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Families covered: Hamilton of Ardoch, Hamilton of Barncleuch (Barncluith), Hamilton of Burntwood, Hamilton of Craighlaw, Hamilton of Ladyland, Hamilton of Rossmoor, Hamilton of Udston (Udstoun), Hamilton of Woodsyde

Andrew Hamilton of Bruntwood & Udston (a 1392, 1406)
Anderson (supported by HJHeraldry) identifies Andrew's wife as "Agnes Crawford, daughter of the sheriff of Ayr". However, although it does not mean definitively that no Crawford was a later Sheriff of Ayr, the heritable Sheriffdom of Ayr passed from the Crawford family to the Campbells of Loudon at the beginning of the 14th century. 'HamiltonHistory' (p203) identifies her as a "daughter of Sir Hugh Crawfurd (or Campbell), Laird of Lowden and Sheriff of Ayr". In a web site on Sorn Castle, Agnes is identified as daughter of Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun. It is possible that the primary records identify her simply as "dau of the Sheriff of Ayr" and Anderson, and hence HJHeraldry, simply gambled on the family name. It is noted that, as far as we are aware, the first Sir Hugh Campbell to be Sheriff of Ayr lived after this Andrew. Consequently, we are holding back from making a connection to his family.
m. Agnes (dau of the Sheriff of Ayr)
1. Sir John or Robert Hamilton of Bruntwood & Udston named John 'HamiltonHistory', Robert by Anderson
  'HamiltonHistory' names him John and reports that "Who he married does not appear. It may have been Elizabeth Crawfurd, daughter to the Laird of Lochnorris, who is stated by several authorities to have been the wife of "Sir Robert" (sic), the 2nd Laird of Burntwood". Provisionally we support those other authorities who include Anderson. Anderson identifies her father as "brother to the Sheriff of Ayr" (but see note just above). The name Sir William comes from the above-referred web site on Sorn Castle.
  m. Elizabeth Crawford (dau of Sir (William?) Crawford of Lochnorris, brother of the Sheriff of Ayr)
  A. Alexander Hamilton of Bruntwood & Udston (a 1485, d before 01.1505/6) this generation omitted by Anderson
  Anderson (supported by HJHeraldry) shows Robert & Elizabeth as father of John of Burntwood (dsp), Patrick of Udston & Alexander of Rossmoor. Alexander shows this Alexander's sons as Alexander + John and also reports that he "is stated to have had issue" Patrick of Udstoun, Alexander of Rosmoor & Jonet.
  m. Marjorie Lindsay widow of Alexander, possibly mother of ...
  i. Alexander Hamilton (d before 14.02.1489)
  m. Cristine Cathkirt
  a. John Hamilton (a 02.1489? dsp before 01.1505/6)
  ii. John Hamilton of Bruntwood (d before 1564)
  a. Agnes Hamilton
m. William Gib (a 1564)
  iii. Patrick Hamilton of Udston (a 1513, he "lived to a great age")
  m. Isabel Lindsay (dau of Robert Lindsay of Dunrod)
  'HamiltonHistory' & Anderson (and other sources) show Patrick's wife and mother of Elizabeth as Isobel, dau of Robert Lindsay of Dunrod. However, as reported on Lindsay02, any daughter of Robert would probably have been of a later generation. We hope to investigate this further in due course.
  a. Elizabeth Hamilton (dvp) --
  m1. John Hamilton of Neilsland --
  Their son John became the 4th of Udston.
  m2. (02.10.1557) John Hamilton of Broomhill --
  iv. Alexander Hamilton of Rossmoor
  m. Isobel Campbell (dau of George Campbell of Cessnock)
a. William Hamilton of Rossmoor then Barncleuch (Barncluith)
  m. Ann Machan (dau/heir of John Machan of Barncleuch (Barncluith) & Over Barntou)
  (1) Quintin Hamilton of Barncleuch (d before 28.05.1580 (not at Langsyde in 1568), 2nd son)
  m1. Christian Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Orbistoun)
m2. Margaret Wilson (d 09.1584, dau of John Wilson of Gartnell or Garthill, m2. Patrick Hamilton of Hamilton)
  (A) John Hamilton of Barncleuch (dsp 12.1614, Commissary of Hamilton & Campsie, 2nd son)
  m1. Libra Hamilton (d 18.08.1592, dau of John Hamilton of Orbieston)
  m2. Jean Hamilton (m2. William Hamilton of Boighall)
  (B) Robert Hamilton of Barncleuch (d 01.1627)
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Orbiston) ## but see here ##
  (i) Margaret Hamilton (a 1655)
  m. James Hamilton, later of Barncleuch (d 01.1632, son of John of Udstoun)
  (ii) Janet Hamilton (a 05.1630)
  m. Archibald Hamilton of Kirktonholme ("of the Inchmauchan family")
  (C) Marion Hamilton (d before 1626)
  m. John Littlejohn of Woodsyde
  (D) Jean Hamilton
  m. (before 07.09.1584) Robert Lambie
(E)+ other issue - William (d young), Margaret
  (2) John Hamilton (d before 1583, youngest son)
  m/p. Agnew Colquhoun
  (A)+ issue - John, Matthew
  (3)+ other issue - Alexander (dsp, 'of Barncleuch'?), James, Isabell
  b.+ other issue - James, John, Isobel, Janet
  v. Sir William Hamilton of Sorn
  We have seen the suggestion that Sir William Hamilton of Sorn was of this family rather than that of Cambuskeith, where he is shown by many sources, or Macnairstoun, which is where he is shown in this site. Note that 'HamiltonHistory' (p204) reports that, in 1495/6, Alexander (his putative father) "granted 2½ merks of Sorn (this is a different Sorn to that afterwards held by the Hamiltons of Sanquhar)".
  vi. Jonet Hamilton (a 04.1529)
  m. Hugh Campbell of Brounsyd (d by 10.1514)
  partner unknown
  vii. David Hamilton
  partner(s) unknown
  a.+ issue - David, George



Andrew Hamilton, 1st of Ardoch (a 1543)
'AndersonMemoirs', and hence HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'Ardoch', p92) which is based on that work, appear to be completely wrong with the first few generations of this branch. We think that the following is supported by 'HamiltonHistory', as we had notes showing most of the following which we think came from that source, but we have in any case disregarded those notes since we realised that the following is supported by BLG1952. For the record, we note that Anderson reported that Andrew was followed by Gawin (a 1566) who "may have been the father of" James (a 1583) who was father of Gawin (a 1633) father of James (a 1637) who was father (by Janet, dau of William Hamilton of Dalserf) of the William shown below as m. a dau of Alexander, Commendator of Kilwinning.
m1. Katherine Park
1. John Hamilton (dvp 09.1564)
  m. (mcrt 17.04.1553) Agnes Blair (dau of John Blair of that ilk, m2. John Fairlie of Munnock)
2. James Hamilton of Woodsyde, 2nd of Ardoch (d 26.06.1567)
  m. Elizabeth (Bessie) Cunninghame (a 06.1567)
  A. James Hamilton, 3rd of Ardoch (a 06.1579, d before 14.11.1583)
m2. (before 28.02.1543, annulled?) Margaret Stewart (a 1750, sister of Robert Stewart of Ardgowan)
3. Robert Hamilton of Thornton & Netherurd (a 1557)
  m. _ Boyd?
  A. James Hamilton, 4th of Ardoch (d 02.1628)
  m. Elizabeth Hamilton (possibly of family of Dalserf)
  i. Gavin Hamilton, 5th of Ardoch (d 04.1636, 2nd son)
We have seen reference to some uncertainty as to whether Gavin married Margaret, dau of Alexander Cunninghame, Commendator of Kilwinning, or he had a daughter who married Alexander Cunninghame, Commendator of Kilwinning. Both together is unlikely. We follow BLG1952 in showing that Gavin did indeed marry ...
  m. (Margaret) Cunninghame (dau of Alexander Cunninghame, Commendator of Kilwinning)
  a. James Hamilton, 6th of Ardoch and of Woodsyde (a 1667) named John by Anderson
  m(1). (mcrt 07.1637) Barbara Mure (dau of James Mure of Caldwell)
  (1) James Hamilton
  (2) Beatrice Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 20.03.1677) John Sempill of Balgreen
  m2. (?) Janet Hamilton (dau of William Hamilton of Dalserf)
  b. William Hamilton of Woodside, 7th of Ardoch, 1st of Ladyland (d 10.07.1689, Captain, 3rd son)
  The following is partly supported by 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p122+)
  m. (1662) Janet Brisbane (dau of John Brisbane of Bishopton)
(1) John Hamilton, 8th of Ardoch, 2nd of Ladyland (a 1747)
  John sold Ardoch & Ladyland c1712 and then purchased Ballybregach in Northern Ireland and renamed it Ladyland.
  m. (before 1690) Margaret Shaw (dau of Sir John Shaw of Greenock, Bart, by Jane, dau of James Mure of Caldwell (sb Sir William of Rowallan?))
  (A) William Hamilton, 1st of Craighlaw (in Wigtownshire, Scotland) (dsp 1747)
  m. (1739) Isabella McDouall (dau of Patrick McDouall of Culgroats)
  (B) Gavin Hamilton (b 27.10.1691?, d young)
  (C) Charles Hamilton, Provost of Irvine, 2nd of Craighlaw (b 1704, d 07.1783)
m1. Sarah McDouall (b 1712, d 1788 (sb 1760?), dau of Patrick McDouall of Culgroats)
  (i) William Hamilton of Kilmarnock House, 3rd of Craighlaw (b 1750, d 1798, 2nd son)
  m.(1781) Agnes Cairns (b 1759, d 1844, dau/heir of Edward Cairns of Girstonwood (Girstingwood))
  (a) William Charles Hamilton, 4th of Craighlaw (b 1794, d 1850, Captain) had issue
  m. (13.07.1825) Anne Stewart (d 1889, dau of Rev. Anthony Stewart of Kirkcowan)
  (b) Catherine Hamilton
m. (05.09.1815) William Cochrane of Ladyland (Major)
  (c) Henrietta Kirkpatrick Hamilton
  m. Thomas Johnstone (minister of Dalry)
  (d)+ other issue - Agnes (d 1809), Isabella (d young), Sarah (d 1824), Christian Brown (d 1822), Joan Lawrie (d 1836), Marianne (d 1844)
  (ii) Anne Hamilton (b 1742, d 1812)
  m. John Peebles of Irvine (Major)
  (a) Sarah Peebles
  m. John Cunningham of Caddel (Colonel)
(iii)+ other issue - John (dvp 1761), Cathcart (d 1770), Isabella of Parkhill (b 1742)
  m2. Mary Boddie
  (D) Elizabeth Hamilton (bpt 31.01.1690)
  m. Malcolm Fleming of Barochan
  (E) Margaret Hamilton
  m. (1718) Patrick Bruce (b 1692, minister of Killeleagh)
  (F) Robina Hamilton (bpt 20.10.1702)
  m. (after 1731) Hugh Ross of Ballybregach
  (G) daughter
  m. (before 1731) George Gordon
  (2) Patrick Hamilton (a 1691)
  (3) William Hamilton of Gilbertfield, later of Letterick (b 1665, d 14.05.1751, poet)
  m. _ Hamilton
  (A) Ann Hamilton (b 1693)
  c.+ other issue - Andrew (a 1642), Jean
  ii. Claud Hamilton of Uterwood (dsp 08.1658, 5th son)
  m. (mcrt 28.11.1620) Martha Mitchell (a 08.1658, "daughter of Dykes-Ardrossan")
  iii.+ other issue - Andrew (a 1583, d by 1626), Robert (a 1633), William (a 1636), Katherine, Isobella, Margaret
  One of the daughters married ...
  m. John Kirkwood
  a. Martha Kirkwood
  B. Andrew Hamilton (d 1597-8) had issue
m. Elizabeth Cuninghame
  C. daughter
  m. Joshua Drummond
m3. (by 11.1561) Elizabeth or Isobel Hamilton (d before 15.03.1580/1, widow of Robert Ker of Trearne, ? m3. David Lindsaye of Kittockside & Glasgow)
Not clear of which marriage were ...
4. Janet Hamilton (a 03.1586)
  m1. (by 05.1558) Thomas Reid
  m2. (by 1567) David Barclay in Pollertoun
5. Euphame Hamilton
  m. Thomas Muirhead (uncle of James Muirhead of Lachop)
6.+ other issue - William (a 01.1565/6, d before 1569), James (a 01.1565/6, of Woodsyde?), Gavin (a 1556), Katherine
partner unknown
10. John Hamilton

Main source(s) (see here):
(1) For upper section (reviewed 16.10.16) : HamiltonHistory' ('Burntwood (Ayrshire)' (p202+) & 'Barncleuch' (p108+)), 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Udstoun' (p389+) & 'Barncluith' (p420 in Supplement then p221+)), HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'Udston' (p102) & 'Barncleuch' (p102+))
(2) For lower section : 'HamiltonHistory' ('Ardoch', p62+), BLG1952 ('Hamilton of Craighlaw') with support/contradiction from 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Ardoch', p204+), HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'Ladyland', p92+)
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