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Families covered: Buchanan of Ardoch, Buchanan-Kincaid of Auchinreoch, Buchanan of Blairlusk, Buchanan of Carbeth, Buchanan of Colquhoun Glins, Buchanan in Gartincaber, Buchanan of Omagh, Buchanan of Ramelton

Thomas Buchanan, 1st of Carbeth (Balfron, Stirlingshire) (d before 1493)
1. Thomas Buchanan, 2nd of Carbeth (d before 1555)
  A. John Buchanan (dvpsp)
2. John Buchanan in Easter Ballat
  A. Thomas Buchanan, 3rd of Carbeth
  m1. daughter of the laird of Mains connection presumes of the Douglas family
i. Thomas Buchanan, 4th of Carbeth (d before 30.06.1610)
  m. Isobel Leckie
  a. Thomas Buchanan, 5th of Carbeth (a 11.1638)
  m(?)1. _ Colquhoun (dau of Adam Colquhoun in Dunbarton)
  m(2?). Agnes Blair
Uncertain if Agnes was sole or second wife and, if second, who was the mother of ...
  (1) John Buchanan, 6th of Carbeth
  m. (c1632) Janet Buchanan (dau of John Buchanan of Ross)
  (A) John Buchanan, 7th of Carbeth (b 1633, d 1710)
  m1. _ Cleland (dau of Cleland of Wardhead)
  (i) Janet Buchanan
  m. John Callendar of Westertoun
  (ii) Margaret Buchanan
  m. Thomas Buchanan, 4th of Boquhan (d before 1723)
  m2. (mcrt 12.04.1666) Margaret Steven (dau of Walter Steven of Easter Catter and Finnick Tennent)
  (iii) William Buchanan, 8th of Carbeth (b 1668, d 1724)
m. (1717) Margaret Kincaid (d 1767, dau of James Kincaid of Auchinreoch, sister/heir of James)
  (a) John Buchanan (Buchanan-Kincaid) of Carbeth & Auchinreoch (b 1720, d 1790)
  m. Ann Buchanan (b 1719, d 1794, dau of James Buchanan of Cremannan)
  ((1)) John Buchanan (Buchanan-Kincaid) of Carbeth & Auchinreoch (b 1755, d 1825, 3rd son)
  m. (1802) Margaret Loch (dau of James Loch of the Drylaw family)
  ((A)) John Buchanan (Buchanan-Kincaid), 11th of Carbeth (b 1807, d 14.03.1872) had issue
  m. (1836) Mary Louisa Bayley (dau of Sir Henry Bayley)
  ((B)) James Buchanan (Buchanan-Kincaid) (b 1809, in Canada)
  m. (1836) Mary Patrick (dau of Thomas Chase Patrick of Bushill)
  ((i))+ issue - Charles Kincaid, 3 daughters
  ((C))+ other issue - Margaret Loch (b 1804), Anne Jane (b 1811)
  ((2))+ other issue - William (b 1747, d 1777 in New York), James (d young), Ann (b 1750, d 1815), Margaret (b 1751, d 1869), Christian (d young), Elizabeth (b 1758, d 1812), Charles (b 1759, d 1772), Jean (b 1762, d 1807)
  (b) Christian Buchanan (b 1723)
  m1. (1746) James McGoun of Mains (d 1759)
  m2. (1770) George Drummond (minister of Rosneath)
  (c)+ other issue - Mary (d young), James (b 1724, d 1745), Moses (b 1727, d 1741), Charles (b 1728, d 1752, surgeon in Jamaica), Margaret (b 1718, d 1782), Jean (b 1733, d 1750)
(iv) Moses Buchanan of Colquhoun Glins
  (a) John Buchanan of Colquhoun Glins (d 1764)
  m. (mcrt 03.1749) Christian Watson
  ((1)) Moses Buchanan
  (v) Jean Buchanan
  m. (1696) William Buchanan of Auchmar
  (B) Moses Buchanan of Glins
  m. Jean Hamilton (dau of William Hamilton of Auchintoshan)
  (i) Jean Buchanan
  m. (1700) John Dennistoun of Colgrain
  (C) daughter
  m. James Forrester of Polder
  (D) daughter
  m. John Brice
  (2) Walter Buchanan
  (3) Katharine Buchanan
  m. John Blair, younger of Camoquhill
  (4) Elizabeth Buchanan
  m. William Mitchell
  b. James Buchanan of Balfunning
c. William Buchanan of Arnpryor (d 1631)
  m. Agnes Rig
  (1)+ issue - Margaret, Elizabeth
  d. Janet Buchanan
  m2. Janet Buchanan (possibly a daughter of George, 15th of Buchanan, by Margaret Edmonstone)
  ii. John Buchanan in Gartincaber
  BIFR1976 identifies John (b 1545) as son of Thomas, 1st of Carbeth, rather than Thomas, 3rd. The dates make that unlikely. However, BIFR1976 does confirm that John's mother was a dau of Buchanan of that Ilk.
  a. George Buchanan in Gartincaber
  m. Elizabeth Leckie (dau of Walter Leckie of Disheour)
  (1) John Buchanan of Blairlusk (b 1615, d before 01.08.1662)
  m1. ??
  (A) George Buchanan of Blairlusk (Blairluisk), later of Deroran (co. Tyrone, Ireland) (b 1648)
  m. (1675) Elizabeth Mayne
  (i) John Buchanan in County Tyrone (b 1676)
  m. (1703) Catherine Black
  (a) John Buchanan (b 1704)
  m1. (1735) Jane Nixon (d 1736)
  ((1)) John Buchanan of Omagh (b 1736, d 13.10.1820)
  m1. Maria Long (dsp, dau of Captain _ Long)
  m2. (1770-1) Sarah Sproule (b c1751, d 30.04.1822, dau of Oliver Sproule)
  ((A)) James Buchanan (b 1772, d 10.10.1851, Consul-General in America) had many issue (some in Canada)
  m. (28.12.1798) Elizabeth Clarke (dau of James Clarke)
  ((B)) Jane Buchanan
  m. James Robinson
  ((C)) John Buchanan of Omagh, 1st of Lisnamallared (b 1779, d 01.1842) had issue (line followed by BIFR1976)
  m. (06.04.1820) Mary Jane Blacker (d 02.1857, dau of James Blacker of Dublin)
  ((D)) William Buchanan (b 1784, 4th son) had issue
  BIFR1976 suggests that William b 1786, dsp 1840. Guthrie Smith suggests that he had issue by ...
  m. Anne Hazlett
  ((E))+ other issue - George (b 1782, dsp 1869 (or 1784-1835)), Alexander (b 1786, dsp 1840), Sarah Caroline (b 1793, dsp 1862)
  m2. (1738) Mary Orr
  ((2))+ other issue - William (had issue, some in Tyrone), Andrew (had issue, some in USA), Patrick, daughters
  (b)+ other issue
  (ii) William Buchanan in County Tyrone
  (a) Patrick Buchanan
  ((1)) Robert Buchanan
  ((A)) Thomas Buchanan of Cumberland, Pennsylvania (General) had issue
  ((B)) Andrew Buchanan of Cumberland, Pennsylvania had issue
  (iii) George Buchanan in Munster had issue (some in Kentucky)
  (iv) Thomas Buchanan of Ramelton, Donegal
  BIFR1976 suggests that Thomas was son (by Catherine Black) rather than brother of John.
  (a) son
  ((1)) John Buchanan of Ramelton
  m. Jane Russell (dau of Samuel Russell)
((A)) James Buchanan in Franklin County, Pennsylvania (b c1761, d 1821, to USA in 1783)
  m. Elizabeth Speers (b 1767, d 1833)
  ((i)) James Buchanan, 15th President of the USA (b 23.04.1791, dsp 01.06.1868)§F
  ((ii)) William Speer Buchanan (b 1805, dsp 1826)
  ((iii)) George Washington Buchanan (b 1880, dsp 1832)
  ((iv)) Edward Young Buchanan (minister)
  m. Ann Eliza Foster
  ((v)) Jane Buchanan (b 1793, d 1839)
  m. Elliot Tod Lane
  (B) William Buchanan of Blairlusk (d 1729)
  m. (mcrt 21.04.1681) Isobel McKean (dau of Bartholomew McKean in Aber of Kilmaronock)
  (i) George Buchanan of Blairlusk (d c1747)
  m. (mcrt 08.12.1705) Margaret Bauchope (dau of James Bauchope of Easter Balfunning)
  (a) George Buchanan of Blairlusk (a 1750)
  (b) Grizel Buchanan
m. Moses Steven in Easter Finnick
  (c) Margaret Buchanan
  m. George Buchanan in Miuddle Finnick
  (d)+ other issue - Rebecca, Mary, Helen
  (ii) John Buchanan in England
  (iii) Grizel Buchanan
  m. (1714) Walter Buchanan in Cameron
  m2. Jean Buchanan
  (2) George Buchanan BIFR1976 reports that George's descendants "are in America"
  (A) Thomas Buchanan in Creitchael
  (3) Thomas Buchanan of Gartincaber
  m. Janet Buchanan
  (A) William Buchanan, 1st of Ardoch (b 1651, d 20.12.1723) the first mentioned by BLG1952
  m. Grizel Buchanan
  (i) Thomas Buchanan, younger of Ardoch (b 1678, dvp 1717)
  m. (1704) Agnes Bogle (b 1681, d 1720, dau of John Bogle, minister of Dundonald)
  (a) John Buchanan, 2nd of Ardoch (b 1706, d 1774)
  m1. (1731) Mary Crawford (b 1707, d 1738, dau of William Crawford in Glasgow)
((1)) Mary Buchanan (b 1732, dsp 1814)
  m. (1764) James Graham (minister of Bonhill)
  ((2)) Thomas Buchanan, 3rd of Ardoch (b 06.11.1733, d 1789)
  m1. (1759) Margaret Buchanan (d 1761, dau of Moses Buchanan of Ballochruin)
  ((A)) John Buchanan, 4th of Ardoch (and 'of Balloch Castle & Boturich') (b 08.01.1761, d 26.06.1839)
  m. (01.11.1785) Elizabeth Parkes (b 1765, d 04.09.1807, dau of John Parkes of Netherton)
  ((i)) John Buchanan, 5th of Ardoch (b 24.03.1799, d 08.01.1875) had issue
  m. (1840) Helen MacGregor (dau of John MacGregor of Edinburgh)
  ((ii)) Mary Buchanan (b 1787, d 1869)
  m. Robert Findlay of Easterhill
  ((iii))+ other issue - Margaret (b 1802, d 25.01.1825), Elizabeth (b 1807, d 1867)
  m2. (1764) Jean Gray (b 1727, d 1772, dau of John Gray of Dalmarnock)
  ((B)) Francis Buchanan (d young)
((C)) James Gray-Buchanan of Ardoch and Scotstown (b 17.06.1766, d 19.06.1855) had issue
  m. (09.07.1798) Anne Parkes (b 1770, d 1844, dau of John Parkes of Netherton)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Buchanan (b 1772, d 1849)
  m. (1793) Alexander Gordon in Glasgow 'Picture Gordon'
  m3. (1774) Helen Graham (d 1812, dau of William Graham of Birdston)
  ((E)) William Buchanan (b 1777, d 1864, W.S.) had issue
  m. (14.09.1803) Elizabeth Murray (d 17.05.1846, dau of Alexander Murray, 7th Lord Elibank)
  ((F)) Helen Buchanan (b 1779, d 1816)
  m. (06.07.1810) John Balfour (brother of laird of Pilrig)
  ((G)) Robert Buchanan (b 1786, d 1870) had issue
  m1. (1817) Margaret Dunlop (dau of William Dunlop of Annanhill)
  m2. (1832) Margaret DIckson (dau of James Dickson of Edinburgh)
((H)) Archibald Buchanan (b 1789, d 1822) had issue
  m. (1819) Matilda D'Albiac (dau of James D'Albiac)
  ((I))+ other issue - Thomas (d young), Mary (d young), Marion (b 1782, d 1822), Agnes (d young), Thomas Graham (b 1787, d unm 1871)
  ((3)) Agnes Buchanan (b 1734, dsp 1812)
  m. (1759) John Buchanan of Ladrishmore
  m2. (1747) Elizabeth Buchanan (dau of Walter Buchanan of Teucherhill)
  ((4)) Frances Buchanan (b 1751, d 1774)
  m. (1770) John Maxwell of Dargavel
  (b)+ other issue - Francis in London (b 1715, dsp 1775), others (d young)
  (ii) Jean Buchanan
  m. John Buchanan of Little Croy
  (B) George Buchanan of Gartincaber (b 1662, d before 13.11.1716)
  m. (1668) Jonet McGregor
  (i) John Buchanan of Gartincaber (b 15.04.1691, a 1743)
  m. (1715) Agnes Forrester
(ii)+ other issue - Thomas in England, Dugal, Robert (bpt 22.07.1714)
  (4) Andrew Buchanan
  (5) daughter
  m. Andrew Buchanan of Gartacharne
  b. Walter Buchanan (dspm)
  iii. Janet Buchanan
  m. Gregor McGregor of Glengyle
  iv.+ other issue - Walter in Ballindoran, William in Blairnabord (b c1547, d 1619), Archibald, Robert
  Thought to be an illegitimate son of Buchanan of Carbeth (possibly of this generation) was ...
  viii. Walter Buchanan, 1st of Boquhan (d before 17.05.1645)
  m. Janet Dennistoun

Main source(s): "Strathendrick and its Inhabitants from Early Times" by John Guthrie Smith (published in Glasgow in 1896) with input/support for the Ardoch line from BLG1952 ('Gray-Buchanan of Scotstown') and a little input/support from BIFR1976 ('Hammond-Smith')
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