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Families covered: Fullarton of Bartonholm, Fullarton of Crosbie (Corsbie or Corsby), Fullarton of Dudwick, Fullarton of Fullarton (Fullerton of Fullerton in Ayrshire)
[A draft Fullarton01 was released on 06.12.06, based on a web site which appears no longer to exist (www.carstairs.org.uk/carstairs/Fullerton/). Whilst the following mirrors much of what was then shown, it has been redone as from new.]

(1) Note that this page covers the family of Fullarton of Fullarton in Ayrshire. The Fullartons of Fullarton in Perthshire are covered by Fullarton3.
(2) After the first few generations, when Fowlerton or Foulterton is used, 'NisbetPlates' spells the family name throughout as 'Fullerton' but nevertheless entitles the article as 'Fullarton of that ilk'. 'Topographical Description of Ayrshire (more particularly of Cunninghame) togetheR with a Genealogical Account of the Principal Families in that Bailiwick' (George Robertson, 1820), which supports what is shown below, spells the name throughout as 'Fullarton'. BLG1952 ("Fullerton formerly of Thribergh') starts with 'Fullarton' before changing to 'Fullerton'. James Paterson, who suggests that the name probably meant 'from the town of the fowler', varies the spelling but entitles the article 'Fullartons of that ilk'. We may be inconsistent with cross-references from other families but, as shown below, drift towards 'Fullarton'.
Alan de Fowlertoun (d c1280)
1. Adam de Fowlerton (a 1283)
  A. Reginald Foulerton of Foulerton
  i. Sir Adam Fowlerton or Foullertoun of that ilk (a 1344, d c1399)
  m. Marjorie Stewart
  a. John Fullerton (a 1372, dvp)
  (1) Reginald Fullarton or Fullerton of that ilk
m. Elizabeth
  (A) Rankin Fullarton or Fullerton of that ilk (d c1430?)
  m1. Elizabeth
(i) George Fullarton of that ilk & Corsbie (a 1464)
  (a) Paul Fullarton (dvp)
  (b) John Fullarton of that ilk & Corsbie (d 1498)
  m. ?? Cunningham (dau of ?? Cunningham of Caprington)
  ((1)) John Fullarton of that ilk (d 1528)
  m. (1515) Katherine Maxwell (dau of John Maxwell of Nether Pollok)
  ((A)) John Fullarton of that ilk & Corsby (b c1517)
  m. (c1543) Katherine Blair (dau of David Blair of Adamtoun)
  ((i)) David Fullarton of that ilk & Corsby - continued below
  m1. Christian Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh)
  m2. Jean Lockhart (sister of Alexander Lockhart of Boghall)
  ((ii))+ other issue - John, William
  m2. Marion Wallace (dau of ?? Wallace of Craigie)
  (ii) William Fullarton of Dreghorn
  m. Agnes
  (iii) Adam Fullarton
  b. David Fullarton of Laithis
  ii.+ other issue - David, Johanna, Helen, Marion



David Fullarton of that ilk & Corsby (d before 05.1605) - continued above
m1. Christian Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh)
1. James Fullarton of that ilk (d 1634)
  m. Agnes Fullarton (dau of John Fullarton of Dreghorn by Jean, dau of Mungo Mure of Rowallan)
  A. James Fullarton of that ilk & Corsbie, Sheriff of Ayrshire (d 1667, MP)
  m. (1624) Barbara Cunninghame (dau of John Cunninghame of Cunninghamhead)
  i. William Fullarton of Fullarton (d 02.1710)
  m1. Elizabeth Wallace (dau of William Wallace of Helenton)
a. Euphan Fullarton (dsps)
  m. (1682) Sir William Wallace of Craigie
  m2. (09.07.1670) Anne Brisbane (dau of John Brisbane, younger of Bishoptoun, by Mary Mure)
  m3. (17.04.1707) Margaret Dunlop (dau of Alexander Dunlop of Dunlop)
  ii. James Fullarton (d unm)
iii. George Fullarton of Dreghorn, later also of Fullarton
  m. (1670) Elizabeth Gray (dau of James Gray of Warriston)
  a. Patrick Fullarton (bpt 01.07.1677, dvp 1709)
  m. Elizabeth Cleland (dau of _ Cleland of that ilk)
  (1) William Fullarton of Fullarton (d 07.09.1758)
  m. (05.1751) Barbara Blair (dau of William Blair of that ilk)
(A) William Fullarton of Fullarton, Governor of Trinidad (b 12.01.1754, dsp 13.02.1808, Colonel, MP)
  m. (1792) Marianne Mackay (dsp 28.03.1838, dau of George Mackay, 5th Lord Reay, by Elizabeth Fairlie)
  (2) Patrick Fullarton of Goldring (later called Rosemount)
  m. _ Harper
  (A) William Fullarton of Rosemount (d 1805)
  m. Annabella Crauford (dau of Ronald Crauford of Restalrig)
(B)+ other issue - John (d 1804), daughter
  (3) Anne Fullarton
  m. (04.04.1723) Robert Wallace of Sauchrie (d 02.1767, WS)
  (4) Margaret Fullarton
  b. Robert Fullarton of Bartonholm (bpt 10.08.1705, d 15.09.1754, WS)
  m. (15.03.1716) Grizel Stuart (dau of John Stuart of Ascog)
  (1) George Fullarton of Bartonholm (d 16.05.1788)
m. (07.02.1763) Barbara Innes (sister of James Innes of Warrix)
  (A) Stewart Murray Fullarton, later of Fullarton (d 20.05.1844, Colonel)
  m1. (04.04.1796) Rosetta Fullerton (d 19.10.1814, dau of Colonel _ Fullerton)
  (i) George Fullarton of that ilk (b 12.12.1796, Captain)
  (ii) Barbara Fullarton (b 03.06.1793)
  m. (15.05.1820) Alex H. Manners (WS)
  (iii) Marianne Fullarton (b 28.04.1804)
  m. (24.12.1826) Charles Bannatine Steven (minister of Stewarton)
  (iv) Margaret Fullarton
  m. (1837) Alexander Macdougall Ralston
  (v)+ other issue - William (b 03.09.1799, d 1809), James (b 11.04.1801, d 07.11.1845, Lt. Colonel), John Campbell (b 02.08.1803, RN), Robert (b 16.03.1806, d 1839), Stewart Murray (b 08.10.1807, Captain), William (b 03.09.1810, d 1817), Craufurd Rose (b 19.10.1814, d 1815), Annabella Craufurd (b 01.03.1813, d 1814)
  m2. (09.11.1820) Isabella Buchanan Muir (dau of James Muir of Glasgow)
(xiii)+ other issue - Craufurd (b 13.01.1824), William (b 31.08.1828), Elizabeth Muir (b 17.09.1822), Agnes Marion (b 21.06.1825, d 15.04.1848), Robina Alexander (b 30.09.1826), Blair (b 08.01.1834)
  (B)+ other issue - Robert (d unm 1784), daughter
  (2)+ 6 children (dvp)
  c. Marion Fullarton (d 02.08.1766)
  m. (1711) James Cunningham of Auchenharvie
  d.+ other issue - George (d young), John (bpt 01.03.1681)
  iv. Elizabeth Fullarton
  m. (20.06.1649) Robert Wallace of Cairnhill
v. Mary Fullarton
  m. (30.04.1654) Robert Alexander of Corseclays
  vi. Barbara Fullarton
  m. (30.11.1662) Patrick McDowal of Freugh
  B. John Fullarton, later of Dudwick in Aberdeenshire (Colonel in France)
  The following has been compiled from cross-references from elsewhere in the database.
  m. (Dame) Elizabeth Preston mother of Susanna, possibly also of ...
  i. Robert Fullarton of Dudwick probably of this generation
  a. Catherine Fullarton
  m. John Irvine, 15th of Drum (dsp 1737)
  ii. Elizabeth Fullarton
  m. Robert Udny of Auchterellon (d 01.1708)
  Dudwick passed to their 2nd son, John, who assumed the name Fullarton.
  iii. Susanna Fullarton
m. (before 1681) William Fullarton of Fullarton (d before 12.11.1746)
  C. William Fullarton (a 1649, minister of St. Quivox)
  m. Frances Stewart (dau of _ Stewart of Reece)
  D. Robert Fullarton
  E. Helen Fullarton
  m. James Blair of Ladykirk
  F. Esther Fullarton
  m1. (mcrt 17.09.1613) William McKerrell of Hillhouse (b 1562, d 10.1629)
  m2. Adam Cunynghame (brother of William of Brounhill or Brownhill)
2. David Fullarton
3. Robert Fullarton ancestor of Fullartons of Bartonholme, Ayrshire (first series)
m2. Jean Lockhart (sister of Alexander Lockhart of Boghall, relict of George Hamilton of Bogwood, m3. George Schaw of Glenmuir)

Main source(s): 'NisbetPlates' ('Fullarton of that ilk'), 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p12+)
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