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Families covered: Scrymgeour (Scrimgeour) of Dudhope, Scrymgeour (Scrimgeour) of Dundee, Scrymgeour of Glassary (Glastrie), Scrymgeour of Kirkton, Scrymgeour of Sonahard

Carun of Cupar
1. Colyn
  A. Alexander Schyrmeschur of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee (a 1293) presumed father of ...
  Alexander carried the Royal Standard at the battle of Bannockburn (1314).
  i. Nicholas Scrymgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee (a 1318) presumed father of ...
  a. Sir John Scrymgeour of Dudhope (d Dupplin Moor 1332) not shown by TSP
(1) Sir Alexander Scrymgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee (d 1383)
  m. Agnes (dau of Gilbert of Glassary)
  (A) Sir James Scrymgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee (d Harlaw 24.06.1411)
  m. Egidia Maxwell (dau of Sir John Maxwell of Pollok)
  (i) Sir John Scrymgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee (d 1465 or before 08.1463)
  m1. Katherine Ogilvy
  m2. Isabella Oliphant (dau of Sir William Oliphant of Aberdalgie)
Isabella is identified by BLG1952 as mother of at least the first son. It is not certain that she was also the mother of the other sons. TSP does not ascribe any of the sons to any particular wife.
  (a) Sir James Scrymgeour of Glassary, later of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee (d 1478)
  m1. Jonet Lyon
  m2. Margaret Maitland
  ((1)) Sir James Scrymgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee (d 1504)
  m. (1495) Isobel Gray (dau of Andrew Gray, 2nd Lord)
  ((A)) James Scrymgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee (d 1546)
  m1. (div before 1524) Mariot Stewart
  ((i)) Elizabeth Scrymgeour
  m. (1539) James Scrymgeour of Kirkton (d before 1555) @@ below
((ii)) Agnes Scrymgeour --
  m. Peter Bruce, younger of Earlshall (dvp) --
  m2. (before 23.08.1534) Mariota Wardlaw (dau of John Wardlaw of Torrie)
  ((B)) Margaret Scrymgeour
  m. John Stewart, 3rd Earl of Buchan (d by 1551)
((C)) Janet Scrymgeour
  m. James Carlyle, 3rd Lord (dsp before 15.01.1525/6)
  ((D)) daughter
  m. Thomas Spalding
  ((2)) John Scrymgeour of Glassary (d after Flodden 10.1513) - continued below
  m. Janet Ogilvy
  ((3)) Matilda Scrymgeour
  m. Sir Robert Graham, 1st of Fintry
  ((4)) Elizabeth Scrymgeour --
m. John Sandilands, younger of Calder (dvp before 13.02.1493-4) --
  ((5)) Mariota Scrymgeour (d 08.01.1518)
  m. (mcrt 10.09.1479) Robert Arbuthnot, 12th of Arbuthnot (d before 11.01.1506)
  (b) Elizabeth Scrymgeour --
  m. John Lyon, 3rd Lord Glamis (d 01.04.1497) --
  (c)+ other issue - Alexander (rector of Glassary), David of Fardhill
  m3. Marion Abernethy (a 1466, widow of Sir Robert Maitland of Lethington) ## see here ##
(e) John Scrymgeour (a 05.1431) mentioned by TSP (Lauderdale)
  (ii) David Scrymgeour of Sonahard (d 1471)
  (a) Alexander Scrymgeour of Sonahard and Kirkton (d 1505, chamberlain)
  (b) David Scrymgeour (d 1493)
  ((1)) James Scrymgeour of Kirkton (d 03.1513)
  m. Lily Lessilis
  ((A)) James Scrymgeour of Kirkton (d before 1555)
  m. (1539) Elizabeth Scrymgeour (dau of James Scrymgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee) @@ above
  ((i)) James Scrymgeour of Kirkton (d 1580)
  m. Agnes Bruce of Earlshall
  (iv) Egidia Scrymgeour
  m. James Maitland of Auchinbreck
  (B) Alexander Scrymgeour
  (2) daughter possibly of this generation --
  m. Sir Robert Bruce, 3rd of Clackmannan (d by 1406) --



John Scrymgeour of Glassary (d after Flodden 10.1513) - continued above
m. Janet Ogilvy
1. John Scrymgeour of Glassary and Dudhope, Constable of Dundee (d 12.1562)
  m. Isobel Cunninghame (a 1563)
  A. John Scrymgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee (d 11.1568)
  m. _ Campbell (dau of Campbell of Auchenbreck)
BLG1952 and BP1934 identify John's wife as Margaret, dau of Sir John Campbell of Lundy whom TSP shows as wife of John's brother Robert. We follow TSP.
  i. Sir James Scrymgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee (d 13.07.1612)
  m1. (mcrt 13.06.1565) Margaret Carnegie (d 09.01.1575-6, dau of Sir Robert Carnegie, 5th of Kinnaird)
  a. John Scrymgeour, 1st Viscount of Dudhope (b 1570, d 07.03.1643)
  m. (09.1596) Margaret Seton (dau of George (Sir David ?) Seton of Parbroath)
  (1) James Scrymgeour, 2nd Viscount of Dudhope (d Marston Moor 23.07.1644)
  m. (mcrt 04.08.1618) Isabella Kerr (dau of Sir Robert Ker, 1st Earl of Roxburghe)
  (A) John Scrymgeour, 1st Earl of Dundee (dsp 23.06.1668)
  m. (07.1644) Anna Ramsay (dau of William Ramsay, 1st Earl of Dalhousie)
(B) Jean or Margaret Scrymgeour
  m. (1647) John Graham of Fintry (dsps)
  (C)+ other issue - Alexander (d 08.1661), Robert (a 1664), Mary (bpt 30.12.1619)
  (2) David Scrymgeour (d before 01.06.1647, 3rd son)
  m. Jean Cockburne
  (A) Clara Scrymgeour
  (B) Margaret Scrymgeour (bur 01.1662)
  m. (1656) James Alexander (bur 09.12.1671, Lt. Col.)
(3) Magdalene Scrymgeour
  m. (02.07.1617) Alexander Irvine, 10th of Drum, Sheriff of Aberdeen (d 1658)
  (4) Mary or Isabel Scrymgeour
  m. (mcrt 25.07.1623) Peter Hay of Megginch
  (5) Margaret Scrymgeour
  m. (mcrt 17.09.1627) Sir Thomas Thomson of Duddingston
  (6) Jane Scrymgeour
  m. (mcrt 27.12.1632) Sir John Carnegie of Craig (d 22.11.1654)
  (7)+ other issue - John of Inschyra (a 1653), Andrew of Pitnepie, Aelxander
  b. Margaret Scrymgeour
  m. (after 11.1586) James Haliburton of Thorngreen
  c. Catherine Scrymgeour
  m. William Ochterlony, younger of that ilk
  m2. (before 11.09.1581) Magdalene Livingston (dau of Alexander Livingston, 5th Lord)
  ii. Donald Scrymgeour
  B. James Scrymgeour of Henderstoun
  C. Robert Scrymgeour had issue
  m. Margaret Campbell (dau of John Campbell of Lundy)
  D. Elizabeth Scrymgeour (d 09.1595)
  m1. (mcrt 27.05.1559) Andrew Wintoun of Stradichty-Martin
  m2. John Ogilvie of Pitpointie
2. James Scrymgeour (rector, canon of Lismore)
3. Walter Scrymgeour of Glaswell had issue
  m. (before 01.03.1529-30) Katherine Murray

Main source(s): TSP (Dundee), BLG1952 (Scrymgeour-Wedderburn of Wedderburn), BP1999 (Scrymgeour of Dundee), BE1883 (Scrimgeour of Dundee)
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