (mcrt 30.01.1549) Thomas, Master of Erskine (dspl after 10.1551)
  m3. (mcrt 01.04.1557) John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl, Lord Chancellor (d 24.04.1579) --
  ((7)) Mary Fleming (b 1542)
  m1. (06.01.1567) William Maitland of Lethington (b c1528, d c06.1573)
  m2. George Meldrum of Fyvie
((8)) Elizabeth Fleming
  Shown by BE1883 as daughter of John Fleming, 2nd Lord. We follow TSP.
  m. (before 24.03.1540-1) William Crichton, 5th Lord of Sanquhar (d 11.06.1550)
  partner(s) unknown
  ((9)) William Fleming (a 02.1546)
  ((10)) John Fleming of Brackenleys, Biggar and Carwood (d 22.08.1592)
  m. Janet Carwood
((A))+ issue - William, James, John
  (b) Malcolm Fleming, Prior of Whithorn (d before 30.03.1569)
  (c) James Fleming of Henderland and Sutherland
  (d) daughter
  m. (mcrt 1526) James Tweedie of Drumelzier
  (e) daughter
According to TSP, there was another daughter who must have been married because in 1529 she received £400 from the King as a tocher.
  m2. (before 15.02.1508-9, div) Margaret Stewart (dau of Matthew Stewart, 2nd Earl of Lennox)
  m3. Agnes Somerville (dau of Sir John Somerville of Cambusnethan)
  (f) Margaret Fleming
  m. (mcrt 12.12.1540) John Cunningham of Glengarnock
  (iii) Elizabeth Fleming
  m. George Fleming, younger of Bord
(iv) Isabel Fleming
  (B) Robert Fleming (a 1478)
  (C) Elizabeth Fleming --
  m. Sir John/James Livingston, 3rd Lord of Callendar (d c1503) --
  (D) Mariot (or Beatrix) Fleming
  m. (1472) Sir William Stirling, 2nd of Keir (d 1505)
  (E) daughter possibly of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Malcolm Lecky of that ilk (d 1485)
  m2. Margaret Lindsay (dau of John Lindsay of Covingtoun)
  (3) Margaret Fleming
  m. Patrick, Master of Gray
  (4) Elizabeth Fleming possibly of this generation --
  m. William Menteith, 4th of Kerse and Alva --
d. David Fleming (a 1425)
  (1) Malcolm Fleming of Boghall (a 06.1452, d before 05.1490)
  m. Elizabeth of Houstoun
  (A) John Fleming of Boghall
  m. Marion Crawford
  (i) James Fleming of Boghall (d before 1516)
  (ii) William Fleming of Boghall (d before 09.1559)
  m. Elizabeth Brisbane
  (a) John Fleming of Boghall (a 1582)
  (b)+ other issue - Thomas (a 1557), Patrick, Mariota (a 1556)
  partner unknown
(e) Mariota Fleming
  m. (1533) Robert Sterling of Ballenkeir
  (iii) John Fleming (a 1508)
  m. Margaret Hamilton
  Possibly of this generation, but by which marriage is unknown, was ...
  e. daughter
  m. (1371) Sir John de Knox of Ranfurly
  ii. Patrick Fleming (a 1369, 1397)
  a. James Fleming of Bord (a 11.1421)
  (1) William Fleming of Bord (a 07.1513)
  m1. ??
(A) George Fleming, younger of Bord (dvp before 21.07.1513)
  m. Elizabeth Fleming (dau of Malcolm Fleming of Monycabon)
  (i) James Fleming of Bord
  (a) William Fleming of Bord (a 1536)
  m. Agnes Livingstone of Manerstoun
  ((1)) William Fleming of Bord (d before 11.1593)
  m. Janet Crichton (a 11.1593)
  ((2)) James Fleming of Bord
  (B) Janet Fleming (a 1502)
  (C) Margaret Fleming
  m. George Home of Broxmouth
  m2. (before 01.06.1493) Euphame Livingston (dau of James Livingston, 1st Lord)
3. Brigida Fleming possibly of this generation
  m. Adam de Urchard of Inchrory, Sheriff of Cromarty (b c1310, d c1385)

Main source(s): TSP (Wigtown), BE1883 (Fleming of Wigtown).
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