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Families covered: Pudsey of Barforth (Berforth), Pudsey of Bolton
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Simon Pudsey (a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327)
m. Catherine de Bolton (dau of John de Bolton)
1. John Pudsey (a 1333, 1354)
  A. Henry Pudsey (a 1353)
  m. Elizabeth Layton (dau/heir of John Layton of Barford, son of Sir Thomas) ## see here ##
  i. Sir John Pudsey of Barforth & Bolton (a 1401)
Whitaker & Foster identify John's wife as Margaret, daughter of Sir William Eure by Maud, dau of Lord Fitzhugh, but the dates make this look at least one generation out. We suspect that this was ...
  m. Margaret Eure (dau of Sir Ralph Eure of Witton Castle)
  a. Sir Ralph Pudsey of Bolton
  m1. Margaret Tunstall (dau of Sir Thomas Tunstall) of Scargill
(1) Sir John Pudsey of Bolton (a 1463)
  m. Grace Hammerton (dau of Laurence Hammerton of Hamerton)
  (A) Henry Pudsey 'of Barforth or Berforth' of Bolton (a 1520)
  m1. Margaret Conyers (bur 1500, dau of Christopher (not Sir John) Conyers of Hornby)
  (i) Thomas Pudsey 'of Barforth' of Bolton (d by 1537)
  m. Margaret Pilkington (a 1537, dau of Roger Pilkington of Pilkington)
  (a) Henry Pudsey of Barforth
m. Joan Eure (dau of Sir Raff Eure or Evers, m2. Thomas Williamson of the North Riding)
  ((1)) Thomas Pudsey of Barforth (d 04.09.1576)
  m. Elizabeth Scrope (bur 06.11.1620, dau of Lord Scrope of Bolton).
  ((A)) William Pudsey of Bolton (bur 07.10.1629)
  Foster (1612) ends with showing William as married to Elizabeth, dau of John Roxby. However, Whitaker, who provides the continuation, identifies his wives as ...
  m1. Elizabeth Banister (bur 17.03.1601)
  m2. Katherine Ramsden (dau of William Ramsden of Longley)
((B)) Ambrose Pudsey 'of Picton' of High Close in St. John's, Yorkshire (d c1624, 3rd son)
  The following comes from Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, 'Pudsey of Lawfield').
  m1. _ Plaice of Dinsdale (widow of _ Dent)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Pudsey
m2. Jane Wilkinson (dau of Edward Wilkinson of North Allerton)
  ((ii)) Michael Pudsey of Lawfield, Yorkshire (b c1619, a 08.1665)
  m. Mary Salvein (dau of Gerard Salvein of Croxdale)
  ((a))+ issue (a 1665) - Thomas (b c1654), Mary (b c1643), Elizabeth, Anne, Margaret
  ((iii)) Margaret Pudsey
  m. Philip Anne of Frickley
  ((iv)) Catherine Pudsey
  m. Robert Plaice of (family of) Dinsdale
  ((C)) Margaret Pudsey
m. Robert Trotter of Skelton Castle (d 1611)
  ((D)) Winifred Pudsey (d 1604)
  m. Thomas Meynell of Kilvington
  ((E))+ other issue - Henry (dsp), Thomas
  ((2)) Ralph Pudsey (dsp)
  ((3)) George Pudsey ancestor of the Pudseys of Stapleton
m. Julian Girlington
  ((4)) Henry Pudsey of Bolton (a 1563?)
  Whitaker shows this as the Henry who, by Margaret Tempest, was ancestor of the Pudseys of Arnford. Foster (1584/5) & Visitation (1563-4), which provide the continuation, show him 2 generations earlier. Foster (1612) shows a Henry in this generation but gives no more details on him. Provisionally, we follow Henry but we may revisit this in due course.
  m. Margaret Tempest (dau of Roger Tempest of Broughton)
  ((5)) Margaret Pudsey
  m. Christopher Conyers of Danby
  (b) Grace (or Dorothy) Pudsey
  m1. (Thomas) Trollop
m2. Thomas Metham of Metham
  (c) Catherine Pudsey
  m. Anthony Aske or Eshe
  (d) Mary Pudsey
  m. Robert Meynill (Mennel or Maynel) of Hawnby
  (ii) Ralph Pudsey
  m. _ Tempest (dau of _ Tempest of Bracewell)
  (a) Mary Pudsey
  m. Roger Midhope of Midhope Hall
(iii) Rowland Pudsey of Ellesfield
  m. Edith Hore (dau/heir of John Hore, niece (cousin?)/heir of Gilbert of Langley)
  (iv) Maude Pudsey
  m. Thomas Beckwith of Clint
  (v) Margaret Pudsey
  m. Thomas Wandesford of Kirklington
  (vi) Florence Pudsey
  m1. Sir Thomas Talbot of Balshall (dsp 1498)
  m2. (before 11.07.1511) Henry Clifford, 10th Lord (b 1454, d 23.04.1523)
  m3. Richard Grey (son of Thomas, Marquess of Dorset)
  (vii)+ other issue - Henry, Ambrose (dsp), Alice
  The Henry shown here is identifed by the Visitations as the Henryof Bolton shown by Whitaker 2 generations later (see above).
m2. Amely Bankes (dau of John Bankes of Bank Newton)
  m3. ??
  (B) Sir Richard Pudsey (squire of the body to King Henry VII)
  m. Jane Cheney (dau of Sir Thomas Cheney, relict of T. Say)
  (C) daughter
  m. _ Kirkby
  (D) daughter
  m. _ Basforth
  (E) (Alice) Hansard
m. (Henry) Hansard
  (2) Elizabeth (Isabel) Pudsey
  m. (Robert) Place
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas of Tunstall, Margaret, Jane, Isabel
  m2. Matilda
  (7)+ other issue - John, Janet
  m3. Edwina
  (9)+ other issue - Robert, William, Henry, George, Edward, Rowland, Alexander, Mabel, Grace, Margaret, Jane, Elizabeth, Anne, Joan, Annes, Grace, Tomasin
  b. Thomas Pudsey
  c. Emily Pudsey possibly of this generation
  m. John Bankes of Bank Newton
  ii. Roger Pudsey
  partner unknown
  a. Richard Pudsey
  iii+. other issue - Thomas, Richard, Robert

Main source(s): 'The History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven' (Rev. Thomas Dunham Whitaker, 1st edition (1805), 'Pudsey of Bolton', alongside p101), Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Pudsey'), Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5, 'Pudsey of Arnforth, &c.'), Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1612, 'Pudsey of Bolton')
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