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This section first uploaded 04.02.16.
BLG1952 starts with an uncle & nephew whom we show as connected through ...
?? de Coudray
1. Robert de Coudray of North Meols, etc. (d 09.1222)
2. ?? de Coudray
  A. William de Coudray of North Meols, Lancashire
  m. Amabel Blundell (dau of Simon Blundell of Ince Blundell)
  i. Robert de Coudray of North Meols
  m. Anota de Whittingham
  a. William de Coudray of North Meols
  m. Joan de Meols (dau/heir of Alan de Meols)
  (1) Robert de Coudray of North Meols
  m. Eleanor (m2. Adam de Formby)
  (A) Katharine de Coudray (heir)
  m1. (c1341) Alan de Downholland (dspm, son of Richard)
  m2. (c1345) Richard de Aghton @@ just below @@
  (B)+ other issue



This section first uploaded 04.02.16.
Walter de Aghton of Aughton
1. Richard de Aghton (2nd son)
  m. (c1345) Katharine de Coudray (dau/heir of Robert de Coudray of North Meols) @@ just above @@
  A. William de Aghton of North Meols, Lancashire (d 1388)
m. Millicent Comyn (dau/heir of John Comyn of Kinsale, Newbold Comyn & Hall Mortin)
  i. Hugh de Aghton of North Meols (d 22.0.1417)
  a. Hugh Aghton of North Meols (dsp 20.07.1464)
  m. Joan Scarisbrick (dau of Henry Scarisbrick of Scarisbrick)
  b. Nicholas Aghton of North Meols (d 02.05.1488)
  (1) Hugh Aghton or Aughton (d 11.12.1520)
  m. Maud or Alice Hesketh (dau of Robert Hesketh of Rufford, sister/coheir of Thomas)
(A) Sir Richard Aughton of North Meols (d 01.03.1543)
  m. (1500) Isabel Butler (dau of James Butler of Rawcliffe)
  (i) John Aughton (dsp 26.02.1550)
  m. Ellen Radclfffe (dau of Sir William Radclyffe of Ordsall)
  (ii) Thomas Aughton (dsp)
  (iii) Ellizabeth Aughton (d 13.08.1558)
  m. John Bold (son of Sir Richard of Bold)
  (iv) Ann Aughton of North Meols (d 08.08.1572)
  m. Barnaby Kitchin (son/heir of John Kitchin of Pilling (Lancashire) & Hatfield (Hertfordshire))
  (a) Alice Kitchin (b 1553, bur 21.10.1618)
  m. Hugh Hesketh of North Meols & Pilling (bur 30.03.1625, natural son of Sir Thomas of Rufford)
  (B)+ other issue
  BLG1952 reports that William had "other issue". We speculate that one of them was the following William who is identified in Visitation (Flower, Lancashire. 1567, 'Aughton of Adlington'), which provides the following, as "a second brother owte of the house of Aughton of the Melles".
  ii. William Aughton possibly of this generation
m. Jennet Mason (dau/heir of _ Mason of Clytherowe)
  a. John Aughton
  (1) Thomas Aughton
  m. _ Charnocke (dau/heir of _ Charnocke of Adlyngton)
  (A) Richard Aughton
  (i) Thomas Aughton
  m. Elizabeth Standyshe (dau of Sir Christopher Standyshe of Duxbery)
  (a) Thomas Awghton
  m. Elizabeth Wynkeley (dau of Roger Wynkeley of Mytton)
  ((1)) John Awghton of Adlyngton (Aughton of Adlington), Lancashire (a 1567)
  m. Helen Anderton (dau of Peter Anderton of Anderton)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Awghton or Aughton
  m. Laurence Fryth of Latham
  ((B)) Helene Awghton or Aughton
  m. William Urmston of Horwich
  ((C)) Anne Awghton or Aughton
  m. Alexander Sharples of Sharples
  ((D))+ other issue (dsp) - William, Richard, James
  ((2)) Richard Awghton
  (b)+ other issue - Robert, James



This section first uploaded 07.02.16.
"Descended from the Ashtons of Ashton in Makerfield" was ...
Nicholas Ashton of Liverpool and Woolton Hall
m1. (1763) Mary Philpot (dau/heir of John Philpot of Chester by Elizabeth, dau of Matthew Henry of Chester)
1. John Ashton of Woolton Hall (b c1766, d 1815)
  m. Mary Noble Jarret (dau of John Jarret of Freemantle)
2. Elizabeth Ashton
  m1. William James of Liverpool
  m2. George Williams of Little Woolton
3.+ other issue - William (dsp, Lt. Colonel), Thomas (b 1775), Mary (b 1772)
m2. (01.1781) Catherine Hodgson (b 09.01.1762, d 12.05.1806, dau of Thomas Hodgson of Liverpool)
4.+ other issue - Joseph (b 15.05.1783), Ellis, Henry (b 04.10.1795)



This section first uploaded 08.02.16.
Francis Easterby of Skinningrove, Yorkshire
m. _ Addison (sister of John Addison of Woodhorn Demesne)
1. John Easterby of Skinningrove
  m. Grace Johnstone
  A. Catherine Grace Easterby (d 31.12.1857)
  m. (10.06.1813) John Charles Maynard of Harsley Hall (b 11.01.1788, d 24.02.1871)
2. Francis Easterby, later Cresswell (d 08.02.1834)
  m. (1787?) Frances Dorothea Cresswell (b 10.06.1768, dau/coheir of John Cresswell 'of Cresswell')
  A. Addison John Easterby, later Cresswell, later Baker-Cresswell of Cresswell, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 01.10.1788, d 05.05.1879) had issue
  m. (25.06.1818) Elizabeth Mary Reed (d 10.02.1869, cousin of John Baker of Spitalfields, dau of Gilfrid Lawson Reed by Anne, dau of Rev. Timothy Rutter)
  B. Francis Easterby of King's Lynn had issue
  m. Rachel Elizabeth Fry (dau of Joseph Fry by Elizabeth)
  C. William Easterby had issue
  m. Hannah Caroline Turner
  D. Cresswell Easterby (b 20.08.1794, d 29.07.1863, MP, judge)
  E. Oswald Joseph Easterby (d 07.06.1871, rector of Hansworth) had issue
  m. (10.01.1837) Anna Maria Strong (d 04.04.1897, dau of Rev. Canon Strong of Sedgefield)



This section first uploaded 28.02.16.
Henry Wykes of Putney
1. Johan Wykes
  m. John Williams alias Cromwell of Southwark (son of Walter & elder brother of Morgan, the ancestor of Oliver Cromwell)
2. Elizabeth Wykes (d 1527)
  m. (c1513) Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex, Lord Chamberlain (b c1485, d 24.07.1540)



This section first uploaded 06.03.16.
William Mompesson (vicar of Mansfield)
m. Elizabeth Chapel (dau of John Chapel of Mansfield Woodhouse)
1. Mary Mompesson (d 1802)
  m. William Woodhouse of Lichfield (b 1710, bur 25.11.1755)
2. Margaret Mompesson (b 1723-4, d 12.04.1790)
  m. (08.1750) Rev. Ralph Heathcote (d 28.05.1795)
3. Ann Mompesson (d unm)

Main source(s):
(1) For Coudray : BLG1952 ('Fleetwood-Hesketh of North Meols')
(2) For Aghton/Aughton : BLG1952 ('Fleetwood-Hesketh of North Meols') with input as reported above
(3) For Ashton : FMG (vol 1, MS154, 'Henry', p360)
(4) For Easterby : BLG1952 ('Baker-Cresswell formerly of Cresswell'), BLG1952 ('Maynard of Skinningrove')
(5) For Wykes : information kindly provided by a site visitor (CV, 25.02.16)
(6) For Mompesson : cross-references from elsewhere in the database
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