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Families covered: McDouall of Culgroat, McDowall of Freugh, McDouall of Logan

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(2) Nisbet's 'A System of Heraldry' (1816 edition, Vol 1, p285) starts with Gilbert who is shown as father of Fergus (m. Janet Kennedy) father of James (m. Florence McDowall) father of Fergus (m. Mary McCulloch) father of John (m. Margaret Vans) father of Uthred (m. Agnes Agnew) father of Patrick (m. Barbara Fullerton) father of Patrick (m. Margaret Haltridge). We follow Nisbet (vol 2, appendix) which appears to have been based on further research.
Gilbert McDowall of Freugh, Ravenston & Urle, Wigtownshire
1. Gilbert McDowall of Freugh (d 1496)
m. (by 11.1445) Katharine Macgiligh (dau/heir of John Macgiligh)
A. Fergus McDowall (dvp)
  m. Agnes McCulloch (dau of Sir Alexander McCulloch of Myretoun)
  i. Gilbert McDowall of Freugh (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. Isabel Gordon (dau of ?? Gordon of Kenmure)
  a. Fergus McDowall of Freugh (d Pinkiecleugh 10.09.1547)
  m. Janet Kennedy (dau of David Kennedy, 1st Earl of Cassillis, sister of Gilbert)
  (1) James McDowall of Freugh
  m. Florence Macdowall (dau of John (probably not Uhtred) Macdowall of Garthland)
  (A) John McDowall of Freugh (dsp)
  (B) Mary McDowall, heiress of Freugh
  m. (1583) John McDowall @@ just above
  Nisbet reports that Mary, the above heiress of Freugh, married "a gentleman of her own blood and kindred, who, they say, was an heir-male of her own family, John McDowall, apparent heir of Dowalton". From this we speculate that he was her 2nd cousin, as shown below.
  b. ?? McDowall
(1) ?? McDowall (of Dowalton?)
  (A) John McDowall
  m. (1583) Mary McDowall, heiress of Freugh @@ just above
  (i) John McDowall of Freugh (d before 31.07.1669)
m. Margaret or Mary Vans (dau of Sir Patrick Vans of Barnbarroch (Senator))
  (a) Uchred McDowall of Freugh (d before 26.02.1670, MP)
  m. (1622) Agnes Agnew (dau of Sir Patrick Agnew of Lochnaw)
  ((1)) Patrick McDowall of Freugh (d 13.01.1680)
m. (1662) Barbara Fullarton (dau of James Fullarton of Fullarton)
  ((A)) Patrick McDowall of Freugh (d 15.10.1729)
  m. Margaret Haltridge (dau/coheir of William Haltridge of Dromore)
  ((i)) John McDowall of Freugh
m. Elizabeth Crichton-Dalrymple (dau of William Dalrymple of Glenmure by Penelope Crichton, Countess of Dumfries)
  Nisbet ends his report on this family by reporting that John & Elizabeth has various children. John & Elizabeth are the first mentioned by BP1934 (Bute) which, supported by 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p358), provides the following.
  ((a)) Patrick MacDowall-Crichton, 6th Earl of Dumfries (b 15.10.1726, d 07.04.1803)
  m. (12.09.1771) Margaret Crauford (d 05.05.1799, dau of Ranald Crauford of Restalrig)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Penelope MacDowall-Crichton (b 25.11.1772, dvp 25.07.1797)
  m. (12.10.1792) John Stuart, Lord Mount Stuart, Master of Bute (b 25.09.1767, dvp 07.09.1859)
Ancestors of the present family of Crichton-Stuart, Marquess of Bute, Earl of Dumfries.
  (((2))) daughter (d infant)
  ((b)) John MacDouall in Glasgow (d 22.12.1803, 4th son)
  m. (09.12.1767) Mary Elizabeth MacCulloch (dau of Ebenezer MacCulloch of Glasgow)
  (((1))) William MacDouall (b 1775, d 1849, prebendary of Peterborough) had issue
m. (15.02.1815) Euphemia Gaudin (dau of Jean Gaudin)
  ((c)) Penelope MacDowall (d 28.10.1774)
  m. Ebenezer Maculloch of Edinburgh
  ((d)) Eleanora MacDowall (d 20.09.1804)
  m. William MacGhie of Balmaghie
  ((e))+ other issue - William (d 23.12.1769), Stair (d young), Crichton (d young)
((ii)) Barbara McDouall probably of this generation
  m. (28.02.1715) Patrick Vans of Barquhanny, later of Barnbarroch (b before 1694, d 1733)
  ((iii)) Grace McDouall probably of this generation
  m. (15.01.1740) James Dalrymple of Dunragit (b 18.10.1706, d 14.05.1776)
  ((B)) Margaret McDowall probably of this generation
  m. Robert Agnew of Seuchan (b late 1670s?)
  ((C))+ other issue including William
  ((2))+ other issue - Uchred (baillie in Edinburgh), Alexander (dsp)
  (b) Fergus McDowall to Ireland had issue in co. Cavan
  (3) William McDowall 'of Freugh' possibly of this generation
  m. Margaret Dunbar (b c1505??, d before 1582, dau of Patrick Dunbar, 6th of Kilconquhar)



Patrick McDouall of Logan, Wigtownshire (a 1455) probably father or grandfather of ...
1. Patrick McDouall of Logan (a 1504)
  m. (before 1494) Catherine McCulloch (dau of Sir Alexander McCulloch of Myrton)
A. Charles McDouall (d Flodden 1513)
  i. Patrick McDouall of Logan (d before 05.1545)
  a. Charles McDouall of Logan (a 1545, d by 1550?)
  m. (c1547) Alison Maxwell (cousin)
  (1) Patrick McDouall of Logan (d 1579)
m. (1568) Helen McDowall (dau of John (probably not Uchtred) McDowall of Garthland)
  (A) John McDouall of Logan (d 1618)
  m1. (by 1594) Grissill Vans (a 1594, dau of Sir Patrick Vans of Barnborouch, widow of John Kennedy of Barclamrachan)
  m2. Margaret Craufurd of Kerse
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
(i) Alexander McDouall of Logan (d before 29.11.1661)
  m. (1621) Jane Agnew (dau of Sir Patrick Agnew of Lochnava)
  (a) Alexander McDouall of Logan (d before 29.08.1699)
  m. Isabel Adair (dau of Sir Robert Adair of Kinhilt)
  ((1)) Robert McDouall of Logan (d c1729)
  m. (1678) Sarah Shaw (dau of Sir John Shaw of Greenock)
  ((A)) John McDouall of Logan (d 1754)
  m. (c1710) Ann Johnstone (dau of Robert Johnstone of Kelton)
  ((i)) John McDouall of Logan, Culgroate, etc.
  m. Helen Buchan (dau of George Buchan of Kello)
  ((a)) Andrew McDouall of Logan (d 1834, Lt. Colonel, MP)
  m. Mary Russell (dau of James Russell of Dumfries)
(((1))) James McDouall of Logan (b 1796, d 07.1872, Colonel) had issue
  m. (1836) Jane Barnet (dau of William Barnet of Apeton)
  ((ii)) Patrick McDouall
  ((iii)) Isabel McDouall
  m. (1743) Andrew Adair of Little Genoch
  ((B)) Andrew McDouall (Lord of Session as Lord Bankton)
((C)) Patrick McDouall of Culgroat (a 1758)
  ((i)) John McDouall of Culgroat
  ((ii)) Isabella McDouall
  m. William Hamilton of Craichlaw
  ((iii)) Sarah McDouall
  m. Charles Hamilton of Craichlaw
  ((2)) Patrick McDouall
  m. Jean Blair (dau of John Blair of Dunskey)
  (b) Joanna McDouall
  m. (Sir) William (Maxwell) (son of William of Monreith)
  (ii) Mary McDouall possibly of this generation
  m. William Agnew of Lochryan

Main source(s):
(1) For McDowall of Freugh : Nisbet's 'A System of Heraldry' (1816 edition, Vol 2, Appendix p253+) with input as reported above
(2) For McDouall of Logan : BLG1886 (McDouall of Logan)
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