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Families covered: Tunstall of Scargill, Tunstall of Thurland Castle, Tunstall of Wycliffe

Sir William de Tunstall of Thurland Castle
m. Ales shown by some web sites as possibly dau of Philip Lindsey
1. Sir John de Tunstall of Thurland Castle (a 1377)
2. Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland Castle (d 1415)
  m. (before 1392) Isabel or Eleanor Harington (b c1370, dau of Sir Nicholas Harington)
  A. William Tunstall of Thurland Castle (d 1431)
  m. Ann Parre
  i. Isabel Tunstall (d 03.1492)
  m. (1432) Nicholas Wortley (d by 1488)
  ii. Elizabeth Tunstall
  m. Sir Robert Bellingham of Burnishead (d 12.03.1476)
iii. Margaret Tunstall
  B. Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland Castle
  m. (by 02.1427) Eleanor FitzHugh (d 30.09.1457, dau of Henry FitzHugh, Lord)
  i. Sir Richard Tunstall (KG)
  m. Elsabeth Franke (dau of Sir William Franke)
  a. Elenor Tunstall
  m. John Ayscough (d 20.07.1491)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), William (dsp), Henry, John, Margaret
ii. Thomas Tunstall of Thurland Castle
  Visitation mentions only "Ales doughter to Boshop Nevell" as Thomas's wife (various web sites show her as daughter of Archbishop Nevill). However, apparently also a wife of this Thomas (she'd have been too young for the previous generation, noting that Eleanor FitzHugh's marriage to his father was her 2nd of 3 marriages) was the following Eleanor who we presume to have been Thomas's 1st wife.
  m1. Eleanor Conyers (probably b c1430, dau of Sir John Conyers of Hornby)
  m2. Alice Nevill (dau of George Nevill, Archbishop of York)
  a. Bryan Tunstall of Thurland Castle (d Flodden 1513)
  m. Isabel Boynton (dau of Henry Boynton of Barmston by Margaret de See)
(1) Mamaduke Tunstall 'of Brantingham' of Thurland Castle
  m. Mary Scargyll (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Scargyll of Thorpe)
  (A) Francis Tunstall of Thurland Castle
  Visitation (1563-4) ends with this line, showing Francis's marriage to Ales Ratyclyff with 3 children, Richard, Mary & Margaret. The following combines that with what is shown by Foster.
  m1. Ales Ratclyff (dau of Sir William Ratclyff of Ordshall) called Elizabeth by Foster
  (i)+ issue - Richard (dsp?), Mary, Margaret
  m2. Anne Bold (dau of Richard Bold of Bold)
(iv) Francis Tunstall (last of Thurland Castle) of Scargill - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Gascoigne (dau of Richard Gascoigne of Sedbury)
  (v) Alice Tunstall
  m. William Tunstall of Ancliffe, Lincolnshire
  (vi) Elizabeth Tunstall
  m. William Lascelles of Brakenbury (b c1575, dvp)
  (vii) Thomasine Tunstall
  (B) Anne Tunstall called Mary by Foster
  m. George Mydelton of Leighton
  (C) Isabell Tunstall called Mary by Foster
  m. William Redman of Ireby or Swarby
  (D) Elsabeth Tunstall called Anne by Foster
  m. Sir John Dawnay of Sezzay, Yorkshire
  (E)+ other issue including Anne, Thomasyn
  (2) Bryan Tunstall (dsp)
  (3) Anne Tunstall
  m. John Middleton of Middleton Hall
  b. Ales Tunstall
  m. John Baynes of Lancashire
  c. Margery Tunstall
  m. William Redmayne of Twisleton
  d. Ales Tunstall
  m. Richard Hodelston
e. Agnes Tunstall
  m1. _ Kyrkbryde
  m2. _ Colvyle
  f.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), John, Margaret (dsp), Joan (nun)
  partner unknown various web sites report that the following Cuthbert was illegitimate
  j. Cuthbert Tunstall, Bishop of London then of Durham (b 1474, d 08.11.1559)
  iii. Elsabeth Tunstall
  m. Sir Simon Norwyche
  iv. Johane Tunstall (d 02/3.1508)
  m1. Sir Roger Ward
  m2. Sir William Stapleton (d 1507)
v.+ other issue - William, 2 daughters
  C. John Tunstall
  D. Robert Tunstall
  m. _ Belyngham
  E. Nicholas Tunstall
  m. ?? (widow of _ Charleton)
  F. Alice Tunstall
  m. Sir Thomas Parr of Kendal (d 1464)
G. Joan (Johanna) Tunstall
  m. (c1416) Matthew (not Richard but son of Richard) Redman (dvp 1419)
  In his book on the Redmans, W. Greenwood identifies Johanna's sisters as including Mary (m. Sir John Radciffe), Alice (m. Sir Thomas Parr), Elizabeth (m. Sir Robert Bellingham - we show her above) & Catherine (m. Sir John Pennington).
  H. Katharine Tunstall
  m. (28.04.1412) Sir John de Pennington (b c1393, d 06.07.1470)
  I. daughter
  m. _ Ratclyffe
  J. Margaret Tunstall
  Visitation does not name this daughter but identifies her as "wyff to Sir William Pudsey Knight". Noting that this is indeed presumptuous, we presume that this is the Margaret (daughter of Sir Thomas Tunstall of Scargill) who married ...
  m. Sir Ralph Pudsey
  K. Isabel Tunstall probably of this generation
  m. Sir Alexander de Kirkby
3. Margaret Tunstall
  m. John Bellom (sb Betham)



Francis Tunstall, last of Thurland Castle (a 1625) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Gascoigne (dau of Richard Gascoigne of Sedbury)
1. Marmaduke Tunstall of Scargill (d 1657)
  m. (1606) Catherine Wycliffe (dau/coheir of William Wycliffe of Wycliffe)
  A. William Tunstall of Scargill (and Wycliffe)
  m. Mary Radcliffe (dau of Sir Edward Radcliffe of Dilston)
  i. Francis Tunstall 'of Wycliffe'
  m. Cecelie Constable (dau of John Constable, Viscount Dunbar)
Dugdale ends with this generation. The following comes from BLG1952 (Chichester-Constable of Burton Constable).
  a. Cuthbert Tunstall, later Constable of Burton Constable
  m. Amy Clifford (dau of Hugh Clifford, 2nd Lord of Chudleigh)
  (1) William Constable of Burton Constable (dsp 1790)
  (2) Marmaduke Constable, later Tunstall of Wycliffe (dsp)
  BLG1952 does not mention this Marmaduke but he is mentioned by VCH (see note ## below). This is probably the Marmaduke who married ...
  m. (22.07.1776) Mary Frances Markham (d 28.10.1825, dau of George Markham)
  (3) Cicely Tunstall or Constable (b 1730)
  m. Edward Sheldon of Winchester
  (A) William Sheldon (dsp)
  (B) Edward Sheldon, later Constable of Burton Constable (dsp 1804)
  (C) Francis Sheldon, later Constable of Burton Constable (dsp 1821)
  ii. Mary Tunstall
  m. Henry Liddell of Farnacres
iii.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1640, a 08.1665), Christian, Margaret, Elizabeth, Anne
  B. Francis Tunstall of Ovington, Yorkshire (b c1621, a 08.1665)
  m. Anne Ridell (dau of Sir Thomas Ridell of Fenham)
  i. Marmaduke Tunstall (b c1659),
  ## This is possibly the Marmaduke, grandson of the Marmaduke who m. the heiress of Wycliffe, reported by VCH (Yorkshire, North Riding, col 1, 'Parishes: Wycliffe') as being of Wycliffe. However, VCH suggests that he d 1760 and was succeeded by his nephew Marmaduke, 2nd son of Cuthert Constable (above).
  ii.+ other issue - William (b c1660), Thomas (b c1662), Catherine, Barbara, Mary
  C. Elizabeth Tunstall
  m. George Markham of Worksop Lodge (b 1616, d 1670)
  D. Catherine Tunstall
  m. Thomas Cholmeley of Bransby
2. Frances Tunstall
  m. Thomas Wray (of Beamish)
3. Joane Tunstall
  m. _ Clopton (son/heir of Sir John of co. Durham)
4.+ other isssue - Thomas, John, Mary, Elizabeth

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(2) For lower section : Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1612, Tunstall of Scargill), Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, Tunstall of Scargill)
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