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Families covered: Trotman of Bucknell, Trotman of Cam, Trotman of Shelswell, Trotman of Siston

'Gloucestershire Notes and Queries' (volume 2, edited by Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, 1884), reports that "This well-known Gloucestershire surname is said to be Teutonic in its origin, and to signify trusty man or steward; but whether this be so or not, must be left for philolgists to determine. It may, however, be noted that there is a village in Germany called Trautmansdorf. The Trotmans, it is asserted, claim for their ancestor the hospitable neatherd, in whose cottage the incident of the burnt cakes occured when King Alfred fled from the Danes. But it is scarcely worth while to enquire into the authenticity of this tradition."
Henry Trotman (d 1526-7)
1. Thomas Trotman of Longfords in Cam, Gloucestershire (d c11.1558)
  m. Agnes Harding (d c11.1558, dau of William Harding of Cam)
  A. John Trotman of Nasse Court in Cam (bur 29.07.1577, clothier)
  m. Joan
i.+ issue - Thomas, Richard
  B. Richard Trotman of Longford House in Cam (bur 14.03.1592/3)
  m. (before 08.09.1558) Catherine Tyndale (bur 15.06.1591, dau of Edward Tyndale, sister of Thomas of Eastwood)
  i. Edward Trotman of Eastwood, later of Longford House (b 05.10.1545, d 06.06.1633)
  m. (20.01.1575/6) Anne Watts (b 28.04.1577, d 04.11.1635, dau of Richard Watts of Stroud)
  a. Edward Trotman (bpt 10.04.1580, bur 29.05.1643, bencher of the Inner Temple)
  m. Jane Stratford (dau of Anthony Stratford of Temple Guiting)
  (1)+ issue (a 1623) - Edward (b c1611), Anne (b c1609)
  b. Richard Trotman of Cam (bpt 09.03.1582/3, d before 21.10.1635)
  m. Anne Lloyd (dau of Thomas Lloyd of Holyrood Ampney)
  (1)+ issue (a 1623) - Edward (b c1617), Charles, Sibell (b c1616)
  c. Thomas Trotman (bpt 30.08.1586, 4th son)
m. Susan (a 1663)
  d. Maurice Trotman (bpt 19.06.1590)
  m. (27.04.1611) Mary Trotman
  e. Samuel Trotman of Bucknell, Gloucestershire (b 10.02.1599/1600, d 18.01.1684/5, 6th son)
  m1. (14.05.1638) Elizabeth Wayte (b 1614-5, d 08.08.1640, dau of Thomas Wayte of Keythorpe)
  m2. (09.03.1646/7) Mary Warcup (b c1623, bur 09.09.1667, dau of Samuel Warcup of English)
  (1) Samuel Trotman of Siston, Gloucestershire (b 23.02.1649/50, d 06.02.1719/20, bencher of the Inner Temple)
  m1. Dorothy Dring (dau/coheir of Robert Dring of Isleworth)
  (A) Dorothea Trotman (b 1679-80, d 01.05.1720)
  m. (16.10.1712) Samuel Trotman @@ just below
  m2. (c12.1691) Elizabeth Montague (b c1654, a 1720, dau William Montague (Lord Chief Baron), relict of Sir William Drake of Shardeloes)
  (B) Frances Trotman (d infant)
  (2) Lenthall Trotman of Bucknell (b 24.01.1658/9, d 22.01.1709/10, 3rd son)
  m. (20.05.1684) Mary Phillips (b c1663, d 19.11.1714, dau of Thomas Phillips of Ickford)
  (A) Samuel Trotman of Siston (b 07.03.1685/6, d 02.02.1748/9, of the Inner Temple, MP)
m. (16.10.1712) Dorothea Trotman @@ just above
  (B) Thomas Trotman of Siston (b 03.08.1686, d 26.05.1751)
  m. (09.1720) Elizabeth Haynes (a 1743, dau of Richard Haynes of Wick Court & Abson)
  (i) Samuel Trotman of Siston & Bucknell, Sheriff of Oxford (bpt 26.10.1721, d 13.01.1775)
  m1. Anne Plommer (d 10.06.1763, dau of Arthur Plomer of Bristol)
  m2. Mary Stanton (b 08.03.1733/4, d 22.03.1788, dau of John Stanton of Longbridge)
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 19.07.1726, d 02.08.1726), Thomas (bpt 14.04.1728, bur 07.02.1732/3), Ann (bpt 18.07.1725, d 12.02.1725/6), Elizabeth (bpt 1733)
  (C) Edward Trotman of Shelswell, Oxfordshire (b 11.06.1688, d 21.09.1743)
  m. Mary Filmer (d 18.08.1743, dau/coheir of Thomas Filmer of Amwell Bury by Susannah Fiennes, sister/coheir of Laurence, 5th Viscount Saye & Sele)
  (i) Fiennes Trotman of Shelswell, Siston & Bucknell, Sheriff of Oxford (b c1723, d 02.12.1782)
  (ii) Samuel Trotman (b 18.03.1723/7, d 28.11.1773, rector of Newton Purcell, vicar of Siston)
  m. Mary Newsham (dau of Thomas Newsham of Butler's Marston)
  (a) Samuel Trotman (d young?)
(b) Fiennes Trotman of Shelswell, Siston & Bucknell (b 1752-3.d 19.06.1824)
  m. Hester Miller (b 1751-2, d 05.08.1833, dau of Saunderson Miller)
  ((1)) Fiennes Trotman of Siston, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (b c1785, d 11.09.1835, 3rd son) had issue
  m1. Harriet Litchfield (b 1891-2, d 06.05.1823, dau of Francis Litchfield of Northampton by Anne Miller)
  m2. Anne Elizabeth Deane (dau of Thomas Deane of Winchester)
  ((2)) Mary Susannah Trotman
  m. (23.09.1817) Ponsonby Sheppard of Waterford (RN) ## see here ##
  ((3)) Hester Louisa Trotman (d 10.1823)
  m. (23.08.1805) Philip Thomas Wykeham of Tythrop House (b 18.12.1774, d 05.09.1832, 'nephew/coheir of Philip, Viscount Wenman', m2. Eliza Wykeham-Martin)
  ((4)) Dorothy Trotman (bpt 06.01.1787)
  m. _ Powell
((5))+ other issue - Fiennes (d infant), Samuel (b 1780, d 23.05.1788)
  (c) Edward Trotman (bpt 18.10.1760, d 02.07.1822, vicar of Radway, rector of Leamington)
  m. Lucy Newsham (b 1777, d 29.01.1850, dau of Rev. Peers Newsham of Harbury & Harborough Magna)
  The following comes from Visitation (Joseph Jackson Howard & Frederick Arthur Crisp, England & Wales, vol 3, 1895, Trotman).
  ((1)) Fiennes Samuel Trotman (b 24.10.1795, d 31.01.1863, vicar of Dallington, rector of Stoke Goldington & Gayhurst, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (21.04.1825) Mary Earle (bpt 17.10.1798, d 14.01.1841, dau of Rev. Nicholas Earle of Swerford)
  m2. (23.11.1842, sp) Caroline Short (dau of George Short of Bickham)
  ((2)) Lucy Ttrotman (b 21.02.1806, d 03.08.1883)
  m. (22.12.1823) William John Wickham of Winchester
  ((3))+ other issue - Edward Peers (b 28.12.1794, d 28.05.1802), Mary Susanna (b 19.10.1790, d 28.09.1791), Emma Maria (b 09.07.1800, d 29.05.1802)
  (d) Mary Trotman (a 1804)
m. John Williams (a 1804)
  (iii) Susanna Trotman (b 1721, d 09.05.1807)
  m. Saunderson Miller of Radway Grange (d before 1804)
  (iv)+ other issue - Edward (b 11.03.1724/5, a 1737), Mary (d 07.02.1719/20), Mary (b 28.08.1728, bur 30.03.1733)
  (3) Mary Trotman (b 22.12.1647, dsp)
  m. (c12.1672) Richard Osborne (of the Inner Temple)
  (4) Hannah Trotman (b 19.04.1652, a 1684)
  m. (1676) Robert Wadman of Imber (a 1684)
  (5) Susanna Trotman (b 17.01.1655/6, d before 05.04.1723)
  m. (29.08.1689) Sir Richard Holford of Avebury (b c1639, m1. Sarah Crew (dau of John Crew of Westonbirt), m2. Elizabeth Stayner (dau of Vice Admiral Sir Richard Stayner))
  (6) Sarah Trotman (b 06.07.1667, a 03.1722/3)
  m. (21.08.1701) John Hickes (b c1653, d before 01.03.1719/20, rector of Whimple)
  (7)+ other issue - Joseph of Bucknell (b 12.02.1653/4), Elizabeth 9b 03.02.1660/1, bur 04.02.1661/2)
  f. Cecilia Trotman (bpt 07.11.1596)
  m. (01.10.1647) _ Haywood
  g. Catherine Trotman (a 1635)
  m. (09.06.1595) Richard Haynes (a 1635)
  h. Anne Trotman (d before 09.1647)
  m. (30.11.1617) Nicholas Harvey
  i.+ other issue - William (bpt 01.09.1583, d before 1623), Throgmorton of London (bpt 21.07.1594, d by 1664), Richard (d before 1623), Elizabeth (d infant), Joan (a 1647)
  ii. Griffith Trotman of Cam (bur 16.06.1598) had issue
  m. (10.05.1578) Catherine Trotman (a 1598, dau of Elizabeth Trotman of Wickwar)
  iii. Katherine Trotman (bur 15.06.1591)
  iv. Edith Trotman (a 1592)
  m. (17.10.1575) Thomas Warne of Snowshill (a 1592)
  v. Mary Trotman
  m. (03.03.1575/6) Lodwicke Trotman of Buckover in Thornbury (d before 07.05.1606)
  C. John Trotman of Longfords in Cam (dsp bur 29.07.1592)
  m. Katherine Trotman (d before 20.5.1602, dau of William Trotman of Wotton-under-Edge, sister of Thomas of Tortworth & William of Wotton-under-Edge)

Main source(s): Visitation (Frederick Arthur Crisp, England & Wales, Notes vol 5, 1903, Trotman), with thanks to a contributor (CV, 16.09.12) for drawing this to our attention, with a little support from Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Trotman)
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