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Families covered: Purefoy of Shalstone (Shalleston), Purefoy of Shireford, Purefoy of Wadley

William Purefoy of Shireford, later of Shalstone or Shalleston and Foxcote (d 1466)
m. Marian Ayott (dau of Alan Ayott or Ayette of Shalstone & Foxcote)
1. Philip Purefoy of Baddesley Clinton & Foxcote 'of Shalstone' (bur 16.09.1466/68)
  Visitation (Leicester) reports that Philip m. Elizabeth Brome but dsp whilst the other sources support the following:
m. (1464) Isabell Brome (dau of John Brome of Badisley, m2. John Denton)
  A. Anne Purefoy
  m. Sir Edward Grevill
  B.+ other issue (dsp) - Philip, William
2. John Purefoy of Shalstone and Shireford (a 1517)
  A. Nicholas Purefoy of Shalstone & Shireford (d 18.02.1547)
  m1. Alice Denton (dau (sb sister?) of Thomas Denton of Besselsleigh or Besils Lee)
  i. Edward Purefoy of Shalstone (b 13.06.1494, d 01-6.06.1558)
  m. Anne Fettiplace (b 1496, d 16.08.1568, dau of Richard Fettiplace of Besselsleigh or Basilsleigh)
a. John Purefoy of Shalstone (dsp 1579)
  Visitation indicates that John had issue by both marriages but BLG1952 reports that he dsp. Lipscomb does not mention him.
  m1. Elizabeth Brome (bur 24.01.1566, dau of Sir John Brome of Halton)
  m2. Ann Windsor (dau of Thomas Windsor of Stoke Poges)
  b. William Purefoy of Hollingbourne, later of Shalstone (b 01.03.1524, d 05.07.1595)
Visitation indicates that John's children (Edward, John, Thomas, Anne) were by his 2nd wife. Lipscomb does not mention Beatrix at all and shows Cicely as mother of Edward, Thomas & Anne. We follow BLG1952 & BEB1841.
  m1. (12.02.1548) Beatrix Chilhurst (dau of Thomas de Chilhurst, widow of _ Strelley)
  (1) John Purefoy (d unm 10.05.1601, vicar of Wath, rector of Flore then Waddesdon)
  (2) Thomas Purefoy
  m. Blendina Goodwin (dau of Thomas Goodwin, Bishop of Bath and Wells) @@ below
  (A) Marmion Purefoy
  m2. Cicely Goodwin (dau of John Goodwin of Upper Winchendon)
  (3) Edward Purefoy (b 13.09.1555, dvp 15.03.1594)
  m. (1580) Joyce Purefoy (d 1596, dau of George Purefoy of Fenny Drayton)
(A) George Purefoy of Drayton and Shalstone (b 1583, d 13.05.1628) - continued below
  m1. Mary Knightley (d 1617, dau of Sir Valentine Knightley of Fawsley)
  m2. Dorothy Denny (dau of Henry Denny of Waltham Abbey)
  m3. (1627) Jane Roberts (dau of Francis Roberts of Willesden)
  The following come from Visitation (Berkshire) partly supported by Visitation (Leicestershire).
  (B) Edward Purefoy (rector of Battesford, 3rd son)
  m. Dorothy Broderwick (dau of Francis Broderwick of Langford)
  (C) Jane Purefoy
  m. William Purefoy of Caldecot
(D) Anne Purefoy (b 10.07.1582)
  m. Sir Edward Gisborne of Kent
  (E)+ other issue - William (dsp), John, Elizabeth (b 31.05.1581, d unm)
  (4) Thomas Purefoy (b 09.12.1557)
  (5) Anne Purefoy (dsp 01.11.1558)
  m. _ Puri
  m3. Mary Boys (dau of William Boys of Fredville)
  c. Thomas Purefoy (dsp, younger son)
  m. _ Wenman
  d. Francis Purefoy
  m. _ Anstruther
  (1)+ issue - George, Elizabeth
  e. Richard Purefoy (a 1579, youngest son)
  m. _ Pell (widow of _ Nicholls of Faxton)
  f. Mary Purefoy
  m. Thomas Thorne of Yadley Hastings, Nothamptonshire
  g. Elizabeth Purefoy
  m. Sir H. Bradbouirne
  h. Ann Purefoy
m. _ Swillington
  i.+ other issue - Thomas (d young?), Edward, Nicholas, Henry, Charles (dsp), Henry (dsp), Susan, Frances
  ii.+ other issue (dsp) - Isabel, Alice
  m2. Clemence Lydiate
  iv. Simon Purefoy or Purifay (bur 06.05.1579)
  m. Barbara Dixwell (dau of William Dixwell)
  a. Martin Purifay (b 24.10.1545, 3rd son) possibly father of ...
  (1)+ issue (a 1583) - James, William, Thomas
  b. Elizabeth Purifay (b 1548)
  m. William Acworth of Hernehill
  c.+ other issue - Nicholas (b 04.06.1540), Thomas (d 1583?)
m3. Katharine Brayfield (d 06.05.1566, dau of Richard Brayfield of Buckinghamshire)
  v. George Purefoy
  vi. Martin Purefoy
  m. (1567) Elizabeth Williams
  a. Richard Purefoy (bpt 10.01.1568)
  b. Joyce (Jocosa) Purefoy
  Lipscomb shows this as the Joyce who married Edward Purefoy (see above). As shown above, we show her differently.
  vii. Isabella Purefoy
  The following marriage is given in BEB1841 but not in BLG1952 or Liscomb.
  m. Thomas Goodwin, Bishop of Bath and Wells
  A daughter of Bishop Thomas, possibly (but not proven) by Isabella, was ...
  a. Blendina Goodwin
  m. Thomas Purefoy @@ above
  B. Simon Purefoy (bur 06.05.1579)
  i.+ issue - Nicholas (b 06.1540, d 18.02.1547), Martin (b 24.10.1545), Elizabeth (b 03.03.1548)



George Purefoy of Drayton and Shalstone (b 1583, d 13.05.1628) - continued above
Lipscomb shows the marriage to Mary Knightley and then suggests that George m2. Jane, widow of Sir Thomas Glover. That appears to be confusion with his son who is shown by Lipscomb as m1. _ Rousse (sister of _ Rousse of Potsden), m2. Anne (dp, reliect of _ Wynne). The marriages we show follow BLG1952 & BEB1841.
m1. Mary Knightley (d 1617, dau of Sir Valentine Knighley of Fawsley)
1. George Purefoy of Wadley and Shalstone (b 11.01.1605, d 28.03.1661)
  m1. (28.02.1626) Anne Glover (d 1645, dau of Sir Thomas Glover)
  A. George Purefoy of Wadley House (b 1629, d 1670)
  m. (1656) Catharine Willoughby (d 1673, dau of Sir Henry Willoughby, Bart of Risley)
  i. Sir Henry Purefoy, Sheriff of Derbyshire, Bart of Wadley (bpt 14.08.1656, dsp 19.08.1686 or 1691)
  ii.+ other issue - George, Knightley (a 1665), Robert, Willoughby (b 04.08.1659, d unm), Charles, Francis (dsp), Anne
  B. Knightley Purefoy of Shalstone (b 1633, d 13.01.1691, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Sandford (d 14.10.1686, dau of Henry Sandford of Bobbing Court)
i. Henry Purefoy of Shalstone (b 10.07.1664, d 23.07.1704)
  m. Elizabeth Fish (b 27.02.1697, d 08.01.1765, dau/coheir of Leonard Fish of London, "of the ancient family of Bellbar")
  a. Henry Purefoy of Shalstone, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (b 27.02.1697, d unm 28.04.1762)
  b. Fish Purefoy (b 15.02.1699, d 18.08.1701)
  ii. Anne Purefoy (d unm 30.03.1690)
  iii. Mary Purefoy (b 14.10.1674, d 19.01.1701)
  m. Anthony Sambach of Snowshill
  C. Jane Purefoy (b 1628, d 1676) see ## below
  m. (1645) Sir Christopher Hales of Whitefriars, Coventry
  D. Mary Purefoy (d 24.05.1687)
  m. (30.07.1657) Thomas Jervoise of Herriard, Sheriff of Hampshire (b 16.03.1616, d 13.05.1693)
  One of their descendants inherited Shalstone and changed his name to Purefoy-Jervoise.
  E. Anne Purefoy see ## below
  m. (23.05.1659) Edward Fleetwood of Penwortham
  F. Elizabeth Purefoy (b c1674, d 19.01.1701)
  m. Anthony Sambache of Bretforden
G. Dorothy Purefoy
  m. William Purefoy of Gawcot House
  H. Lucy Purefoy see ## below
  m. (28.07.1657) George Grey of Kingston Mauward
  I. Eleanor Purefoy
  m. (19.11.1658) Thomas Harrington of Boothby Pagnell
  J.+ other issue - Henry (dsp), William (dsp), Valentine, Thomas (b 1640, d 1648)
  m2. Anne Darcy (dsp, dau of Sir Francis Darcy of Isleworth and/or Brentford)
2. Elizabeth Purefoy mentioned by BEB1841 but not in BLG1952 or the Visitation
  m1/2. Sir John Firebrace
  It appears that an Elizabeth, probably of this generation, (also) married ...
  m2/1. Sir John Franklin of Willesden (b c1599, d 24.03.1647)
3.+ other issue - Edward (dsp), Valentine (dsp), Joyce (these all mentioned by BEB1844), Ralph (rector of Shalstone, mentioned by BLG1952)
  ## BEB1841, which reports that there were 3 sons + 5 daughters by this marriage, identifies a daughter Jane, married to Sir Thomas Hale, Bart of Coventry, but Hales03 shows that there was no such baronet, the first baronet (Sir John) being son (by his first marriage) of the Christopher Hales shown above as husband of Jane of the generation after this. BEB1841 also shows Lucy (m. George Grey) and Anne (m. Edward Fleetwood) as of this generation but we follow BLG1952, Lipscomb & Visitation in showing them a generation later.
m2. Dorothy Denny (dau of Henry Denny of Waltham Abbey, sister of Lord Edward)
m3. (1627) Jane Roberts (dau of Francis Roberts of Willesden, widow of Sir Thomas Glover of Hayes)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Purefoy of Shalstone), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 3, 'Pedigree of Purefoy, Jervoise Purefoy, and Purefoy Jervoise', p71), BEB1841 (Purefoy of Wadley) with some input/support for the upper section from Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, Purifoy), MGH (NS4 vol 11 1906), Part 1 (March 1904), 'Pedigree of Purifay of Shalston', p141) and for the lower section from Visitation (Berkshire, 1665-6, Purefoy of Wadley by Faringdon)
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