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Families covered: Whetenhall of East Peckham, Whetenhall of Hextall Court

Probably descended from the Whetenhalls of Cheshire was the following William Whetenhall, details of whom (and of his son, with brief mention of his grandson) are supported by Wikipedia ('William Whetenhall' (viewed 15.10.22)).
William Whetenhall, Sheriff of London (d before 11.04.1457)
m. (before 1433) Alice Elinbridge
1. William Whetenhall of East Peckham, Kent
m. Margaret Hextall (dau/coheir of William Hextallor of Hextall's Court (Hexstall of East Peckham), m2. Sir Henry Ferrers of Hambleton)
  A. William Whetenhall of East Peckham, Sheriff of Kent (bpt 08.11.1467, d before 27.11.1539)
  Wikipedia ('William Whetenhall') suggests that this was the William who was Sheriff of Kent in 1526. CV reports that some other souirces suggest that it was his father who was Sheriff that year.
m. (1489) Anne Cromer (dau of Sir James Cromer of Tunstall)
  i. George Whetenhall of East Peckham
  m. Alys Berkly (dau/coheir of Thomas Berkley of Aven)
  a. Thomas Whetenhall of ('Hexham (sb Hextall?) Court in') East Peckham
  m1. Dorothy Vane (dau of John Vane of Tunbridge)
(1) Thomas Whetenhall of East Peckham
  (2) Sir Henry Whetenhall of East Peckham (3rd son) - continued below
  m1. Elionora Wilde (dau of Thomas Wilde)
  m2. (25.05.1607) Margaret Pole (dau of Edward Pole of Poole)
  (3) Anthony Whetenhall 'of Aulkmondbury' of East Peckham (a 1593, youngest son) probably the Anthony who married ...
m. Mary Austen (dau of William Austen of Herendon)
  (A) Edward Whetenhall
  (B) Elizabeth Whetenhall (b c1591) probably of this generation
  m. (24.05.1631) William Lynne of London
  (4) Debora Whetenhall (bur 09.09.1611)
  m1. Martin Harlakenden of Woodchurch (d 01.1584)
  m2. Sir Edward Waterhouse (dsp 10.1591)
  (5) Susan Whetenhall
m. WilliamTynham (Tilghman) of Snodland
  (6) Lydya Whetenhall
  m. _ Gull (of Grey's Inn)
  (7)+ other issue (dsp (young?)) - Garson, Matathias, Gedyon
  m2. Margaret Stodder (dau of Richard Stodder of Mottingame)
  b. Mary Whetenhall
  m1. Richard Scott of Scott Hall
  m2. Foulke Onslowe of Bishops Hatfield ## see here ##
  c. Anne Whetenhall
  m. John Cole of London
  d. Rose Whetenhall
  m. Edward Phillippes of Tenterden
  e. Margaret Whetenhall (dsp)
  f. Mary Whetenhall
  m1. John Markdaye of Pemsey
  m2. Thomas Hutton of Hastings
  ii. Lewes Whetenhall
m. _ Garlande of Essex
  iii. Margaret Whetenhall
  m. Thomas Roydon
  iv. Alys Whetenhall
  m1. Thomas Hodde
  m2. Thomas Darrell
  v. Jane Whetenhall
  m. John Colpeper of Aylesford
  vi. Rose Whetenhall
  m. Thomas Wylforde of Hartridge
  vii. Ursula Whetenhall
  m. James Blechenden of Alington
  viii. Julyan Whetenhall (nun)



Sir Henry Whetenhall of East Peckham (d before 01.11.1617) - continued above
CV refers to Henry's will (dtd 21.11.1616, proved 01.11.1617) which names his children and identifies Margaret Poole as his widow. CV notes that her will does not mention his children. Visitation (Kent, 1663, 'Whetenhall') starts with Sir Henry and shows him as father of Thomas (the only child named) by (unnamed) dau of Thomas Wylde (sister of Sir John), then shows that Thomas as father of another Thomas by Mary Phillips, and finishes by naming the younger Thomas's first 2 wives.
m1. Elionora Wilde (dau of Thomas Wilde, sister of Sir John) mother of Thomas, presumed of the other children also
1. Thomas Whetenhall of East Peckham
m. Mary Phillips (a 1630, dau of George Phillips of Tenterden)
  A. son (d young)
  B. Thomas Whetenhall of Hextall Court, East Peckham (b 1626, d 1704)
  m1. (1649) Catherine Talbot (dsp(s) 1650, dau of John Talbot, 10th (?) Earl of Shrewsbury)
  m2. (1658) Elizabeth Bedingfield (b 1636, dsp 24.02.1664, dau of Sir Henry Bedingfield, 1st Bart)
  m3. (1666) Anne Anglesye Saunders (b c1638, d 15.06.1689, dau of Francis Saunders of Shankton by Catharine, dau of Sir Henry Jerningham, 1st Bart)
i. Henry Whetenhall of Peckham Place
  m. (c1691) Lettice Tichborne (b c1667, dau of Sir Hemnry Tichborne, 3rd Bart)
  a. Thomas Whetenhall (d 13.01.1768)
  (1) daughter
  b.+ other issue - Henry (b 31.08.1694, d 10.05.1745, Jesuit), James (b 1705, d 03.03.1773, cleric), Catherine (b c1699, d 1762?, Abbess in Brussels as Dame Maura), Mary (a 1718, nun in Pontoise as Dame Placida)
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas, Catharine (d 16.01.1717, nun in Paris), Elizabeth Anne (b 07.04.1693, d 14.12.1723, nun in Paris, later 'Sister Benedict Teresa')
2. Debora Whetenhall (a 1616)
  m. Robert Multon of St. Cleeres
  A.+ issue - Henry (a 1616, d young?), Debora
3.+ other issue (a 1616) - Henry, Francis, Anne (a 1630)
m2. (25.05.1607) Margaret Pole (dau of Edward Pole of Poole)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Kent, 1592, 'Whetenhall') with input (shown in italics) from a schedule ('Whetenhall'), which identifies miscellaneous sources, kindly provided by a regular contributor (CV, 08.09.22) with additional input/support as reported above
(2) For lower section : a schedule ('Sir Henry Whetenhall'), which identifies miscellaneous sources, kindly provided by a regular contributor (CV, 08.09.22) with additional support as reported above
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