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Families covered: FitzHugh of FitzHugh, FitzHugh of Ravensworth

Bardolf of Ravensworth (a 1086)
Bardolf is sometimes identified as son of Thorfin, son of Cospatric of Ravensworth & Dalton, but others (who support the view that he was of the family of the early Earls of Richmond, which we show) identify him as that Thorfin's son-in-law.
1. Akaris/Akarias FitzBardolf of Ravensworth (d 1161)
  A. Hervey FitzAkaris of Ravensworth (d 1182)
  i. Henry FitzHervey of Ravensworth (d 1201/16.05.1212)
  m. Alice (dau of Ranulf FitzWalter of Greystock)
  a. Randolph FitzHenry of Ravensworth (d 1262/before 1238)
  m. Alice de Staveley (d before 11.1253, dau of Adam de Staveley of Staveley)
(1) Sir Henry FitzRandolph of Ravensworth (d 1262)
  (A) Randolph FitzHenry of Ravensworth (dsp c1278)
  (B) Sir Hugh FitzHenry of Ravensworth, 1st Lord (d 1304)
  m. Aubrey (bur 25.01.1302-3, widow of Sir William de Steyrigrave)
  (i) Henry FitzHugh, 2nd Lord (d 1356)
  m. Eve Bulmer (dau of Sir John Bulmer)
  (a) Henry FitzHugh (dvp 24.09.1352)
  m. Joane Fourneys (dau of Sir Richard Fourneys or de Fourneux)
((1)) Hugh FitzHugh (dsp)
  m. Isabel Nevill (dau of Ralph, Lord Nevill)
  ((2)) Henry FitzHugh, 3rd Lord (d 29.08.1386)
  m. (c09.1350) Joane Scrope (dau of Henry Scrope, 1st Lord of Masham)
  ((A)) John FitzHugh (d Otterburn)
  ((B)) Henry FitzHugh, 4th Lord (d 11.01.1424, Chamberlain)
  m. Elizabeth Grey (dau of Sir Robert Grey)
((i)) Sir William FitzHugh, 5th Lord (b 1398, d 1452, 3rd son)
  m. Marjory Willoughby (dau of William Willoughby, Lord of Eresby)
  ((a)) Henry FitzHugh, 6th Lord (b 1430, d 1472)
  m. Alice Neville (dau of Richard Nevill, Earl of Salisbury)
  (((1))) Richard FitzHugh, 7th Lord (d 1508)
  m. Elizabeth Borough (dau of Sir Thomas Borough)
  (((A))) George FitzHugh, 8th Lord (dsp 1512)
  (((2))) Alice FitzHugh
  m. (19.11.1466) Sir John Fienes (d 1483)
  (((3))) Elizabeth FitzHugh
  m1. Sir William Parr of Kendal (d before 1512)
  m2. Nicholas Vaux, 1st Lord of Harrowden (d 14.05.1523)
  (((4))) Anne FitzHugh (dsp)
  m. Francis, Lord Lovell
  (((5))) Margery FitzHugh (dsp)
  m. Sir Marmaduke Constable of Flamburgh
(((6)))+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, John, George, Edward, Joane (nun)
  ((b)) Margery FitzHugh
  m. Sir John Melton of Aston
  ((c)) Joane FitzHugh
  m. Sir John le Scrope, 5th Lord of Bolton (b 22.07.1435, d 17.08.1498)
  ((d)) Eleanor FitzHugh
  m. Thomas, Lord Dacre
((e)) Maud FitzHugh
  m. Sir William Bowes of Streatlam
  ((f)) Lora FitzHugh
  m1. John Musgrave
  m2. John Constable of Halsham (a 1459)
  ((g)) Lucy FitzHugh (nun)
((h)) Elizabeth FitzHugh
  m. Sir Ralph de Greystock, Lord of Greystoke (d 1487)
  ((ii)) Joane FitzHugh
  m. Sir Robert Willoughby, Lord of Eresby
  ((iii)) Eleanor FitzHugh (d 30.09.1457)
  m1. Philip Darcy, 6th Lord (d 1418)
  m2. (by 02.1427) Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland
  m3. Sir Henry de Bromflete, Lord of Vescy (d 16.01.1468)
  ((iv)) Maud FitzHugh
  m. Sir William Eure
((v)) Laura FitzHugh
  m. Sir Maurice Berkeley of Beverstone (b 1424, d 1474)
  ((vi)) Elizabeth FitzHugh
  m. Sir Ralph Grey of/in Northumberland
  ((vii))+ other issue - Henry, John (d young), Geffery, Robert (Bishop of London), Ralph, Herbert, Richard (d young), Lucy
((C)) Eleanor FitzHugh
  ((3)) Joan FitzHugh (d 01.09.1403)
  m1. (c10.1351) William de Greystock, 2nd / 4th Lord of Greystoke (b 1321, d 10.07.1359)
  m2. (1366) Sir Anthony de Lucy of Cockermouth, 3rd Lord (d 1368)
  m3. (before 06.05.1378) Sir Matthew Redman of Levens (d c1390)
  (b) Annabil FitzHugh
  m. Henry Vavasor
(ii) Adam FitzHugh of Glendonwyn (d 20.07.1363) --
  m. Agnes de Towers (d 03.02.1326-7, dau of Sir John de Towers of Adwick-le-Street) --
  (iii) daughter possibly of this generation (or one after)
  m. Sir William Constable of Flamburgh
  (C)+ other issue - John of Frernington, Thomas (d before 1301), Simon of Lepton
  (2) Adam FitzRandolph in Yorkshire (a 1259)
  b. John FitzHenry of Lartington
  c. Agatha of Ravensworth
  m. Sir Michael le Fleming of Aldingham
  ii. Alan FitzHervey of Cliburn or Cleburne (younger son)
  iii.+ other issue - Richard, Hugh, William (a 1199), Gilbert (a 1201)
  B. Walter FitzAkaris of Hinton

Main source(s): BE1883 (FitzHugh), web site reporting 'The House of Glendonwyn' (see Glendonwyn1) , with a little support from OHart (vol 2, p104+)
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