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Families covered: Bayne (Bane or Bain) of Tulloch

'Bayne' is derived from the Gaelic word 'ban' which means white or blond/fair-haired. As this was a descriptive name rather than a location-derived name, it is unlikely that all families with the name (or variations such as Bain or Bane) share the same root. The 'Heritage' site reports that "Various conjectural theories regarding its origins have been offered from time to time by writers some deriving it from Donald Bane, for a time King of Scotland, others from James Bayne, Bishop of St Andrews, and still others from the Mackays of Strathnaver. The Baynes of the Lowlands may have had royal or an ecclesiastical progenitor but the Baynes of the Highlands, there is reason to believe, were descended from a prominent fair-haired Mackay." 'Clan Bain History' in the 'ScotClans' site (see here) supports the latter view and reports why the Bains broke away from the Mackays. The story is given on the continuation.
John 'Bain' Mackay, later Bain (b c1408, d c1452)
The above-mentioned 'Clan Bain History' reports that "John married in 1436 and had four sons" and then names them as shown below. This is supported by the 'Bains of Dingwall' article, which provides their dates, although that article spells the name as 'Bane'.
1. John Bain or Bane (b c1437) had issue, descendants in Caithness & Haddington
2. William Bain or Bane (b c1438) had issue, descendants in Caithness
3. Alexander Bain or Bane (b c1440, d c1503)
  A. Alexander Bane or Bayne (b c1462)
'Heritage' starts with Alexander, "the first of the name to settle in Dingwall", suggesting that he "died before 1513" (the 'Bains of Dingwall' article suggests that he d c1518).
  i. Duncan Bayne, 1st of Tulloch (b c1489, d 1558-9)
  m. ?? Mackenzie (dau of Hector Roy Mackenzie, 1st of Gairloch)
a. Alexander Bayne, 2nd of Tulloch (b c1515, d c1599)
  m1. Janet Dingwall of Kildun
  (1) Duncan Bayne, 3rd of Tulloch (b c1559, d before 31.07.1620)
m1. Elspet (Elizabeth) Macleod (dau/coheir of Torquil Conanach Macleod of Lewis)
  (A) Alexander Bayne (b c1590, dvp 1611) mentioned by 'Bains of Dingwall' but not by 'Heritage'
  (B) John Bayne, 4th of Tulloch, Provost of Dingwall (d c05.1657) 'Bains of Dingwall' suggests he d 1669
  m. Elizabeth Mackenzie (dau of Roderick Mackenzie, 1st of Redcastle)
  (i) Duncan Bayne (b c1618, dvp c1649)
  m. Catherine or Beatrice Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Kilcoy)
(a) Sir Donald Bayne, 5th of Tulloch
  'Heritage' reports that "There is some uncertainty about his marriages" but suggests the following.
  m1. Margaret Tulloch
  ((1)) Ronald Bayne (bpt 31.10.1664, d young?)
  m2. Annabella Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie of Applecross)
  ((2)) John Bayne (bpt 29.04.1675, dspms before 1719)
m. (mcrt 08.08.1706) Margaret Mackenzie (dau of Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Findon)
  ((A)) Margaret Bayne who married ...
  m. (05.1731) George Mackenzie, 2nd of Allangrange (d 1773)
  ((3)) Kenneth Bayne, 6th of Tulloch (b c1677, dspl 06.05.1719, 4th son of this marriage)
m. (mcrt 22.04.1718) Isobel Mackenzie (dau of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie of Scatwell)
  p. Anne Bayne
  ((A))+ child (b 1717), child (b 1718)
  ((4)) Annabella Bayne
  m. (mcrt 07.06.1689) Roderick Mackenzie of Kilcoy
  ((5)) Catherine Bayne (bpt 14.12.1681)
m. (1700) Roderick Dingwall of Cambuscarry
  ((6))+ other issue (boys all dsp before 1719) - Duncan (bpt 29.04.1675), Alexander (bpt 03.2.1676), Ronald (bpt 09.04.1680), James (bpt 08.05.1685), Alexander (bpt 14.12.1686), William (bpt 14.10.1688), Elizabeth (bpt 07.01.1683), Janet (bpt 04.07.1692)
  m3. Marie Dingwall
  ((14)) Annabella Bayne (2nd)
  m. (1740) Alexander Mackenzie of Tollie, Provost of Dingwall
  (b) John Bayne (b c1643)
  m. Elizabeth Mackenzie
  ((1)) David Bayne (b c1685, dsp)
  (c) Henry Bayne (a 1674, dsp, baillie of Dingwall) had issue
  m. Margaret Murray
  (ii) Roderick Bayne (b c1620, d c1686, tutor of Tulloch)
  m1. (before 1643) Helen Mackenzie
  (a) John Bayne, 7thh of Tulloch (b c1661, dspl 1731)
  'Bains of Dingwall' shows that John dsp. 'Heritage' reports that "It is not known whether he was married or not" but the following John "is said to have been a son". We presume that son John was illegitimate. Because of some confusion with the baptism date of the younger John's son John, we show this in italics.
  ((1)) John Bayne of Dingwall (b 1716, d 03.02.1737, minister)
  m. Anne Bethune (dau of Peter Bethune of Culnaskiach in Kiltearn by Jean, dau of Sir John Munro of Fowlis)
  ((A)) Ann Bayne
  m. _ Forbes (Captain)
  ((B)) Christian Bayne
  m. Gilbert Robertson (minister of Creich)
  ((C)) Jane Bayne
  m. William Douglas of Fyrish (Captain)
  ((D))+ other issue - Duncan, John (bpt 02.03.1720!!), Aeneas
  (b)+ other issue - Duncan (b 1666), Donald (b 1667), Margaret, Christian
  m2. Catherine Ross
  (f) Kenneth Bayne of Drynie, 8th of Tulloch (b 1684, d 1747, 6th son)
  m. Ann Bayne (d 17.04.1733, cousin?)
  ((1)) Kenneth Bayne, 9th/last of Tulloch (b 1719, d(sp?) 1768)
  'Heritage' reports that evan "an indefatigable searcher of records ... was unable to throw any light on the last Laird of Tulloch of on any of his descendants". 'Bains of Dingwall' suggests that he dsp 1768. 'Heritage' suggests that he was father of Roderick (a 1753) and a Mary who m. Forrester Rose of Cyderhall but then notes that that Mary has a different parentage.
  ((2)) William Bayne mentioned by 'Bains of Dingwall'
  (g)+ other issue - Henry (b 1681), Ronald (b 1682), Hugh (b 1687), Hugh
  (iii) Ronald Bayne (b c1625, a 1650)
  (iv) John Bayne (b c1626) had issue
  m. Jean Lauder (dau of Rev. William Lauder of Avoch)
  (v) Elizabeth Bayne
m1. _ MacQueen of Corryburgh
  m2. Alexander Corbet of Arboll
  m3. Hector Mackenzie (brother of John of Davochkairn)
  m4. Roderick Mackenzie (son of Colin of Davochcairn)
  (C) Ronald Bayne, Provost of Dingwall (d before 31.07.1648)
  m1. Janet Houstoun (dau of Rev. Thomas Houstoun of Inverness)
  m2. ??
  (D) Roderick Bayne (d before 1669, 6th son)
  m. Agnes Mackenzie (dau of Hector Mackenzie of Fairburn)
  (E) Donald Bayne (d Audbearn 1645, Chamberlain of Lewis, 8th son) possibly a 'natural' son?
  m. Agnes Mackenzie (natural dau of John Mackenzie of Gairloch)
  'Heritage' shows that its main source (Mackinnon) identifies the parents of John of Pitcairlie as this Donald & Agnes. However, an amendment is shown which shows them as descended from this Donald's uncle Ronald (see below) and that this Donald & Agnes were parents of ...
(i) John Bayne of Greiss (Greas), later of Ulable
  m. Isobel Mackenzie
  (F) Agnes Bayne
  m. Roderick Mackenzie of Knockbaxter
  (G)+ other issue - Kenneth (a 1628), Lauchlan (had issue), Duncan, David, Anna, Janet, Elizabeth, Jean
  m2. ??
  m3. Isobel Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Fairburn)
  (O) Alexander Bayne of Tarradale (d 1669)
m. Jean MacKenzie (dau of John MacKenzie "of the MacKenzies of Ord")
  m2. (mcrt 02.05.1562) Agnes Fraser (dau of Hugh Fraser, 3rd Lord of Lovat, widow of William Macleod of Dunvegan)
  (2) Alexander Bayne of Wester Logie (d before 1624)
  m1. Agnes Fraser
  m2. Catherine Munro
m3. Margaret Murray of Kildun
  m4. Florence Munro (dau of Robert Mor Munro of Foulis, widow of Roderick Mackenzie of Redcastle)
  (3) Ronald Bayne of Edinburgh (a 02.1596)
  (4) Janet Bayne
  m. John Chisholm of Comar
  (5) Giles Bayne
  m. Thomas Fraser of Reelig
  (6)+ other issue - John of Fearlin (a 1600, burgess of Dingwall), Hugh, Marjory (d unm), Katherine
  b.+ other issue
  'Heritage' shows John, Lauchlan, Christian & Agnes. 'Bains of Dingwall', which does not show daughters, shows Ronald, John & William.
  ii.+ other issue - John (b c1490), William (b c1500), Alexander (b c1503)
  B.+ other issue - Donald (b c1461), John (b c1463), David (b c1465)
4. Donald Bain or Bane (b c1443) had issue, descendants in Galloway

Main source(s): 'Ross and Cromarty Heritage' (referred to above as 'Heritage', see here, with thanks to a contributor (CV, 28.09.17) for drawing our attention to that site), 'Bains of Dingwall' (an article found on ourscottishclan.wordpress.com, see here)
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