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Families covered: Pinchon of Springfield, Pinchon (Pincheon) of Writtle (Writtell)
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Visitation starts with Nicholas Pinchon, Sheriff of London (a 1533), showing him as father of John of Writtle (who d 1573). Waters disputes that (p860: "This cannot be true") but adds that "Nicholas undoubtedly belonged to the Writtle family" and implies that he was probably brother of the William who was father of that John.
?? Pinchon
1. Nicholas Pinchon of London (d 1533, Sheriff?)
m(2). Agnes (a 1533)
  A.+ issue - Edward, William, Robert, John
2. William Pinchon of Writtle, Essex (d 1552)
  m1. _ Stephen (dau of Richard Stephen, sister(-in-law?) of Richard Everard)
  m2. Elizabeth Allyn (sister of Richard Allyn or Allen)
  A. John Pinchon of Writtle (d 29.11.1573)
  m1. Helyn
  i. Elizabeth Pinchon
  m2. Jayne Empson (d before 14.02.1587, dau/coheir of Sir Richard Empson, m2. Thomas Wilson (Secretary of State))
ii. William Pinchon of Writtle (d 13.10.1591)
  m. Rose Redding (d before 19.04.1599, dau of _ Redding or Redine of Pinner, sister of George)
  a. Peter Pinchon of Writtle (b c1577, a 1592, dsp?)
  b. John Pinchon of Writtle (d c1597)
  c. Sir Edward Pinchon of Writtle (b c1580, d 1627?)
  m. Dorothy Weston (dau of Sir Jerome Weston of Roxwell)
  (1) John Pinchon or Pincheon of Writtle (d 30.07.1654)
  m1. Elizabeth Corderoy (dau/coheir of Thomas Corderoy by sister of Thomas Cornwallis)
  Waters & Visitation end with this generation, Visitation mentioning John's wife Elizabeth Corderoy. BE1883 (Weston of Portland) reports that John left daughters, one of whom was Anne, and gives the connection with the Webbe family, confirmed by BLG1886 (Salvin of Sutton Place).
(A) Edward Pinchon (d 30.07.1654) mentioned in the text by Waters
  (B) Anne Pinchon presumed of this marriage
  m. John Woolfe
  (i) Bridget Woolfe (d 10.02.1729)
  m. John Webbe (d 07.03.1729)
  (C) Dorothy Pinchon probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Herbert Palmer, younger of Wingham (b c1629, d 1699/1700)
  m2. Anne Kynnion (d 10.05.1675) mother of Bridget, presumed 2nd wife of this John
  (D) Bridget Pinchon apparently of this generation
m. (before 15.04.1675) William Petre, 4th Lord (b c1626, d 05.01.1683)
  (E) Elizabeth Pinchon probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. (by 1688) John Petre of Fidlers
  (2) Mary Pinchon
  m. Walter Overbury of Moreton-in-the-Marsh
  (3) Elizabeth Pinchon
  m. John Petre of Fidlers
  (4) Anne Pinchon probably the Anne who married ...
  m. William Jesson of Nuthurst (b c1617, d 1671, MP)
  d. Christopher Pinchon of London (a 1634, youngest son)
  The following comes from Visitation (London, 1634, 'Pinchon').
  m. Mary (dau of William Vincent alias Lovell of Staffordshire)
  (1) Edward Pinchon
e. Nicholas Pinchon
  Waters reports that some sources show a Nicholas in this generation who was father of a William (bur 07.11.1662) "who went to Connecticut and returned" and was father of a John of New England but adds: "This, surely, is the wildest of guesswork. Some of the statements deserve to be called sheer nonsense." That William appears to be the one shown below.
  f. Elizabeth (not Joane) Pinchon (bur 15.02.1602/3)
  m. Sir Richard Weston of Roxwell, later 1st Earl of Portland (bpt 01.03.1577, d 13.03.1634)
  g. Jane Pinchon
  m. Bartholomew Hone
  a.+ other issue - Henry (dsp c1630), William (dsp c1612), daughter
  iii. John Pinchon of Springfield, Essex (d c1610)
  m. Frances Brett (sister of Thomas Brett of Terling)
  a. William Pinchon of Springfield, later of New England, later of Wraysbury (Buckinghamshire) (d before 08.12.1662) had issue?
b. Jane Pinchon
  m. _ Tesdall
  c. Susanna Pinchon
  m. _ Platt
  d.+ other issue - Peter, Annes, Frances, Alice, Isabel
  iii. Edward Pinchon of Skygges & Turnors
  iv. Elizabeth Pinchon
  m. Geffrey Gates of Bury St. Edmunds (a 1623)
  v. Jane Pinchon
  m. Andrew Pascall of Springfield
  B. Henry Pinchon (a 1599, 4th son)
  m. Margaret
  C. Joane Pinchon
  m. _ Brytton
  D. Joyce Pinchon
  m. John Athye
  E. Dennys Pinchon
  m. George Mansfield
  F.+ other issue - Edward of Skygges & Turnors (a 1599, dsp?), George, Agnes, Margery
3. Parnell Pinchon sister of Nicholas

Main source(s): 'Genealogical Gleanings in England' by Henry Waters (vol 2, 1901 edition, 'Pinchon Pedigree', p864), with thanks to a contributor (CV, 01.03.16) for bringing that to our attention, with support/input from Visitation (Essex, 1612+1634, Pinchon)
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