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Families covered: Munro of Culcairn, Munro of Culraine, Munro of Foulis, Munro of Newmore, Munro of Obisdale (Obsdale)
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John Munro of Obisdale (Obsdale) (d 11.03.1633, Colonel)
m. Catherine Gordon (dau of John Gordon of Embo)
1. John Munro of Obisdale (dvp unm)
2. Sir Robert Munro of Obisdale, 3rd Bart of Foulis (d 14.11.1668)
m. Jean Munro (dau of Sir Hector Munro, 1st Bart)
  A. Sir John Munro, 4th Bart of Foulis (d 1696/29.09.1697)
  m. Agnes Mackenzie (dau of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Bart of Coul, by Jean Chisholm)
  i. Sir Robert Munro, 5th Bart of Foulis, Sheriff of Ross & Cromarty (d 11.09.1729)
m. (1681) Jean Forbes (b 18.12.1659, dau of John Forbes of Culloden)
  a. Sir Robert Munro, 6th Bart of Foulis (b c1684, d Falkirk 17.01.1745-6, MP)
  m. Mary Seymour (d 24.05.1732, dau of Henry Seymour of Woodlands)
  (1) Sir Henry (Harry) Munro, 7th Bart of Foulis (d 12.06.1781, MP, 2nd son)
  m. (13.01.1758 / c1762) Anne Rose (dau of Hugh Rose of Kilravock by Jane Rose)
  (A) Sir Hugh Munro, 8th Bart of Foulis (b 25.10.1763, d 02.05.1848, 2nd son)
  m. Jane Law (d 01.08.1803, dau of Alexander Law)
  (i) son (d infant)
  (ii) Mary Munro of Foulis (b 14.05.1796, d unm 12.01.1849)
  partner unknown
(iii) George Munro of Milntown
  (B)+ other issue - Robert (d infant), George (d 22.04.1802), Jean/Jane (b c1753, d unm 1771), Seymour (d infant)
  (2)+ other issue - Robert (d infant), George (d unm 1743, RN), Elizabeth (d infant)
  b. George Munro of Culcairn (b 18.09.1685, d 31.08.1746)
The following comes from 'History of the Munros' (p159+).
  m. Christian Munro (dau of John Munro of Tearivan, "of the Pittonachy family")
  (1) John Munro of Culcairn (a 1786)
  m. Katharine Ross (dau of Thomas Ross of Calrossie)
  (A) Duncan Munro of Culcairn (d 1820, Captain, 3rd son)
  m. (05.12.1782) Jean Kirke (dau of Rev. Robert Kirke of Dornoch by Jean, dau of Andrew Ross of Pitkerie & sister of George of Cromarty)
  (i) George Munro of Culcairn (b 1787, d unm 1821 in Jamaica, Captain)
  (ii) Catherine Munro of Culcairn & Cromarty (b 1783, d 29.02.1852)
  m. (15.02.1815) Hugh Rose of Glastullich (son of Rev, Hugh of Creich then Tain)
(iii) Jean Munro (b c1795, d um 05.01.1874)
  (B) Catherine Munro
  m. (17.10.1783) Alexander Fraser (minister of Inverness)
  (C)+ other issue (dvp unm) - George (d 1776, Captain), Thomas (d 1778)
  (2) Janet Munro
  m. Andrew Munro of Limlair (Colonel)
  (3) Margaret Munro
  m. Hugh Munro of Achany
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - Andrew, Duncan, George, Anne, Christain (d unm?), Helen
  c. Duncan Moore of Obsdale (b 19.09.1687, d Falkirk 17.01.1746)
  d. Anne Moore (b 1693, d1768)
  m. Alexander Gordon of Ardoch
  ii. Andrew Munro of Westertown (dsp 1724, Captain)
  m. Helen Munro (d before 06.1723, dau of Sir George Munro of Navmore, widow of Joseph Mackay of Bighouse) @1@ below
  iii. Jean (Jane) Munro
  m. Peter Bethune of Culneskea(r)
  a.+ issue - John of Culneskea, David of Culneskea, Rebecca, Anne
  iv. Anne Munro
m. William Robertson of Kindeace
  v. Margaret Munro (d 19.03.1729)
  m. Donald Macneil of Kintyre (Captain)
  vi. Christian Munro
  B. Hector Munro of Drummond
  m. Anne Fraser (dau of Sir James Fraser of Brae, son of Simon, 8th Lord Lovat by Jane Stewart)
  i. Jean Munro
  m. David Cuthbert of Drakies
  a.+ issue - John, James, Hector, Jean (d young?), Jean, Magdalen, Elizabeth
  ii.+ other issue - James (d unm 1694, Captain), 15 others (d infant)
  C. Andrew Munro (dsp, Lt. Colonel, 4th son)
  m. Margaret (probably not Anne) (Fraser (dau of Hugh Fraser, Lord Fraser of Lovat, by Anne Mackenzie)
  D. Joseph Munro (6th son) had issue
  E. Rebecca Munro
m. (Colin) Robertson of Kindeace (Colonel)
  The following was found in various web sites (eg. www.guiseley94.freeserve.co.uk) showing ancestors of William Ewart Gladstone, British Prime Minister.
  i. George Roberston of Ross
  m. Agnes Barbe (dau of John Barbe of Aldowrie)
  a. Andrew Robertson of Park House, Provost of Dingwall (d 09.1796)
m. (12.04.1760) Anne Mackenzie (d 1823, dau of Colin Mackenzie of Dingwall by Mary, dau of Kenneth Mackenzie of Torridon)
  (1) Anne Mackenzie Robertson (b 04.08.1772, d 23.09.1835)
  m. (29.04.1800) Sir John Gladstones, later Gladstone of Liverpool, 1st Bart (b 11.12.1764, d 07.12.1851)
  F.+ other issue (d unm) - David (Captain/Major), William, Daniel
3. Sir George Munro of Newmore & Culrain (b c1602, d 11.07.1693, Major General, Royalist CIC in Ireland)
m1. Anne Munro (dau of Maj. Gen. Robert Munro of Obsdale, cousin)
  A. Hugh Munro of Newmore (d 1696)
  m. Helen Leslie (dau of Robert Leslie of Findrassie)
  i. George Munro of Newmore (d 1737)
  m. Margaret Forbes (dau of Duncan Forbes of Culloden)
  a. John Munro of Newmore (d unm 1749, Lt. Colonel, MP)
  b. Mary Munro of Newmore (d 1764)
  m. Gustavus Munro of Culrain @2@ below
  c. Jane (Jean) Munro
  m1. William (sb Simon?) Ross of Aldie
m2. Alexander Ross of Pitcalnie
  d. Ann Munro
  m. Roderick MacCulloch of Glastullich
  e. Isabella Munro
  m. David Ross of Inverchassley & Tarlogie
  f. Margaret Munro (d 16.06.1768)
  m. Roderick Mackenzie (d 27.12.1765, son of Murdoch of Ardross)
  ii. Mary Munro
  m. Angus Macleod (son/heir of Hugh Macleod of Cambuscurry)
  iii. Christian Munro
  m1. Roderick Macleod of Cambuscurrie
m2. David Ross of Inverchassley
  iv. Jane Munro
  m. _ Gordon of Newton
  v. Ann Munro (d unm)
  m2. (1649) Christian Hamilton (d c1700, dau of Sir Frederick Hamilton of Manor Hamilton)
  B. John Munro (d unm 1682)
  C. George Munro of Culraine (d 12.1724)
  m1. Catherine Dunbar (dspms, dau of Lodovic Dunbar of Grange)
  i. George Munro of Culraine (dsp 1731)
  m. Mary Wallace (dau of Hugh Wallace of Inglistown, sister of Agnes)
  ii. Christian Munro of Culraine (d unm)
  m2. Anne Cunninghame (dau of Sir John Cunninghame of Enterkin)
  iii. Gustavus Munro of Culraine (dspms 1751)
  m. Mary Munro (of Newmore) @2@ above
a. George Munro (dvm young)
  iv. James Munro of Daan, later of Culraine (d c1760)
  m. Ann Graham (dau of James Graham of Edderton)
  a. Charles Munro of Culraine (d 1782)
  m. Mary Anne Ross (dau of David Ross of Inverchassley, sister of David, Lord Ankerville)
  (1) George Munro, last of Culcairn & Culraine (b 12.11.1769, d 19.12.1845, Captain)
  m. (1792) Margaret Montgomery (d 1847, dau of John Montgomery of Milnmount House (Milntown))
  (A) Sir Charles Munro, 9th Bart of Foulis (b 20.05.1794, d 12.07.1886) had issue
  m1. (20.06.1817) Amelia Browne (d 14.09.1849, dau of Frederick Browne)
  m2. (14.01.1853, sp) Harriette Midgley (b c1808, d 17.07.1886)
  (B) John Munro of Edinburgh (b 1796, d unm 1847)
  (C) Mary Munro (b 1794, d 11.1863)
  m1. Owen Lindsay (Lindsey) of Springfield (d 1832, son of Arthur of St. Aindreis, Co. Mayo)
  m2. (1833, sp) Alexander Simpson of Dingwall
  (2) Ann Munro (b 1766)
  m. Charles Munro of Rosskeen
  (A) David Munro (d 1863)
  (3) Christina Munro, later in Invergordon (b 1767, d 1838)
  m. John Fitzpatrick
b. Ann Munro (d unm in London)
  v. Elizabeth Munro (d 03.02.1756)
  m. John Munro (minister of Rogart)
  vi. Esther Munro (dsp 1740)
  m. David Ross of Mid Fearn (d 21.05.1768, son of Andrew of Shandwick)
  vii. Isabella Munro possibly the Isabella who married ...
m. Robert Gordon
  viii. Janet Munro
  m. William Munro of Edderton
  ix.+ other issue - Barbara (d unm), Ellen (m. ??)
  m3. Agnes Wallace (dau of Hugh Wallace of Ingleston (Inglistown), m2. Malcolm Ross of Pitclalnie)
  D. Anne Munro
  m1. Donald Mackay (dvp, son/heir of John, 2nd Lord Reay, by Barbara Mackay)
m2. Lachlan Mackintosh of Mackintosh
  E. Jane (Jean) Munro
  m. (spm) Alexander Sinclair of Brins
  i. Janet Sinclair
  m. Sir William Dunbar of Hempriggs ## see here ##
F. Isobel Munro
  m. Robert Gray of Skibo
  G. Lucy Munro
  m. James Sinclair-Sutherland, 2nd of Swinnie
  H. Helen Munro (d before 06.1723)
  m1. (20.07.1692) Joseph (not Angus) Mackay, 6th of Bighouse (dsp 1698, son of Angus)
  m2. (sps) Andrew Munro of Westertown (Captan, son of Sir John of Fowlis) @1@ above
  I. Catherine Munro
  m. George Munro of Limlair
  J. Florence Munro
  m. Andrew Munro of Logie
4. Andrew Munro of Daan (d unm 1641)
5. Alexander Munro (d 1682, Colonel, 5th son)
m. Rachel Rolliack ("a French lady")
  A.+ issue including Andrew, Alexander ("whose descendants reside in France")
6. David Munro (Major)
  m. Elizabeth Gray (dau of Robert Gray of Arboll (Orbow))
  A.+ issue (d young/unm) - John, Rebecca
7. Janet Munro
  m. John Ross of Little Tanuel (Tarrel)
8. Christian Munro
  m1. (mcrt 1631, sp) James MacCulloch of Kindeace & Plaids (Captain)
  m2. David Ross of Pitcalnie
  m3. John Munro of Fyrish

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Munro of Foulis'), 'History of the Munros of Fowlis' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1898, p87+ & 169+ & p176+ & p203+), Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' ('Munro of Foulis', p81+)
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