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Families covered: Cunynghame (Cunningham) of Kilmaurs
[Prior to 15.12.07, this page effectively gave precedence to the pedigree reported by BE1883 over that shown by TSP but the page was reviewed on that date with the order of precedence being reversed.]

This family's name is spelt with every variation in the use of I or Y, one or two Ns, U (most used) or O (used mainly by some cadet branches in Ireland but occasionally in some references to earlier families in Scotland), and with/without an E at the end.
Wernebald de Cuningham (a 1140)
1. Robert de Cunynghame of Kilmaurs (a 1153, 1196)
  TSP reports that Robert's wife is usually said to have been Richenda (a 1245), daughter of Sir Humphrey de Barclay of Gairntully, (which is what is reported by BE1883) but adds that "this is very doubtful", noting that Richenda's husband was still alive in 1238 (possibly a later husband?).
A. Robert de Cunynghame (a 1188)
  BE1883 moves from Robert to Hervey, "great grandson of the last Robert". TSP notes that "the next step in the pedigree is conjectural" and describes Harvey as "the next on record" after ...
  i. Richard de Cunningham possibly father or grandfather of ...
  a. Harvey or Hervey de Cunynghame of Kilmaurs (a 1263) the first mentioned by BPGS2001
  Neither TSP nor BPGS2001 name Hervey's wife. BE1883 identifies her as the heiress of Riddell of Glengarnock but we follow Paterson in showing her as wife of Reginald, 2nd son of Hervey's son ...
  (1) Edward de Cunynghame of Kilmaurs (d 1285)
  m. Mary Stewart (sister of James, High Steward)
  BE1883 & BPGS2001 insert another generation here, a Gilbert (d 1292), but TSP suggests that the Gilbert referred to was of another family. TSP reports that apparently "the next in order" was ...
(A) Robert Cunningham of Kilmaurs (d 1330) inferred by TSP as succeeded by ...
  (i) Hugh de Cunningham omitted by BE1883, probably father of ...
  (a) Sir William Cunningham of Kilmaurs, Sheriff of Ayr, 'Earl of Carrick' (d before 07.1399)
TSP reports that "It is frequently stated that he got the earldom by marrying Eleanor Douglas or Bruce, Countess of Carrick, and lost it on her death, but though the lady was several times married, Sir William does not appear as one of her husbands." We provisionally follow BE1883 which identifies her as shown below. This makes her (only?) daughter of Countess Eleanor by her 1st husband (Alexander Bruce, Earl of Carrick), providing a reason for William to obtain the title, but apparently the title then followed her mother's later husbands, odd since the title came through Alexander Bruce. TCP (Carrick) notes that "there seems to be no evidence of her existence", clearly indicating some scepticism of the (alleged) connection.
  m1. Eleanor Bruce (dau of Alexander Bruce, Earl of Carrick)
  m(2). Margaret ## see here ## possibly mother of ...
  ((1)) Sir William Cunynghame of Kilmaurs, Sheriff of Ayr (d by 12.1415, 2nd son)
  m(1). Margaret Danielston (d before 0.1409, dau of Sir Robert Danielston of that ilk)
  ((A)) Sir Robert Cunningham of Kilmaurs
  m. (mcrt 16.06.1425) Anne Montgomery (dau of Sir John Montgomery of Ardrossan)
((i)) Alexander Cunningham, 1st Earl of Glencairn (d Sauchieburn 11.06.1488)
  m. Margaret Hepburn (dau of Adam Hepburn, Master of Hailes)
  ((ii)) Archibald Cunningham (a 1478)
  ((B)) William Cuningham of Bonnalay and/or Woodhead or Woodhall (d 1418)
  m. _ Ross
  ((i)) Robert Cuningham, 1st of Cuninghamhead
  m. _ Douglas, heiress of Cuninghamhead
TSP reports that Sir William may also have married Mary Stewart, dau of King Robert III, before her 3rd/4th marriage (to Sir William Grahame), noting "There is no clear evidence that the marriage ... took place, though it is not improbable."
  partner unknown (may have been Agnes)
  ((C)) John Cuningham (a 1415)
  p. Agnes
  ((D)) William Cuningham (a 1418, vicar of Dundonald)
  ((2)) Thomas Cunynghame of Bedlan (Badlaine, Badlane or Bedland) (a 1413)
  ((A)) Adam Cuninghame of Bedlan, 1st of Caprington
m. (c1425) ?? Wallace (dau of Sir Duncan Wallace of Sundrum)
  The Cuninghames of Aiket were descended from those of Bedland. The connection may have come through ...
  ((B)) ?? Cuninghame
  ((i)) ?? Cuninghame
  ((a)) Alexander Cuninghame of Over Aitkead (a 1479)
  m. Jean Kennedie (sister of 1st Earl of Cassillis)
  ((3)) Margaret Cunynghame
  m. (by 1364) Fergus Macduel of Mackerstoun
  ((4)) daughter probably of this generation
  m. ?? Logan of Grugar
((5))+ other issue - Robert of Garvard (dvp by 1385), Alexander (a 1413), John (a 1413)
  (b) Sir Andrew de Cunynghame of Polmaise & Drumquhassil
  TSP reports that Andrew (m. Margaret, d 1388) received Eschend and other lands in Lennox and "is said to be ancestor of the Cunninghams of Drumquhassil and others in Lennox". BLG1886 (Cuninghame of Mount Kennedy), possibly following BE1883, shows him as son rather than grandson of (Sir) Robert.
  (c) ? Sir Nigel Cunningham in Fife
  ((1)) Archibald Cunningham
  ((A)) William Cunningham
  (B) Reginald Cunningham (a 1292)
  Identified as 2nd son of Sir Edward by Mary (Stewart) by Paterson's Ayr. TSP notes that "the name of the second son is conjectural" but refers to the connection made by Paterson.
  m. Jonet Riddell, heiress of Glengarnock

Main source(s): TSP (Glencairn), BE1883 (Cunynghame of Kilmaurs and Glencairn) with some support from BPGS2001 (Fergusson-Cuninghame of Caprington)
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