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Families covered: Seton of Lathrisk, Seton of Parbroath, Seton of Rumgavie

Sir John de Seton, 1st of Parbroath (d 1327)
m. Elizabeth Ramsay, heiress of Pabroath
1. Alexander Seton, 2nd of Parbroath
  m. Mary Vipont (de Veteriponte or Vieux Pont) of Langton
  A. Sir Gilbert Seton, 3rd of Parbroath (shield bearer to King James I)
  m. Marion Pitcairn
  i. Sir Alexander Seton, 4th of Parbroath (d 1512)
'Fife P&H' reported that Alexander married Katherine Crichton in 1472 and had one son, Kentigern (dvp c1498) who left a son John, father of Andrew (a 1528), succeeded by his son Gilbert in 1550 who was succeeded by David whose estate was forfeited in 1571, the forfeiture being reversed in 1592 in favour of David's son, another David who married Mary Grey. The setonfamily site shows the descent as follows.
  m. Helen Murray (dau of Sir William Murray of Tullibardine)
  a. Alexander Seton, younger of Parbroath (dvp 1512)
  m. Catherine Lindsay (dau of Patrick Lindsay, 4th Lord of the Byres)
  (1) John Seton, 5th of Parbroath (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
(2) Alexander or Andrew Seton, 6th of Parbroath (d 1563)
  m. ?? Balfour (dau of Balfour of Burleigh)
  (A) Gilbert Seton, younger of Parbroath (dvp Pinkie 1547)
  m. Helen Leslie (d 26.10.1594, dau of 4th Earl of Rothes)
  (i) David Seton, 7th of Parbroath (d 24.11.1601)
The setonfamily site suggests that David's wife was Mary, dau of 6th Lord of Broxmouth by Mary, dau of Robert Stewart, Earl of Orkney, but the Gray records suggest that she was 2 generations earlier.
  m. Mary Gray (dau of Patrick Gray, 4th Lord)
  (a) George Seton, last of Parbroath
  The setonfamily site suggests that David's 1st wife was Jean Sinclair, dau of Henry, 3rd Lord, but that Jean is not reported elsewhere as having married again after the death of her (1st) husband. Furthermore, TSP (Melville) reports a Jean Sinclair, widow of George Seton of Parbroath, as married to James Melville (mcrt 1618) which throws doubts on the order of David's marriages.
  m1. Jean Sinclair
  ((1))+ issue (d young) - son, daughter
  m2. Isabella Seton (dau of George Seton, 3rd of Cariston)
  ((3)) James Seton (d unm)
  ((4)) Robert Seton in Hawick
  ((A)) James Seton in London then West Indies/Caribbean
  m. Margaret Newton
  ((i)) John Seton in Camberwell and London (b 1712)
m. Elizabeth Seton (b 17.02.1719, d 02.08.1797, dau of James Seton of Belshes)
  ((a)) John Seton (d unm 12.1768 in Barbados)
  ((b)) William Seton (b 24.04.1746, d 09.06.1798, to New York) had issue in USA
  m1. (02.03.1767) Rebecca Curzon (dau of Richard Cutzon of New York)
  m2. (29.11.1776) Anna Maria Curzon (dau of Richard Cutzon of New York)
  ((c)) Isabella Seton (d 30.07.1828)
m. (1763) Sir Thomas Cayley, Bart (b 1732, d 1792)
  ((d)) Jane Seton (d 1821)
  m. (1770) Sir Walter Synnot of Ballymoyer House
  ((e)) Elizabeth Seton
  m. Robert Berry
  ((f)) Margaret Seton (d 1818)
  m. (1760) Andrew Seton of Seton's of Barnes, later in New York then Florida (d 1794)
  ((g)) Barbara Seton
  m. George Seton, younger of Abercorn
  (((1))) Barbara Seton
  m. _ Bannister in Honiton
  ((ii)) Mary Seton
  m. William Robertson of Surrey
  ((iii)) Margaret Seton
  m. _ Dundas of Manour
(b) David Seton, 1st of Kinglass (Kingask) and Ravenscraig (d c1640, 5th son)
  m. Jane Kinninmonth (she m2. John Lymburner)
  ((1)) David Seton
  ((A)) James Seton
  ((2)) Jean Seton
  (c) John Seton (b 1616, to Virginia) had issue in Virginia
  (d) Margaret Seton
  m. (09.1596) Sir John Scrymgeour, 1st Viscount of Dudhope (b 1570, d 07.03.1643)
(e) Mary or Claris Seton
  m. (08.1606) David Skene of Potterton
  (f) Elizabeth Seton probably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. William Gordon, 6th of Abergeldie (d 1630)
  (g)+ other issue - Andrew, Robert, William (?)
  (ii) Marion Seton
  m. David Kynnynmond of Kynnynmond & Craighall
  (iii) Janet Seton
  m. (1567) James Hamilton of Samuelson
  (B) Margaret Seton
  m. (01.1549) Thomas Lumsden of Airdrie
  (C) Christian Seton
  m. (1553) Henry (not David) Pitcairn of Forthir (dvp before 1573)
  (3)+ other issue - David, Janet
  b.+ 2 sons and 2 daughters
  ii. William Seton, 1st of Rumgavie
  m. Catherine Butler, heiress of Rumgavie
a. William Seton, 2nd of Rumgavie (d Pinkie 1547)
  m. Catherine Auchmuty
  (1) David Seton, 3rd of Rumgavie
  (2) William Seton
  iii. John Seton of Balbirnie, 1st of Lathrisk
  m. (before 1495) Jonet Lathrisk (dau of Alexander Lathrisk of Lathrisk)
  a. John Seton, 2nd of Lathrisk
  m. Janet Auchmuty (dau of ?? Auchmuty of Auchmuty)
(1) John Seton, 3rd of Lathrisk
  m. Alice Bonar
  (A) George Seton (d(vp?) c1576)
  (i) John Seton, 4th of Lathrisk
  m. Margaret Ross
  (a) John Seton, younger of Lathrisk
  m. (08.10.1646) Jean Stuart
((1)) ?? Seton
  ((A)) John Seton, last of Lathrisk (a 1720)
  ((2)) Ann Seton probably of this generation
  m. (1667) Thomas Marjoribanks of Marjoribanks (d 1704)
  (b) Alexander Seton (captain)
  (ii) Janet Seton possibly of this generation
  m. Andrew Arnot of Scotlandwell
  (B) James Seton of Ramelrie (b c1636)
  m. Isobel Balfour, 'Lady Carrelstoun'
  (i) Isabella Seton
  m. Robert Maxwell of Calderwood
(ii) Jane Seton
  m. Robert Echlin of Pitaddro then Ardquin, Bishop of Doen & Connor (b 1576, d 1635)
  (iii)+ other issue - George, John of Strathmiglo
  (C)+ other issue - William, son, Patrick (dsp 16.02.1600, Captain), daughter
  (2) Christopher Seton (minister of Strathmiglo)
  (3) Elizabeth Seton
  m. James Spens of Lathallan (d 1595)
  (4) Janet Seton
  m. Bernard Oliphant (of family of Aberdalgie)
  (5) Margaret Seton
  m. Robert Hunter of Newton Rires
  b. Christian Seytoun possibly of this generation
  m. (c1544) Alexander Myrtoun of Randerston (d by 1565)
  iv. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Alexander Strachan of Carmylie
  v.+ other issue - Gilbert (priest), David (a 1488, rector of Fettercairn & Balhelny)
  b. Christian Seytoun possibly fits here
  m. William Bonar of Bonare & Keltye (d 1469)

Main source(s): www2thesetonfamily.com with a very little support & some contradiction from 'Fife (P&H)' (vol 2, p333+)
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