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Families covered: Pudsey of Arnforth, Pudsey of Bolton

William Pudsey of Bolton (bur 07.10.1629)
m1. Elizabeth Banister (bur 17.03.1601)
1. Ambrose Pudsey of Bolton (bpt 02.10.1595)
m. Bridget Sandford (dau of Sir Richard Sandford of Howgill Castle)
  A. Ambrose Pudsey 'of Barford' of Bolton (Colonel)
  m. Jane Davison (bur 21.02.1720, dau of Sir Thomas Davison of Blakiston)
  i. Ambrose Pudsey of Bolton (2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Marsden (bur 22.07.1699, dau of Henry Mardsen of Wennington)
  a. Jane Pudsey (bpt 14.11.1683, bur 17.07.1708)
  m. (07.08.1705) William Dawson of Langcliffe
  b.+ other issue - Henry (d young), Ambrose of Leeds (a 1714), William (bpt 06.06.1689, bur 14.12.1689), Thomas (bpt 20.05.1691), Charles (bpt 02.08.1692), Elizabeth (bpt 08.05.1681, bur 15.08.1681), Bridget (bpt 07.04.1686, d unm)
  ii. Elizabeth Pudsey
m. John Webb
  iii. Jane Pudsey
  m. Sir Hovenden Walker (Rear Admiral)
  iv.+ other issue - William (d unm), Thomas (bpt 01.12.1657, bur 07.02.1660), Margaret (bpt 07.04.1686, d unm)
  B. Ann Pudsey
  m1/2. Thomas Layton
  m2/1. Walter Srtickland
  C. Elizabeth Pudsey possibly of this generation
  m. Roger Talbot of Thornton (a 1666)
2.+ other issue - Isabell (bpt 19.03.1592), Trothe (bpt 09.05.1594), Margaret (bpt 20.11.1597, bur 09.03.1597/8), Hellen (bpt 18.03.1601, bur 19.03.1601)
m2. Katherine Ramsden (dau of William Ramsden of Longley)
6.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 04.09.1609, bur 25.01.1636), Stephen (bpt 11.11.1610), William (bpt 01.10.1615), Ralph (bpt 19.01.1616), Valentine (bpt 18.02.1618), Ann (bpt 11.11.1610), Jane (bpt 25.01.1612)



Henry Pudsey of Bolton (a 1563?)
m. Margaret Tempest (dau of Roger Tempest of Broughton)
1. Stephen Pudsey of Arneford or Arnforth in Craven (a 1563)
Visitation (1563-4) identifies Stephen's wife as dau of Nicholas Tempest of Brasewell, brother of Sir Thomas. Foster, identifies her as dau of Nicholas Tempest of Bracewell, 2nd brother of Sir Richard. Provisionally, albeit conditionally, we follow the former.
  m. Elizabeth Tempest (dau of Nicholas Tempest of Bracewell)
  A. Henry Pudsey of Arnforth (a 1585)
  m. Katherine Beckwith (dau of Marmaduke Beckwith of Dacre)
  B. Ambrose Pudsey of Arnforth (a 1585)
m. Frances Claughton (dau/coheir of John Claughton of Ireby)
  i. John Pudsey (b c1578) posisbly the John of Arnforth who married ...
  m. Jane Wycliffe (dau of John Wycliffe of Thorpe)
  ii.+ other issue (a 1585) - Stephen, Margaret
  C. Nicholas Pudsey
  m. Judith Spilman (dau of Francis Spilman of Bulbroke)
  D. Ralph Pudsey 'of Yorkshire then Essex'
  m. (Ann) Wiseman (dau of John Wiseman, relict of ?? Fitche of Canfield)
  E. Joan Pudsey
  F. Ann Pudsey
  m. Thomas Proctor of Overcote
2. Margaret Pudsey
  m. John Conyers
3. Mary Pudsey
  m1. John Horner or Heron
  m2. Richard Smyth of Caton
4. Margery Pudsey
  m1. _ Cosyn or Cussen of Newell in Nottinghamshire
  m2. Roger Midhope of Skipton

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'The History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven' (Rev. Thomas Dunham Whitaker, 1st edition (1805), 'Pudsey of Bolton', alongside p101)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Pudsey'), Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5, 'Pudsey of Arnforth, &c.')
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