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Families covered: Honford of Honford, Hayes of Drumboe Castle, Hull of Exeter, Hull of Larkbeare, Hawes of London, Watts of London, Hacket of London, Henn of Paradise Hill

It appears that the following family is often referred to as 'Handford of Handford' rather than 'Honford of Honford'.
Henry de Honford
1. John Honford
  m. Margery Praers (dau/coheir of William Praers of Badiley, widow (sb m2?) of Hugh Holt)
Ormerod shows a wavy line connection between John & Margery and the following John, noting that John was born before the marriage.
  A. John Honford of Honford, Cheshire (a 1394)
  i. William Honford
a. Sir John Honford of Honford (d by 1401?)
  (1) John Honford (a 1470)
  m. Margaret Warren (dau of Sir Lawrence Warren of Poynton)
  (A) William Honford of Honford (d 09.09.1513)
  m. Margaret Savage (dau of Sir John Savage, (m2. Sir Edmund Trafford?))
  (i) Margaret Honford (b c1501)
  m1. Sir John Stanley (d 1527)
  (a) John Stanley (b c1524, a 1527, dsp)
  m2. Sir Urian Brereton 'of Honford' (d 1578, son of Sir Randle of Malpas)
  (B) Katherine Honford
  m. Sir John Mainwaring of Over Peover (b 1470, d 1515)
  ii. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Hugh Calveley of Lea



Challis Hayes of Bidgewater, Somerset
1. Charles Hayes of Bidgewater (d 1737, vice-consul at Lisbon)
  m. Deborah Holditch
  A. Sir Samuel Hayes of Drumboe Castle (co. Donegal), 1st Bart (b 1737, d 21.07.1807)
  m. Mary Basil (dau/heir of William Basil of Drumboe Castle)
  i. Sir Samuel Hayes of Drumboe Castle, 2nd Bart (b 02.1773, d 16.09.1827) had issue
  m. (08.1803) Elizabeth Lighton (d 18.01.1848, dau of Sir Thomas Lighton, Bart, by Anne Pollock)
  ii. Mary Hayes
  m. Rev. Andrew Hamilton
  iii. Frances Hayes
  m. John Boyd of Ballymacool



Henry Hull of Larkbeare in St. Leonard, Devon
m. Margery Talbott (dau of John Talbott of Exeter)
1. John Hull of Larkbeare
  m1. Elizabeth
  A. Henry Hull of Larkbeare (d 31.05.1490)
  m. Christian Pawlet (dau of Sir Nicholas Pawlet of Sampford Peverell, then m. Nicholas Chichester then Sir William Martin then Sir James Chudleigh of Ashton)
  i. Elizabeth Hull (dsp 12.04.1491)
  m2. Joane St. Cleere (dau of Richard St. Cleere of Ashburton)
  B. John Hull of Larkbeare (b c1459, a 1499)
  m. Joane Trickhay (dau of Nicholas Trickhay)
  i. John Hull of Larkbeare (dsp 10.09.15490
m. Joane French (dau of Walter French of St. Marye Otrye)
  ii. William Hull of Larkbeare
  m1. Mawde Collyn of Cornwall (heir)
  a. John Hull of Larkbeare (b c1521, a 07.1550, dsp)
  b. Mathew Hull of Larkbeare (b c1524)
  m. Joane Yarde (dau of Thomas Yarde of Newton Bushell)
  (1) George Hull, last of Larkbeare (2nd son) ancestor of Hulls in Dorset
  m. Margaret Raleigh (dau of Walter Raleigh of Fardel, widow of Lawrence Radford)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Anne, Alice, Margaret
  c. Katharine Hull
m. Thomas Pomfrett of Exeter
  (1)+ issue (a 1550) - John (b c1536), Edward (b c1537), Thomas (b c1539), Joane (b c1535)
  d. Dorothy Hull (b c1528, a 1550)
  m2. Ursula Larder
  e. Henry Hull of Exeter (b c1538)
  (1) Henry Hull of Exeter
  (A) Margaret Hull (d by 1651)
  m. Arthur Rowe
  (B) Elizabeth Hull (a 1651)
  m. John Acland
  (2) Ursula Hull
  m. (18.12.1578) Peter Colleton
  C. Elinor Hull
  m. Thomas Butler of Exeter



John Hawes of Stoke Newington, Middlesex
1. Thomas Hawes
  m. Margery Culpeper (dau of John Culpeper of Kent)
  A. John Hawes
  i. Henry Hawes
  B. Sir James Hawes, Mayor of London
  m. Audrey Copwood (dau of John Copwood)
i. John Hawes of London
  m. Anne Elmer (dau/heir of Edward Elmer of Northamptonshire)
  a. John Hawes of London (a 1633)
  m1. Elizabeth Richardson of London
  m2. Dorothy Mallowes (dau of John Mallowes of Bury St. Edmund)
  (1) John Hawes (dsp by 1633)
  (2) Dorothy Hawes possibly the Dorothy who married ...
m. James Mayne of Bovington (a 1634)
  b. Edward Hawes 'of London'
  m. Elizabeth Simonds (dau of Thomas Simonds of London, m2. Sir George Courthope of Wylie)
  (1) Elizabeth Hawes
  Thanks to a contributor (CV, 11.02.14) for drawing our attention to 'The memoirs of Sir George Courthop (1616-1685)', p145, which identifies Elizabeth as wife of ...
  m. (12.07.1643) Sir George Courthope of Whiligh (bur 03.11.1685)
  ii. Elizabeth Hawes
  m. Thomas Wilford
  iii. Mary Hawes
  m1. John Smith
  m2. (sp?) Robert Lee (Sir Robert, Lord Mayor of London)
  m3. (sp) Thomas Gerrard of Brinne
  iv. Margaret Hawes
  m. Sir John Watts, Lord Mayor of London



The coat of arms of the following family suggests that they had no connection with the one shown on Hackett1.
Thomas Hacket of London
1. Sir Cuthbert Hacket, Lord Mayor of London
  m. Judeth Woar (dau of Richard Woar of London)
  A. Richard Hacket of London (a 1634)
  m. Frances Cole (dau of George Cole of Petersham)
  i.+ issue a 1634) - Richard, John, George, Robert, Francis, Thomas, Judith, Elizabeth
  B. Judeth Hacket (bur 28.01.1657)
  m. Thomas Dawes (son/heir of Sir Abraham)
  C.+ other issue - Roger, Thomas
2. Anne Hacket
  m. Sir Roger Jones (alderman of London)



Thomas Henn ("an Englishman")
1. Richard Henn of Paradise Hill, co Clare (a 1685, to Ireland)
  A. Edmund Henn of Paradise Hill possibly fits here, had issue
  m. (1801) Mary Gennys (b 1778-9, d 11.04.1824, dau/heir of John Gennys of Whitleigh Hall)
2. William Henn, later of Paradise Hill (d before 09.06.1796, to Ireland, judge)
  m1/2. Elizabeth Parry
A. William Henn (Master of the Irish Court of Chancery)
  m. (07.1782) Susanna Lovett (dau of Jonathan Lovett of Liscombe & Kingswell, sister of Sir Jonathan, Bart)
  i. William Henn (d 09.03.1857, Master of the Irish Court of Chancery) had issue
  m. (15.04.1809) Mary Rice Fosbery (d 15.07.1867, dau of George Fosbery of Clorane)
  ii. Richard Henn of Dublin (Cmdr RN, 3rd son)
  m. (07.1841) Maria Atkinson (dau of Joseph Atkinson of Dublin)
  iii. Susanna Henn
m. (04.1813) Rev Charles Mayne of Killaloe (son of Judge Mayne)
  iv. Eliza Henn
  m. (01.1810) Edward Mayne of Dublin (son of Judge Mayne)
  v. Jane Henn
  m. (10.05.1826) Walter Hussey Griffith of Dublin
  vi. Frances Henn (d 31.01.1842)
  m. (01.1831) Stephen Collins of Dublin (d 13.09.1843, QC)
vii.+ other issue (d unm) - Jonathan (QC), Eleanor
  B. Thomas Henn (dsp 1822, 4th son)
  m. (10.07.1795) Bridget Blakeney (dau of Charles Blakeney of Feigh & Currenlarman, etc.)
  C. Mary Henn
  m. Francis Casey of Seafield
  D. Susannah Henn
  m. William Daxon of Fountain
  E. Jane Henn
  m. John Fitzmaurice Hunt
  F. Elizabeth Henn probably of this generation
  m. (1791) Bolton Waller of Castletown & Shannon Grove (b 1769, d 1854)
  G.+ other issue including Frances (d unm)
  It appears that William also married ...
  m2/1. (12.01.1764) Bridget Browne (dau of Edmund Browne of New Grove)

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