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Families covered: Sibbald of Balgonie (Balgony), Sibbald of Giblistoun, Sibbald of Kair, Sibbald of (Over) Rankeillour, Sibbald of South Shields, Sibbald of Whiterigg

(1) BLG1863 identifies the arms of the Whiterigg branch as "Arg. a cross moline, gu., pierced in the centre".
(2) BLG reports that the following Thomas (b 1426) was "principal treasurer in the reigns of James II, and James IV". Those monarchs reigned 1437-1460 and 1488-1513 respectively. BLG1863 reports that the Andrew who was father of the heiress Helena was "Viscount of Fyfe, in the year 1466" and then shows the following Sir Thomas as father of Sir John father of Sir Andrew father of Sir John father of Sir Andrew, the father of Helena. Thisilooks too many generations. We have therefore omitted the first Sir John and his son Sir Andrew (as various other web sites have done).
Sir Thomas Sibbald of Balgonie, Fife (b 1426, Treasurer of Scotland)
BLG1863 does not identify Thomas's wife but she is shown in 'The House of Arnot and some of its branches' (James Arnott, 1918, p22) as ...
m. Margery Boswell (dau of John Boswell of Balgregie & Balmuto (sister of David), widow of John Arnot of Arnot) wife of Thomas, possibly mother of ...
1. Sir John Sibbald of Balgonie, Crail, Rossie, Balfour, Mondynes & Castletown
  BLG1863 does not identify John's wife. She, as mother of Isabel, is identified on various web sites as ...
  m. Joan Livingstone
  A. Sir Andrew Sibbald of Balgonie, Sheriff of Fife (a 1466)
  i. Helena (or Elizabeth) Sibbald, heiress of Balgonie
  m. Sir Robert Lundie of Balgonie (d 1502?)
  ii. Catherine Sibbald possibly fits here
m. (1538) George Durie, 1st of Craigluscar (b 02.1494, d 1575, Archdeacon of St. Andrews, Abbot)
  B. John Sibbald of Kair, Castletown, Mondynes & Balfour
  m. Janet Strachan (dau of Janet Strachan) possibly wife of this John and mother of ...
  i. George Sibbald of Kair (dsp)
  m. Jane Lundie (dau of _ Lundie of Balgownie)
  ii. Andrew Sibbald of Kair (d 1570)
m. Margaret Arbuthnot ("dau of the Baron of Arbuthnott")
  a. John Sibbald of Kair
  m. Mary Douglas (dau of Archibald Douglas)
  (1) David Sibbald of Kair
  m. Jean Auchmuttie (dau of Sir David Auchmuttie)
  (A) James Sibbald
  m. Anna Douglas
  (i) Alexander Sibbald (dsp)
  (B) Margaret Sibbald, heiress of Kair
  m. Henry Guthrie of Halkerstone (a 1657)
  (2) John Sibbald of Whiterigg, Roxburghshire
  (A) John Sibbald
  m. Jane Elliott (dau of Walter Elliott of Wolflee)
  (i) William Sibbald of Pinnach & Whiterigg (b 13.01.1719, d 10.10.1798)
  m. Charlotte Cleland (dau of David Cleland in Edinburgh (by Janet, dau of John Baillie of Woodside), sister of Capt. Thomas Cleland (RN))
  (a) John Sibbald (b 22.10.1746, dvp 1777)
  m. Anne Franks of Lincoln
  ((1)) William Sibbald of Pinnach & Whiterigg (b 11.01.1771, d 13.12.18*5, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. Susan (dau/coheir of Thomas (Mein?) of Eldon Hall)
  ((2)) Anne Sibbald
m. James Grieve of Branxholm Braes
  ((3)) Charlotte Sophia Sibbald
  m. Archibald Scott of Howcleuch (brother of _ Scott of Wauchope)
  (b)+ other issue - Charles (WS, poet), William Elphinstone (Major), Hugh (b 1786, d Seringapatam, captain)
  (ii)+ other issue - John of Whitelaw, Thomas in Leith
  (3) Mary Sibbald
  (4) Christian Sibbald possibly of this generation
  m. Andrew Strachan of Tillifroskie
  b. Abraham Sibbald (prebendary of Deer)
(1) 'Fife (P&H)' (p206+) reports that a cadet branch of Balgony was the family of Sibbald of Over Rankeillour who acquired that estate at the beginning of the 16th century. However it also reports that "Thomas Sibbald of Rankeillour appears as a witness to a charter dated 1466, so that he must have been in possession before that time." We presume that Thomas's interest in Rankeillour at that time was minor. 'Fife (P&H)' supports much of the following.
(2) BLG1863 does not provide a full descent for Abraham's line but reports that he was ancestor of the Sibbalds of Rankeillour (and Sir Robert of Kipps) and then provides a note that supports the descent from Archibald below. The dates suggest that Archibald (sb Andrew?) must have been son or grandson of Abraham.
  (1) ?? Sibbald presumed intervening generation
  (A) Andrew or Archibald Sibbald of Rankeillour named Archibald by BLG1863 but Andrew by TCB & BEB1841
The following is supported by TCB (vol 3, 'Sibbald of Rankeillour', p379+) & BEB1841 ('Sibbald of Rankeilour'). BEB1841 identifies the arms of this branch as "Arg. a cross molins, moline square pierced gu., within a bordure az.".
  m. Margaret Lermont (dau of George Lermont of Balcommie (Lermonth of Balcomie))
  (i) Sir James Sibbald of (Over) Rankeillour, 1st Bart (d 21.05.1650)
  m. (1606) Margaret Barclay (dau of David Barclay of Cullerny)
  (a) Sir David Sibbald of Giblistoun, last of Rankeillour, 2nd Bart (a 1673)
  m. (mcrt 12.11.1625) Anna Wardlaw (dau of Sir Henry Wardlaw of Pitreavie)
  ((1))+ issue (dsp(vp?)) - James (b 04.11.1627), Henry of Giblistoun (a 1674), John (a 05.1678), George (dsp by 05.1678)
  (b) George Sibbald (dspms?) possibly of this generation
  m. Christina Heriot (dau of Walter Heriot of Ramornie)
  (ii) George Sibbald of Giblistoun ("doctor of medicine and professor of philosophy abroad")
  TCB reports that George's nephew Sir David "was served heir" to George on 09.12.1673. However, TCB also reports that the undermentioned William claimed the following descent from the following George of Canongate, identifying that George as "only s. of George Sibbald, of the same, formerly of Uthrogall near Rankeillour aforesaid, who was 2d. s. of the 1st Baronet".
  (a) George Sibbald of Canongate
  ((1)) David Sibbald in Canongate (sailor)
  ((A)) James Sibbald of South Shields (desk and trunk maker, 3rd son)
  ((i)) James Sibbald of South Shields (master mariner, 2nd son)
  ((a)) (Sir) William Sibbald of South Shields then Edinburgh, 'Bart'
TCB reports that William "on 31 May 1831, was served heir male of Henry Sibbald, 2d s. of the 2d Baronet, and on 18 Nov. 1833 was served heir male special to the 1st Baronet ... (and) on 13 May 1834 (as a Baronet) was served heir to his great grandfather, David Sibbald. In 1846, however, these services were reduced before the Court of Session at the instance of the Lord Advocate, though it has been remarked that the evidence in Sir William's case was better than that produced by many wealthy persons left to enjoy their assumed honours without challenge."
  (iii) David Sibbald ("keeper of the Great Seal")
  m. Margaret Boyd (dau of Robert Boyd of Kipps)
(a) Sir Robert Sibbald of Kipps (b 15.04.1641, d 08.1722)
  Robert was historian of Fife, geographer of Scotland, physician to King Charles II, and the first professor of medicine at Edinburgh University.
  c. James Sibbald (rector of Benholm)
  (1) (Margaret) Sibbald
  BLG1863 reports that she married Robert Douglas, Bishop of Dunblane. However, it seems that she was mother of that Bishop by ...
  m. Robert Douglas of Nether Kilmonth
  iii. Elizabeth/Isabel Sibbald (a 1500, d before 02.1502/3, only daughter) --
  BLG1863 reports that Elizabeth married George Douglas, Earl of Angus. TCP ('Angus'), which names her Isabel (which was often interchangeable with 'Elizabeth' at the time), confirms that she had 2 other marriages also.
  m1. (by 1446) George Douglas, 4th Earl of Angus (d 12.03.1463) --
  m2. (by 1477) John Carmichael, 1st of Balmedie (b c1430) --
  m3. (after 1479) Sir Robert Douglas of Lochleven (d Flodden, 09.09.1513)
2. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Peter Balfour (a temp Robert III who r. 1390-1406)

Main source(s): BLG1863 ('Sibbald of Westcott') with input/support as reported above
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