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This section first uploaded 03.11.06.
Arthur Langford of Kilmackevett (or Kilmhaveil, co. Antrim)
1. Sir Hercules Langford, Sheriff of co. Antrim, 1st Bart of Kilmackevett and Summer Hill (b c1626, d 18.06.1638)
  m. (c1650) Mary Upton (b 26.02.1629, d by 1692, dau of Henry Upton of South Norton by Mary Clotworthy)
  A. Sir Arthur Langford of Summer Hill, 2nd Bart (b c1652, d unm 29.03.1716)
  B. Sir Henry Langford of King's Kerwell, Sheriff of Devon, 3rd Bart (dsp by 1725)
  C. Mary Langford
  m. (26.12.1671) Sir John Rowley of Castle Roe (b 1635)
  Mary and John were parents of Hercules who married Frances Upton.
D.+ other issue (d unm) - Theophilus of Kinsale (d before 1725), Sussanna
2. Susanna Langford or Longford apparently of this generation
  m. Francis Courtenay of Aughagallan
TCB reports that Sir Hercules, 1st Bart, has been "erroneously described" as son of Sir Roger, posthumous son of Roger of Muckmayer (d 1609), nephew of Sir Hercules (dsp 16.04.1639). From this we get the following family which is presumably closely connected to the above albeit probably a generation earlier.
?? Langford
1. Sir Hercules Langford (dsp 16.04.1639)
2. Roger Langford of Muckmaire (Muckamore) father of Mary (?), presumed brother of Sir Hercules and father of Roger
  A. Roger Langford of Muckmayer (Muckamore) (d 1609)
  i. Sir Roger Langford (b 1609/10)
  B. Mary Langford possibly of this generation, dau of Roger of West Downe in Devon
  m. Sir Hugh Clotworthy of Massereene (d 12.02.1630)
  Mary and Hugh were parents of (inter alia):
- Mary who married Henry Upton and had Mary who married Sir Hercules, 1st Bart, above.
- (see note below) Lettice who married Edward Rowley and had Sir John who married Mary Langford, dau of Sir Hercules, 1st Bart, above.
Note that it is a presumption, not yet confirmed, that Lettice was sister of Mary, producing a generational overlap. The intermarriages between the Langfords, Rowleys, Clotworthys and Uptons will be investigated further in due course.



This section first uploaded 16.11.06.
Robert Lukin (possibly son of Robert Lukin by Dorothy Wood)
m. Dorothy Lane
1. Robert Lukin
  m. Sarah Hicks
The above was found in Rootsweb.com. Sarah Hicks may have been the Sarah who m2. William Windham of Felbrigg.
  A. George William Lukin (d 1812, Dean of Wells)
  m. Susan Katherine Doughty (dau of Robert Doughty by Margaret, dau of Weyman Lee)
  i. William Lukin or Lukyn, later Windham of Fellbrigg Hall (b 1768, d 1833, Vice Admiral)
  William was devised Felbrigg Hall by his half-uncle William Windham of Felbrigg Hall who was possibly son of his grandmother Sarah by her second marriage.
  m. (1801) Anne Thellusson (dau of Peter Thellusson of London then Broadsworth)
a. William Howe Windham of Fellbrigg Hall (d 1854)
  (1) William Frederick Windham ('Mad Windham') of Fellbrigg Hall
  William sold Felbrigg Hall in 1863 to John Ketton whose daughter Rachel married Thomas Wyndham Cremer whose mother was daughter of George Wyndham of Cromer Hall.
  b. Cecilia Anne Windham (b 1803, d 21.10.1874)§R§
  m. (09.07.1825) Henry Baring of Cromer Hall (b 18.01.1776, d 13.04.1848)
  There appears to be some confusion regarding the identify of Cecilia (see the notes under Henry Baring and George Thomas Wyndham) with some web sites showing her as daughter rather than elder sister of Maria.
  c. Maria Augusta Windham (b 11.01.1805, d 31.10.1871)
  m1. (12.07.1826) George Thomas Wyndham of Cromer Hall (d 05.02.1830)
  m2. (23.07.1831) William Hare, 2nd Earl Listowel (b 22.09.1801, d 04.02.1856)
  d. Katherine Windham probably of this generation
  m1. (1834) Sir Henry Frederick Cooke, later of Harefield Park (dsp 10.03.1837)
  m2. (1840) Robert Hook
  e. Mary Christina Windham (d 22.06.1888, 4th dau) probably of this generation
  m. (29.10.1835) Richard Hare (b 07.1803, d 05.08.1881, Colonel, brother of 2nd Earl Listowel)



This section first uploaded 09.10.07.
John Langston (d c1435)
1. John Langston (d 1487)
  A. John Langston of Caversfield, Buckinghamshire (d 09.1506)
  m. Jane Denton (dau of Thomas Denton of Caverfield)
  i. John Langston of Caversfield
  m. Amy Danvers (dau of John Danvers)
  a. Joan Langston (d 22.03.1534-5)
  m. Thomas Giffard of Twyford (d 10.10.1511)
  ii. Elizabeth Langston
  m. Richard Danvers of Prescote



This section first uploaded 11.11.07.
Richard Holte ' of Coldrey'
1. Constance Holte
  m. Sir Edward Barkley of Beverston (d c1505)
2. Elizabeth Holte
  m. Sir John Pound
  A. Anthony Pound of Drayton (d 1547)
  Visitation identifies Anthony's wife as Catherin, dau of Lewes Wingfield, but TCP (Sussex) reports that her name was in fact Anne.
  m. Anne (or Catherine) Wingfield (dau of Lewes Wingfield of Bishop's Sutton, son of Sir John of Letheringham)
  i. Mary Pound
  m. Edward White of Southwike @@ below
  ii. Honor Pound (d before 09.11.1593)
  m. (1548/9) Henry Ratcliffe, 4th Earl of Sussex (b c1532, d 14.12.1593)



This section first uploaded 11.11.07.
Robert White of Southwike, co. Southampton
m. (after 1547?) Catherine Wingfeld (dau of Lewes Wingfeld, widow of Anthony Pound of Drayton)
1. Edward White of Southwike
  m. Mary Pound (dau of Anthony Pound of Drayton) @@ above
  A. Sir John White of Southwike
  m. Frances Butler (dau of _ Butler of Badmington)
  i. Honor White
  m. Sir Daniell Norton 'of Southwick' (d 04.07.1636)
  ii. Bridget White who apparently married ...
  m. Sir Henry Kingsmill of Sydmonton (d 1625)
  iii. Mary White
  B. Thomas White



This section first uploaded 13.03.13.
It is not known (by us) what connection if any there was between the following family and Gubbins of Kilfrush. co Limerick (see GZmisc03).
Lancelot Gubbins of Maidstone Castle, co Limerick father of Anne, possibly also of ...
1. ?? Gubbins presumed intermediary generation
  A. Joseph Gubbins of Maidstone Castle father of Rebecca, possibly of this generation, presumed father of ...
  i. Rev. George Gough Gubbins of Maidstone Castle (eldest son of Joseph) had issue, name found on a web site (here)
  m. Mary Benentt (dau of John Bennett)
  ii. William Gough Gubbins (b 1820, a 1900, youngest son of Joseph) had issue, name found on a web site (here)
  m. (1844) Mary Russell (dau of John Russell)
  iii. Rebecca Gubbins
  m. Phillips Cosby Lovett of Dublin elder brother married in 1797
2. Anne Gubbins son (Lancelot) married in 1782, daughter (Anna Maria) married in 1779
  m. George Ievers

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