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Families covered: Worley of Kent, Wirriot (Wyrriot) of Orielton, Wirriot (Wyrriot) of Penfro cantref, Webb of Frittenden, Watson of Aithernie, Watson of St. Andrews, Wymond of Beardon, Whitlock of Warkleigh

James Worley of Dodington, Kent
1. Henry Worley
  m. ?? Mayney (sister of Sir Antony Mayney)
  A. Bridget Worley (dsp)
m. _ Phillipps
  B.+ other issue (dsp) - Henry, William
2. Stephen Worley of Tonge
  m. Anna Bateman (dau/heir of Henry Bateman of Linsted)
  A. John Worley (dsp 15.09.1621)
  m. Alice Couchman (dau of Robert Couchman of the Isle of Sheppey)
  B. Henry Worley
  C. Elizabeth Worley
  m. Thomas Finche of Kingsdowne
  D. Bridget Worley
  m. William Thomas



The family name has been seen spelt in several different ways, including most combinations of 'i' or 'y', single or double 'r', single or double 't'.
William Wirriot of Penfro cantref, Pembrokeshire
1. Thomas Wirriot of Penfro cantref
  m. Elinor Hill (dau of John Hill by Isabel Ferrier)
  A. Richard Wirriot of Penfro cantref
  m. Isabel (dau of Philip Crabhole or Cradock by Mawd, dau of Sir William Wogan)
  i. Richard Wirriot of Orielton, Pembrokeshire
  m. Elen (dau of either _ Huscard or Sir Thomas Perrot of Picton)
  Some web sites insert an additional generation (or two) of Thomas between Richard and ...
a. Thomas Wirriot of Orielton
  m. Isabel (dau of Thomas ap Lewis ap Dafydd)
  (1) Harry (Henry) Wirriot or Wyrriot of Orielton
m. Margred (dau of Sir Rhys ap Thomas by Mary, dau of Sir Roger Kynaston of Hordley by Elizabeth Grey)
  (A) George Wirriot or Wyrriot or Orielton (d 1581/1599)
  m. Jane Philipps (dau of John Philipps of Picton by Elizabeth Griffith)
  (i) John Wirriot or Wyrriot
  Some web sites show John d unm, at least one other that he married ...
  m. Catherine Meyrick
  (ii) Elizabeth/Elspeth Wirriot or Wyrriot
  m. Sir Hugh Owen of Bodowen & Orielton (d 1613)
  (B) Gruffydd Wirriot or Wyrriot
  m. Margaret Lewis
  (i) Jonet Wirriot or Wyrriot
  m. Harry Morgan of Hulford
  (C) Thomas Wirriot or Wyrriot
  m. Anne Waters
(i)+ issue (dsp) - John, Rhys
  (D) Richard Wirriot or Wyrriot
  (E) Catrine (Catherine) Wirriot or Wyrriot
  m. Owen Laugharne (d 05.01.1560-1)
  (F) Elizabeth Wirriot or Wyrriot
  m1. Rhys Bowen of Upton Castle
  m2. Richard Scourfield
  (2) Anne Wirriot (d 1525)
  m. William Perrot of Scotsborough
  ii. Jonet Wirriot
  m. Moris Bowen
  B. Margaret Wirriot
  m. Jenkin Horton



Descended from Richard Webb (a 1324) was ...
William Webb of Frittenden, Kent (a 1444)
1. John Webb of Frittenden
  A. William Webb of Frittenden
  m. _ Scott of Conghurst
  i. John Webb of Frittenden
  m. Thomasin Giles (sister of Alured Giles)
  a. William Webb of Frittenden (a 1594)
  m. Martha Shakelton (dau of William Shakelton, coheir of Sir Rowland Hayward of London)
  (1) Richard Webb of Frittenden
  m. Mary Taylor (dau of Thomas Taylor of London)
  (A) George Webb (b c1607)
m. Hester Baker (dau of John Baker of Challock)
  (i) Richard Webb of Frittenden (a 1663)
  Berry ends with this Richard. BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent, vol 7, 'Parishes: Frittenden') reports that this line ended with the undermentioned Lucy, dau of Thomas of Frittenden who we presume was Richard's son or brother.
  (a) Thomas Webbe of Frittenden possibly of this generation
  ((1)) Lucy Webbe
  m. (1692) Sir William Dutton Colt
  (B)+ other issue - Charles (b c1609, a 1619), Richard (b c1611, a 1619), John (b c1615, a 1619), Francis, Martha, Mary, Ann
  (2)+ other issue - Gresham, Thomas, Sands, Francis



James Watson, Provost of St. Andrews (d 1657)
1. Alexander Watson (a 1666, dsp, baillie of St. Andrews)
2. David Watson (d 1674)
  A. James Watson, 1st of Aithernie, Fife (d 1697)
  m. (1664) Jean Scott (dau of (Sir William) Scott of Elie)
  i. Alexander or David Watson of Aithernie
  m. (mcrt 17.10.1692) Margaret Lindsay (d 12.1723, dau of David Lindsay of Edzell, sister of David)
  ii. Margaret Watson
  m. (1698) John Lamont of Newton
  iii. Helen Watson probably of this generation
  m. Christopher Seton, 5th of Cariston (b c1645, d 1718)
  iv.+ other issue - Jean (b 1678), Mary (b 1685), Eupham (b 1686)



William Wymond (a 1714)
m. Amy Loveys (bpt 09.07.1673, dau/coheir of Richard Loveys)
1. Richard Wymond
  A. Richard Wymond of Beardon
  m. Ann Arthur (a 1799, dau of William Arthur of Tresunger, sister/heir of John)
  i. William Wymond
  m. Caroline Borlase (dau/coheir of George Borlase by Mary, dau of William Peter of Harlyn)
  a. Marianne Wymond
  m. Nicholas Kendall of Pelyn
  b. Caroline Wymond
  m. Samuel Borlase of Castle Borneck
  ii. Henrietta Wymond
  m. _ Thompson (Captain)
2.+ other issue - Thomas, John, William, Susanna



William Whitlock of Ffrestock, Devon
m. Christian Lake (dau/coheir of John Lake of Bradmore son of William (by Jennett, dau/heir of William Strokesworthie) son of John by dau/heir of Bradmore)
1. William Whitlock (dspm?)
  m. Martha
2. John Whitlock
  m. Elizabeth Chichester (dau of _ Chichester of Braunton)
  A. William Whitlock of Warkley (Warkleigh), Devon (a 1620)
  m. (08.06.1576) Margaret Botiler (dau of John Botiler of Stowe)
  i. John Whitlock of Warkleigh (a 1620, bur 16.10.1651)
  m. Wilmot Hill (bur 29.12.1659, dau of Richard Hill alias Spurway of Tiverton)
  a. John Whitlock of Warkleigh (bpt 08.01.1636-7, a 1651)
  m. Alice (bur 10.02.1659-60)
  (1) John Whitlock (bpt 01.12.1653)
  (A)+ issue - Philip (bpt 29.11.1674), William (bpt 18.10.1677)
  (2)+ other issue - Wilmot (bpt 30.03.1652, bur 05.11.1714), Mary (b 03.10.1659)
  b. Margaret Whitlock (a 1651)
  m. John Pearse (a 1651)
  c.+ other issue (a 1651) - Wilmot, Elizabeth
  ii. Avis Whitlock
  m. Oliver Nicholl
  iii. Pasco Whitlock
  m. Edward Dennis
  iv. Joane Whitlock
  v. Elizabeth Whitlock
  m. Walentine Ley (sic)
  B. Thomas Whitlock
  m. Margery Mabin (dau of Diggery Mabin)
  i.+ issue - Anthonie, Chichester, Pasco, Margaret
  C. Joane Whitlock
  m. John Stapledon
3. Anthony Whitlock

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