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Families covered: Wykeham-Martin of Chacombe, Wykeham-Martin of Leeds Castle, Wykeham (Wickham) of Swalcliffe (Swacliffe), Wykeham of Thame, Wykeham of Tythrop

(1) It appears that there has been a longstanding debate as to whether or not William de Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester, Chancellor of England (b 1324, d 27.09.1404) was closely connected to the following family. The article on this in 'The Topographer and Genealogist' (1858), used as a major source for this page, indicates that its author believes that he was but cannot prove exactly how. Note that a son of John Wickham of Walden, whose line is shown on the continuation, was another William Wickham who became Bishop of Winchester (b 1539, d 11.06.1595).
(2) Probably connected to Walter (a 1147) son of Robert (a 1086) son of Walchelin was ...
Richard de Stokes aka Richard de Swalcliffe (a c1150)
1. Robert de Stokes aka Radulphus de Wykham (a 1238)
  A. Sir Robert Wykham (a 1279) the first mentioned by CTG
  m. Anne
  i. Robert Wykham of Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire the first mentioned by BLG1952, Commoners & Visitation
  m. Maude Waterville (dau/coheir of Sir Reginald Waterville by Sara Estrange)
  a. Sir Robert Wykham of Swalcliffe & Wykham (d 1327)
  m. (1291) Elizabeth Lesore (dau of Sir John Lesore or Le Sore or de Lisures)
  (1) Robert de Wykham (dsp c1346)
  m. Katherine de la Le (dau of Sir William de la Le)
(2) John Wykham of Sheningdon or Shemyngdon
  m. Peteronel (de Waterville?)
  (A) Robert Wykham (dsp?)
  (3) Thomas Wykham (d c1385) generation omitted by Commoners & Visitation
  m. Katharine de la Te (dau/heir of Sir William de la Te)
  (A) Thomas Wykham of Swalcliffe (a 1386) generation omitted by Commoners & Visitation
  m1. Isabel D'Oyly (dau of William (sb Thomas?) D'Oyly (probably not D'Oxley))
  (i) Thomas Wykham of Swacliffe (d after 1464) generation omitted by Commoners
  m. Agnes
(a) Thomas Wykham (dvpsp)
  m. Anne
  (b) John Wykham
  m. Alice Lyggarde or Ligyar or Lideyarde or Lidyatt of Glimpton
  ((1)) Thomas Wykham of Swacliffe
  m. Joyce Hanbury
  ((A)) Edward Wykham 'of Swalcliffe'
m. Isabella Poulton (dau of Giles Poulton or Powlton)
  ((i)) Humphry Wickham or Wykeham (b 1529, a 1575) - continued below
  m. Maria Underhill (dau of Edward Underhill)
  ((ii)) Margaret or Anne Wickham (bur 03.06.1602)
  m. William Deane
  ((B)) ?? Wyckham possibly father of ...
  The article in 'The Topographer and Genealogist' shows that there was possibly a son here with "Conjectured descent of Wickham of Yorkshire". That is also mentioned by CTG which, on p369, connects the following John to the above Thomas by dotted line. Visitation (E&W) shows a dotted conection to John (as of this generation). However, as reported in the continuation, Visitation (E&W) also indicates that the connection may have been a generation or so removed.
  ((i)) John Wickham of Walden & Enfield
  ((2)) ?? Wyckham
  The article in 'The Topographer and Genealogist' shows that there was possibly a son here with "Conjectured descent of Wickham of Abingdon and Garsington". That is also mentioned by CTG.
  (c) Robert Wykham
  (ii)+ other issue - John, Perceval, Guy (d by 1496), Edward
  m2. Margery (a 1436)
  (vi) William Wykham
  (B)+ other issue - Robert (cleric), John (a 1393)
  (4)+ other issue (d young) - Richard, Percivall
  b. Agnes Wykham
  ii. Thomas Wykham (a 1284, parson of Swalcliffe)



Humphry Wickham or Wykeham 'of Thame or Swalcliffe' (b 1529, a 1575) - continued above
m. Maria Underhill (d by 1598, dau of Edward Underhill)
1. Richard Wykeham (dvpsp(ms) 1635)
  m. Anne Holbrook or Houldbrook
2. Edward Wykeham of Welton, Northamptonshire
  m. Joyce Symmes (dau of William Symmes or Symes of Welton)
Commoners shows Richard as father (by Anne Houldbrook) of the following Humphry but the article in 'The Topographer and Genealogist' and BLG1952 show that it was Edward & Joyce who were parents of ...
  A. Humphry Wykeham of Swalcliffe b 1608, d by 1650) the last generation mentioned by CTG
  m. Martha Ward (dau of Rowley Ward or Warde of Warwick, Serjeant-at-law)
  i. Humphry Wykeham of Swalcliffe (d 1703)
  m. (1698) Susanna Orlebar (dau of Richard Orelbar of Hinwick House)
  a. Richard Wykeham of Swalcliffe (d 1751)
  m. Vere Alicia Fiennes (d 1768, sister/coheir of Richard Fiennes, 6th Viscount Say & Sele)
  The following is partly supported by Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Herbert of Kingsey; Wenman and Wykeham of Tythorp', p298).
  (1) Richard Wykeham (b 1732, d 1735)
(2) William Humphry Wykeham of Swalcliffe (b 1734, d 1783-92)
  m. (30.12.1768) Sophia Wenman (d 1791-2, dau of Philip, Viscount Wenman of Thame Park by the heiress of Tythrop)
  (A) William Richard Wykeham of Swalcliffe (b 24.10.1769, d 01.07.1800)
  m1. Elizabeth Marsh (dau of William Marsh)
  (i) William Wykeham (b 1791, dvp 1798)
  (ii) Sophia Elizabeth Wykeham of Thame Park & Swalcliffe, Baroness Wenman of Thame Park (b 10.03.1790, d unm 09.08.1870)
  m2. (sp) _Mary Hughes (dau of Thomas Hughes, m2. _ Davis)
(B) Philip Thomas Wykeham of Tythrop, Buckinghamshire (b 18.12.1774, d 05.09.1832)
  m1. (09.1806) Hester Louisa Trotman (d 26.10.18236, dau of Fiennes Trotman of Siston Court)
  (i) Philip Thomas Herbert Wykeham of Thame Park & Tythrop House (b 09.09.1807, d 21.05.1879)
  (ii) Aubrey Wenman Wykeham, later Wykeham-Musgrave of Tythorp Hall (d 21.10.1879) had issue
  m. (22.06.1836) Georgiana Musgrave (dau of Sir James Musgrave of Barnsley Park, Bart)
  m2. (1825) Elizabeth Wykeham-Martin (dsp 12.04.1879, dau of Fiennes Wykeham-Martin of Leeds Castle) @@ below
  BLG1952 shows the following Sophia & Harriet as of the next generation, daughters of Philip Thomas Wykeham of Tythrop by Elizabeth Wykeham-Martin. We follow 'The Topographer and Genealogist' & Commoners in showing them as of this generation.
  (C) Sophia Wykeham (d unm)
(D) Harriet Wykeham
  m1. Rev. Willoughby Bertie
  m2. Sir Edward Johnson or Johnston
  (3) Richard Wykeham of Sulgrave (d 1805, vicar of Sulgrave & Chacombe)
  m. Mary Fox (dau of Charles Fox of Chacombe Priory)
  The following comes from BLG1952 (Wykeham-Martin formerly of Leeds Castle).
(A) Fiennes Wykeham, later Wykeham-Martin of Leeds Castle (Kent) & Chacombe Priory (Northamptonshire), Sheriff of Kent (b 12.01.1769, d 14.09.1740)
  m. Eliza Bignell (dau of Richard Bignell of Doddington)
  (i) Charles Wykeham, later Wykeham-Martin of Leeds Castle & Chacombe Priory (b 11.09.1801, d 30.10.1870) had issue
  m1. (12.04.1828) Jemima Isabella Mann Cornwallis (d 17.12.1836, dau of 5th Earl Cornwallis)
  m2. (18.06.1838) Matilda Trollope (d 05.06.1876, dau of Sir John Trollope, 6th Bart)
  (ii) Richard Fiennes Wykeham (d 31.03.1861) had issue
  m1. (24.04.1832) Anne Catharine Mascall (dsp 28.01.1833, dau of Robert Mascall of Peasmarsh Place)
  m2. (03.04.1834) Mary Malcolm (d 02.02.1872, dau of Neil Malcolm, 12th of Poltalloch)
  (iii) Francis William Wykeham (5th son, vicar of Chacombe)
  m. Julia Margarette Willes (d 12.09.1906, dau of William Willes of Astrop House)
  (iv) Eliza Wykeham (dsp 12.04.1879)
  m1. (24.01.1825) Philip Thomas Wykeham of Tythrop (d 05.09.1832) @@ above
m2. (22.09.1836) Edward Simeon of Carshalton House (d 16.10.1851, son of Sir John, 1st Bart)
  (v) Jean Wykeham
  m. (1828) William Blake (son of Joseph)
  (vi) Frances Vere Wykeham (d 30.10.1876)
  m. George Birch Rynardson (d 11.1892, rector of Eastling, son of Thomas Richard of Holywell)
  (vii)+ other issue - Fiennes (d unm 06.1828), Burton Morice (d young), Nigellus D'Oyley (d young), William Fiennes (d 1841), Mary, Frances Elizabeth Caroline, Anna Philippa (d young)
  (B) Richard Wykeham (d unm)
  (C) Frances Vere Wykeham
  m. (13.10.1791) William Hughes (rector of Bradenham)
  (D) Mary Lucy Wykeham
  m. Egerton Stafford (vicar of Chacombe, rector of Thenford)
  (4) George Wykeham
  m. Mary Waddington
  (5) Vere Wykeham
  m. Richard Nicoll of Boddicot House (chaplain to King George III)
  (6) Susanna Wykeham
  m. Benjamin Holloway of Lee Place/House
  b. Susanna Wykeham (dsp 1703)
  ii.+ other issue - Richard, Joyce, Anne, Martha
  B.+ other issue - William Symmes, Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth, Joyce
3. Thomas Wykeham of Hooknorton Lodge
  m. Frideswide
  A.+ issue - Frideswide, Martha, Anne
4.+ other issue - Ferdinando (dsp), Maria

Main source(s): the article 'Was William of Wykeham of the Family of Swalcliffe?' in 'The Topographer and Genealogist' (vol III, 1858, edited by John Gough Nichols) (see here in Google Books) with support from BLG1952 (Wykeham-Musgrave of Swalcliffe), Commoners (vol I, Wykeham of Thame), CTG (vol 3, 1836, 'Pedigree of Wickham of Swacliffe', p360+) and some (for the upper section only) from Visitation (Howard & Crisp 1898, England & Wales, Notes, volume 3, 'Pedigree of Wyckham of Swaclyfe in com. Oxford', p78)
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